Robert Pattinson is an English actor and singer best known for his portrayal of the young Batman in the 2005 series directed by Christopher Nolan. Having wrapped up filming on the latest installment of the Batman series, The Dark Knight Rises, earlier this year, Pattinson has since taken time off to focus on his other projects. His upcoming projects include Twilight, a 3-part miniseries that premieres on October 21st on MTV followed by a feature-length film on November 18th. In this interview, we get a peek at what his role as Batman looks like before he takes off his makeup, how he stays fit while filming, and more!

An Early Look At Robert Pattinson As Batman

While we were still under the misconception that The Twilight Saga would be made into a trilogy, we were fortunate enough to see how Robert Pattinson would portray the eponymous superhero in a series of concept sketches that were posted on his Instagram account in the spring of 2012. The sketches give us a glimpse of what Batman might look like if he were to don his iconic black suit with neon yellow accents and capes, as well as if he were to don the cowl for the first time and go by his real name, Jason Todd, instead of his Batman alias. The images are extremely similar to what we see in the films, but, it’s clear that director Nolan and his team had a clear vision for Todd’s Batman that they wanted to see realized on screen.

Pattinson also showed off a fully painted portrait of himself as Batman in the same set of sketches, which was quickly followed by a fully painted portrait of himself as The Joker.

The sketches were quickly met with praise from fans, with many comparing them to Neal Adams’ drawings from the 1960s. One Instagram user wrote, “These are the drawings from the Batman series that I always wanted to see come to life ….brilliant!,” while another added, “Never forget the illustrations from the Batman series!!!!!!!!! You’ve captured his [Todd’s] spirit perfectly.”

Batman’s Gym Workout Routine

While we don’t know much about Robert Pattinson’s personal life, we do know that he is very dedicated to ensuring that his body looks perfect on screen. He often works out intensely before a film shoot, no matter the time of year. It was previously reported that he follows a strict diet and does lots of yoga in order to maintain his petite frame. Since working with Nolan on The Dark Knight, Pattinson has stuck to a routine that includes working out five days a week and consuming only fruit and vegetables. He credits this routine for helping him stay fit while filming the latest installment of the Batman series. One fan wrote, “You look amazing! So dedicated. Keep it up and we’ll have you back on the big screen in no time!”

The Perfect Wardrobe

Perhaps one of the most impressive things about Robert Pattinson’s acting career is the elegance of his wardrobe off screen. He is known for being very selective about the clothes that he chooses and is constantly photographed wearing expensive attire. When he does appear in something less than flawless outfits, as in the case of the latest Wolverine film or the latest Twilight film, it often receives a large amount of attention and criticism. He never seems to be at a loss for an elegant outfit, however, and is often seen wearing multiple outfits throughout the day. He has been known to compliment these outfits by posting pictures of himself wearing them on his Instagram account. In this way, he is constantly maintaining a perfect image both on and off screen.