You may know that Robert Pattinson is dating Katy Perry. They became a couple last year and they were seen together at a romantic dinner in Los Angeles on September 9. Since then, they have been constantly photographed and they even performed at the 2017 Grammys together. Now, a new music video has surfaced that seems to suggest the two might be thinking about tying the knot.

The newlywed couple was first spotted touring Europe last month in an intimate stroll through Italy. They have since been making the most of their post-wedding honeymoon, with Perry travelling with the 41-year-old actor to London, Paris, and the Greek Islands. According to E! News, the pair have been keeping busy with regular workouts together and drinking copious amounts of wine. While they have yet to reveal the existence of their marriage, they did pose for the cameras holding hands and looking incredibly happy.

Now, a new music video has surfaced that seems to suggest the couple may be taking their relationship to the next level. Titled “Remember,” the video starts with a glimpse of Perry walking alongside a beach. She is then seen slowly undressing as the camera focuses on her beautiful face. As she finishes taking off her clothes, the setting changes to a magnificent wedding ceremony. Perry walks down the aisle towards her groom-to-be while waving to the audience. There is also a close-up of Perry’s face as she makes her way to her husband-to-be.

Many fans have noticed the video’s subtle nods to the couple’s blossoming romance, especially since it was published on the same day that their relationship received widespread publicity. Some have even suggested that the clip is an ode to their upcoming wedding. Interestingly, “Remember” was not one of the choices included on Perry’s playlist for the popular songstress’ album, which was recently released. It seems the song has now found a new home on YouTube thanks to fans who shared their excitement about the upcoming nuptials. The lyrics also seem to suggest that even this song is going to be dedicated to the newlywed couple. Here they are:

“What if I told you I had a secret weapon?/ A way to make you feel loved instead of sorry?/ Told you there was a way for us to finally meet?/ Would you believe me then?/ Would you come back again?/ Could you love me for reasons beyond my beauty?”

The video also contains a recurring motif that was most likely inspired by the couple’s travels together. The backdrop is a luxurious hotel room, which is dotted with miniature bottles of alcohol and filled with potted plants. Not exactly the type of environment that most people associate with newlyweds, but it somehow works. The symbolism is rather obvious – the plants represent their desire to keep things naturally green and the miniature bottles are a reference to the copious amounts of wine that the newlywed couple will enjoy during their post-wedding banquets. 

It is only a matter of time before the pair confirm their relationship status. After all, they have been constantly photographed together and there is now a growing collection of videos on YouTube dedicated to their romance. While many will celebrate their union, some are already expressing concern about the impact that the media spotlight will have on Perry’s younger siblings.

In the meantime, here is hoping that this newfound publicity will encourage the couple to share their love story and inspire more people to commit to long-term, loving relationships.