Cologne is one of the most well-known and beloved scented candles. Its popularity stems from its affordable price and its ability to last for a long time. If you’ve been paying attention to current events, you might have noticed that the Cologne brand has been in the news quite a bit recently.

The most recent development is that the brand’s co-founder, Robert Pattinson (the actor best known for his role in the Twilight films), has launched a new scent, Grapefruit. The Hollywood actor was the first to admit that the new scent is a bit unpredictable and even a bit dangerous, especially when applied directly to the nose. He goes on to say that it is, however, “really exciting to have a fragrance that you cannot actually put your finger on, that you cannot smell but that you know exists” and that it’s “quite unlike anything else out there.”

All Smiles In The Media

As noted above, the development that got the most media attention was Robert Pattinson’s new fragrance. The brand’s co-founder and popular Twitter personality unveiled the new scent, tweeting that it was “really exciting” to have created a fragrance that’s “soapy and citrus” and impossible to put your finger on. The tweet was accompanied by a picture of Pattinson with what appears to be a giant bottle of the new scent.

The Scent Is Unlike Anything Else Out There

The name itself, Grapefruit, should give you a good indication of what to expect. It’s not exactly a commonly known scent, is it? Well, the good news is that Grapefruit is now available to purchase online. The bad news is that you can’t pinpoint exactly what scent it is that you’re smelling. The best you can do is guess. For those who love a good perfume but hate committing to a specific one, Grapefruit is an ideal situation. It’s not often that you can smell a fragrance and know exactly what it is at first whiff. Think about that for a moment—a fragrance that you cannot identify is exactly what makes it so special. There’s also the danger factor to consider. As noted by Pattinson, the new scent is “quite unlike anything else out there,” which is probably why it’s taken so long for the brand to develop it. Is it a citrus scent or an aquatic one? Maybe a little of both? Well, you never really know with a fragrance. As the saying goes, it’s an odor, not a scent, so there’s always room for interpretation. You might like it and find that it brings to mind an Italian restaurant or a sunny beach. On the other hand, you might find the smell completely unappetizing. It’s really up to you, and that’s what makes it so special. As for whether or not you can get rid of it once you’ve applied it, that’s entirely up to you. Perfumers know that there’s no such thing as a “permanent” perfume. Once you’ve worn it for a while, you’ll either find that you like it or you hate it, but either way, you can’t go back to smelling like you did before you wore it. It’s funny how things work out sometimes.


While Grapefruit is a welcomed addition to the Cologne lineup, it’s not the only scent that the brand has introduced recently. In fact, the fragrance maker recently announced that it would be bringing back two of its most popular scents, Honey and Black Honey. The returns are part of an effort to boost sales in the face of increasing global competition. It’s an effort that many other companies have also adopted in the wake of Covid-19. There was a time when scents were only available in limited quantities, due to increased demand. Now that the world has switched to social distancing, there’s more time for people to spend in their bathrooms. So, it comes as no surprise that perfumers saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. Whether or not this development will help Cologne in the long run is questionable, since it is, once again, facing increased competition from cheaper brands, which offer more appealing options to consumers. It’s not easy being number one, as we’ve come to learn over the past year. There are a lot of brands out there that would love to knock your spot as the go-to source for your favorite scents. For the time being, at least, the future of Cologne looks more uncertain than ever.