The most recent celebrity gossip was mainly dominated by stories surrounding the break-up of ex-boyfriends, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Swift. Despite the fact that they have been dating for two years and are very happy together, these stories dominated the headlines in the gossip magazines.

What makes these two even more interesting is that they are both A-list celebrities, and their break-up was covered by some of the biggest publications in the world. In fact, the New York Times wrote an entire article about their split. The article was headlined: “Taylor Swift and Robert Pattinson‘s Love Story”, and described it as:

“An American Love Story. An old-fashioned romance set against the glittering backdrop of contemporary life in the nation’s capital. It is 2019, and the couple’s happy ending — if it can be called that — has arrived amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

The Inspiration For TAYLOR

The idea for Taylor’s album began when she was in Vancouver filming the Pattinson movie. She was having dinner with her friends when one of them suggested that she write an album of romantic love songs. She reportedly replied: “Why not?”

The album’s opening track is titled “I Feel Pretty”, and is about empowerment. In the song, she bemoans the way men sometimes objectify women, and even though she’s “feeling [her] best and [she’s] wearing [her] pretty smile”, she still feels like a “goldfish in a bowl”.

The album was recorded in New York with the legendary producer Rick Rubin, and features some of the biggest names in contemporary music. One of the many interesting things about the album is that it’s very personal to Taylor. She wrote or co-wrote every song on the album, and many of the album’s songs are about her ex-boyfriends. While most of them are very hurtful and vindictive, there are a few exceptions.


One of the best songs on the album is titled “Why Not?”, and was inspired by the breakup of actress Jennifer Lopez and hip-hop mogul Sean Combs. In the song, Taylor shouts at her ex-boyfriends, telling them she no longer needs them:

“Why not? You had your chance. They say what’s on the inside counts, but what’s on the outside even more.”

This song makes it clear that Taylor has moved on, and is focused on her career and her music. While the rest of the album is mostly a celebration of love, there are still some dark moments. One of the saddest songs is “Wish You Well”, and it’s about a former lover who died. The lyrics go:

“I’ll never forget you. Our love was beautiful and perfect, but it didn’t last. Now you’ll be in paradise, and it’s all my fault. I was the one who hurt you, who broke your heart. Now you’ll be happy, you’ll be smiling down on me.”

It’s a powerful song, and very candid. Not everyone can be so open about their feelings, especially when they’re so painful to talk about. Taylor’s openness makes this album unique, and it’s clear that she poured her whole heart into it.


Even though Taylor and Robert have been dating for two years, their split is still covered by the tabloids. There are always rumors surrounding the former couple, and although they’re constantly denying them, it seems like the stories keep getting weirder. Why is that?

Well, one of the reasons is that they’re both incredibly famous. The more famous they are, the more people will try to break them up. It’s a trend that’s been seen time and time again, and it usually starts out as a nasty rumor. Then, as the story gains more momentum, people begin to wonder if it’s true. Finally, when the story breaks, there’s often an abundance of press attention. Perhaps the biggest example of this phenomenon is Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. Although they’re not officially together, the speculation surrounding their split never really ends.

Whether you believe in love at first sight or not, there’s no denying that these two are extremely attractive and have a gorgeous smile. People are always going to wonder if they’ll end up together, and it seems like an endless stream of tabloid headlines. It wouldn’t be surprising if one day they just announce that they’re officially divorced.

In the meantime, we’ve compiled a list of the top 11 gossip-worthy things about Robert and Taylor. Although their romance is now over, it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Here’s a look back at some of the most interesting times in their history.


Although Taylor and Robert were always going to be famous, they weren’t always going to be as famous as they are now. In fact, shortly after their first date, Robert was included in a list of celebrities most likely to break up. The list was compiled by the gossip columnists of the day, and Robert was described as the ‘dark horse’ candidate. He was said to be competing with Justin Bieber for the title of ‘most annoying celebrity’.

While some of the journalists on the list probably had good reason to think that Robert would break up with Taylor, the list was probably more about marketing than anything else. In reality, despite their differences in social media, Robert and Justin seem to get along well. They’ve worked together for Victoria’s Secret, and over the years they’ve become good friends.


Another interesting tidbit about Robert and Taylor is that they both love to party on yachts. In fact, they’re often photographed partying on other people’s fancy sailboats. These days, they party with the rich and famous wherever they go. While on the most glamorous of these boats, they sometimes invite famous friends to come with them. If they’re feeling extra adventurous, they’ll even have the lifeboat lowered so that they can swim with the whales.

This past June, the couple was spotted partying aboard a yacht belonging to music mogul Simon Cowell. It was supposed to be a secret vacation for the two, but photos of them surfaced online. Cowell’s yacht is the most expensive one in the world, and he’s spent over a million dollars making it extra special for his guests. There are only four guest cabins, two of which are already booked for the coming season. Cowell told The Sun:

“I’m not giving up my cabins for anybody. No way. They’re for friends and family. This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip for them. They’re having fun.”


If you don’t own a shaver, you probably need to buy one. The guy clearly shaves everything, even his neck. And it seems like he does it with a lot of fancy blades. One of the best-known brands he uses is Braun, and the most expensive blade he owns is the 18-inch, curved-edge, gold-plated one. The blade is named ‘Chin’, and it was delivered to him in a black velvet package. When he’s not using it, the package is rolled up and stored in a drawer. The cost of this package alone is $16,000!


As a professional poker player, Robert is used to dealing with winning and losing. But aside from poker, he excels at almost all sports. He’s played cricket for England, and while there, he scored a century (100 runs) in just under an hour. When he was a kid, his family moved a lot, which is why he can play so many sports. He grew up in England, Australia, and New Zealand, bouncing between the three countries. One of the reasons he’s so good at sports is because he’s naturally coordinated. It’s not necessarily that he practices a lot, it’s more that he was born with good genes.