It’s been almost a year and a half since Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was released in theaters, and while we were anxious to see how the infamous werewolf-girl pack would end, we were even more excited for the opportunity to relive this magical moment through a wedding video.

Director Bill Condon told us what it was like bringing together the biggest celebrity weddings of the year, and how he crafted a cinematic masterpiece to celebrate these events.

Here, you’ll discover the insider secrets to accessing the most influential wedding videos of the year.

The Biggest Celebs’ Real Wedding Videos Of All Time

While we were lucky enough to witness the most iconic celebrity weddings of this year, we couldn’t help but notice that there were some biggish weddings that didn’t make it to video. Lucky for us, a team of photographers from the United Kingdom were there to capture these special moments on film.

Thanks to Google Photos, we were able to scour the internet for these rare and unseen wedding photos, and bring you a collection of the biggest celebrities’ real wedding videos ever.

This is because, since 2014, the law in the UK has allowed for unlimited photos and video to be taken at weddings, and this has resulted in a boom of wedding videos being uploaded to the internet. Meaning, if you were there, this is the place to be!

From Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher’s nuptials in 2002 to Benedict Cumberbatch and Emily Jones’s wedding in 2018, these are the biggest celebrity weddings of all time – in pictures.

How Movie Director Bill Condon Captured The Most Iconic Scenes From 2014’s Most Influential Weddings

Speaking of cinematic masterpieces, we were lucky enough to be able to speak to movie director Bill Condon, who directed two of this year’s most influential weddings – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s and Benedict Cumberbatch and Emily Jones’s – about the making of their videos, and whether or not they prefer being photographed or filmed at their weddings.

Here’s what he had to say:

1. Choose A Videographer Who’s The Best At What He Does

One of the most pivotal decisions you need to make when planning your wedding is deciding what kind of video coverage you want. Do you want an expert photographer who can take stunning photos of you and your guests? Or do you want an expert videographer who can craft an elegant and creative wedding video?

If you want to take a look at some of this year’s most influential wedding videos, then you should probably go with the latter.

After all, a wedding video doesn’t have to be flashy or include lots of high-tech equipment to be considered influential. In fact, sometimes the most simple and basic videos can end up being the most effective – like the ones shot by Mike McClune for Emily Jones’s wedding in 2018.

Here, McClune uses a borrowed camera to capture Emily and Benedict’s first kiss, with the sun setting behind them, creating a heavenly contrast between the two brides. It doesn’t get more cinematic than that.

2. Go For Something Modern And Trendy

Another key consideration when planning your video is deciding what kind of look you want for your wedding. Do you want your wedding to have a vintage feel, with lots of old-school photography techniques? Or do you want something more modern, using cutting-edge technology to tell your story?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for. If you want an elegant and traditional affair, then go for something old-school – like an older film camera, or an orange telephoto lens. Or, if you want something more modern and trendy, then opt for a medium-format camera, or a sleek and shiny new model.

The decision is completely up to you, and will depend on your budget, what you want for your wedding, and how cinematic you want your wedding video to look. It’s worth noting that the latter is always more effective than the former when it comes to wedding videos – no matter how glamorous you want your day to look, there’s no replacement for good old-fashioned film or photography when it comes to evoking an emotion.

3. Find The Perfect Location For Your Wedding

Once you’ve decided what kind of video you want, the next step is to find the perfect location for your wedding. This should be near to your hometown, somewhere that’s close to the location of your engagement, and have views that can be cinematic. There, you can look out over the countryside, and feel like you and your guests are indeed getting married in a rural area – with a scenic and unique view to boot.

Once you’ve found that perfect spot, it’s time to start making preliminary enquiries, and see if the location is available. If it is, book it immediately, as it could be tricky to find a venue that fits within your budget and has the necessary amenities for your wedding.

4. Get Your Timing Right

You probably already know that the seasons matter when it comes to weddings – especially in the winter. If you want a gorgeous wedding day, then you need to get your timing right, and avoid the dry and warm seasons. The fewer daylight hours there are, the more effective the lighting will be in creating the right atmosphere. So, if you want a truly cinematic event, then try for the winter months – between November and March.

However, if you want a more traditional and practical affair, then go for the summer months, as the longer days and warmer temperatures make for the perfect weather for outdoor weddings.

No matter what, the last thing you want is to be standing under a bright and sunny sky on what is supposed to be a very, very special day – only to discover that the lighting isn’t up to par, and makes your guests really uncomfortable.

5. Choose A Variety Of Vendors

One of the things that can make or break your wedding day is the variety of vendors you use. A wedding video isn’t one bit of film shot by one person, with some catering and wedding cake. It’s a whole different ballgame when you have a variety of vendors, each contributing something unique to the video – from the outfits the brides wear, to the invitations, and even the food. It’s essential that you work with a variety of vendors, so that each individual has the opportunity to contribute something special to your wedding day – and your video.

6. Work With A Professional

You don’t need to be a professional to shoot a wedding, but working with one definitely makes things easier. Hiring a freelance cinematographer or editor who has previous experience in documentary film or wedding videos can make all the difference. They will be able to bring a fresh perspective to your project, and help you to tell your story in the most effective way possible, using the right equipment and the right lenses.

This could be an experienced documentary photographer who has filmed many weddings, or it could be an editor who has the creative flair and knowledge of how to make a wedding video stand out. The key is finding someone who is skilled in bringing your story to life through a cinematic camera angle or edit – and doesn’t need to be paid excessive amounts for their services.

7. Be Flexible

There are several options available for photographers and videographers who are willing to work on a wedding video project. If you want someone who is familiar with the type of weddings you are planning and has experience in filming them, then look for an agency or freelancer who is a member of the British Wedding Photographers Association – WPA. The WPA is an industry body that sets ethical standards and promotes practical excellence among its members. So, if you’re looking for a reputable agency or freelancer, check out the BBPA.

If, however, you are prepared to do a bit of legwork, and want to find a videographer or photographer who will work within your budget, has the right equipment, and is willing to be creative – then opt for a more independent contractor, or a freelancer who has their own production company. Working with an independent contractor is usually less expensive than employing an agency, and you have more control over the way your video looks – and more importantly, the kind of video you want to make.