When it comes to celebrity, few are as renowned as the talented and handsome Robert Pattinson. With a successful film career that spans almost two decades and a popular and respected Instagram account that has over a million followers, Robert has truly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

It’s safe to say that Robert’s status as a global superstar is well-deserved, and he’s managed to stay true to himself while carving out a niche for himself in Hollywood. We took a look at the similarities and differences between the comedian and the actor, and here’s what we found.

Career And Influences

It would be remiss not to mention that the most interesting and exciting thing about Robert is his cinematic career. After making his acting debut in the low-grossing film Good Luck Chuck in 2010, the English actor wowed audiences with his portrayal of a young Bill Gates in the hugely popular The Lost Boys in 2012. Since then, Robert has amassed a significant body of work, appearing in huge and often commercially successful films such as Ex Machina, Batman vs. Superman, and The Jungle Book. But while the majority of his roles have conformed to type—usually playing either a vampire or a mutant—his recent turns as a curmudgeonly tech-entrepreneur in the Oscar-nominated The Great Gatsby and the brilliant but tormented author of The Martian make it clear that he is comfortable taking on more challenging roles when the right script comes along.

It wouldn’t be a true testament to Robert’s talent if we didn’t discuss his significant influence in popular culture. From his twee but cheeky demeanor and unmistakable good looks to his penchant for off-screen romance and dedication to cinematic detail, Robert Pattinson is undeniably handsome and undeniably influential.

Comic vs. Actor

While we’re on the topic of culture, it’s worth noting that Robert is arguably one of the most prominent figures in the modern comic world. Thanks in part to his popularity in Hollywood, today he’s got a large and engaged following on social media, and it seems that his playful yet enigmatic nature has struck a chord with fans of all ages. Besides his starring role in the Twilight franchise and its subsequent four-part film series, which became the highest-grossing of all time, Robert has also lent his talents to comics based on his own story, including the autobiographical and critically acclaimed Good Will Hunting. For those seeking a recommendation, we highly recommend the first volume, which was adapted into the 2016 film of the same name.

Given his prominent role in both cinematic and comic culture, it’s not surprising that Robert would explore the nexus of acting and comedy. While we might typically imagine a comedy starlet flitting across the screen in a racy dress or a dashing young stud swooning over his leading lady’s ample charms, Robert’s comedic acting debut was far from conventional. Rejecting the notion that there’s a typical ‘comic’ personality, Robert instead decided to showcase the raw and genuine talent that he’s long been known for. He recorded two comedy albums—An Evening With Robert Pattinson and The Truth About Love—and has since become a prominent figure in the comedy world, touring the country and establishing himself as an award-winning comedic performer. While his stand-up comedy albums might not be for the faint of heart, his razor-sharp wit and effortless charm have endeared him to audiences across the country. It’s perhaps fitting that Robert would blossom into a comic after having established himself as an actor who could deftly switch from whimsical charm to brooding intensity in a heartbeat.

Attracting A Wider Audience

It seems that Robert has recognized the power that his double identity as an actor and a comedian has to reach a much wider audience. In 2014, he made headlines when he addressed the media to announce that he was quitting acting to focus on his music, a move widely seen as a strategic career move. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to pursue a new and exciting challenge, it would be a mistake to believe that Robert abandoned his acting career after just one departure from the limelight. Since the beginning of his film career, Robert has always viewed himself as a character actor first and foremost, and it seems that he’s stayed true to that ethos. By continuing to act, he’s been able to remain in the public eye, drawing attention to his music career while never fully shying away from his acting accomplishments. It’s a savvy and successful strategy that has undoubtedly helped to expand his fan base.

Sex And Relationships

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Robert is his affinity for both sex and relationships. Arguably one of the most prominent exponents of the swooning male-model look that has captivated the fashion world of late, it’s no secret that Robert is among the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood. And yet, he seems to prefer to keep his options open, often flitting from relationship to relationship and bed to bed. It was previously rumored that he had even given up on looking for a long-term partner after dating superstar Eva Longoria for several years. While Robert vehemently denies this, it remains one of the most fascinating aspects of his personality. His frequent but carefully guarded flirtation with the media hasn’t exactly helped to dispel the rumors, and it’s certainly made for interesting reading, as well as compelling television. Who knows? Maybe someday we’ll learn the truth about Robert and his complicated and often contradictory nature.

Style And Fashion

It’s fair to say that much of the appeal of Robert is tied to his style. A skilled and meticulous dresser who seems to take pride in his appearance regardless of the project he’s shooting, it’s apparent that he loves to dress, and he’s certainly not afraid to experiment with different looks. While he’s never really been the type of person to follow a strict fashion rule book, it seems that Robert’s dabbling in different looks and styles is a way of continuing to evolve as a fashionable individual. His wardrobe has expanded dramatically over the years, with the actor often sporting a beautiful and unique fusion of Hollywood and indie cool.

From the outside looking in, it would appear that Robert’s had an incredibly positive impact on those around him. Not only has he helped to expand the boundaries of what’s considered fashionable, but he’s also helped to establish a more unique and eclectic style in Hollywood. While we might not all agree on what makes a good fashion-related movie, it’s safe to say that we can all appreciate Robert’s unique and influential take on the subject matter.