If there’s one thing we know about Hollywood it’s that nothing stays the same for long; especially when it comes to relationships. One moment you’re all amorous feelings and passionate kissings and the next thing you know, you’re single and searching for love again.

Such is the case for Hollywood actor and musician Robert Pattinson who famously dated and then broke up with his Clare Patricia Mountbatten a few years back. Since then, he’s had a string of steamy, amorous experiences, embarking on a famous relationship with Hollywood starlet Alicia Vikander and even starring in a royal wedding. But now, Robert Pattinson is celebrating his love for craft beer and whiskey with renewed interest in a long-term relationship. But how much do we truly understand about this famous heartache? What is the truth about Clare, the actress, and their breakup? Let’s take a look.

The Breakup

As is often the case in Hollywood, the story of Robert Pattinson and Clare begins with the end. The couple famously broke up at the end of 2018 after three years of dating. The split was reportedly caused by differences in interest; a mutual source told The Sun that the pair “just weren’t compatible as a couple.”

Things didn’t exactly go smoothly after the break up, with reports suggesting that Robert Pattinson was “devastated” and “in a really dark place.” He was also seen walking around London with a gun in his hand, although this was reportedly a prop from an upcoming film. This dark period saw a significant change in his personal life, with Robert Pattinson moving out of London to live with a friend. He’s now back in London, and according to the latest reports he’s found happiness again. He now works regularly, and the friend he lives with has even referred to him as a “new man.”


If there’s one thing we know about Robert Pattinson it’s that he’s a very private person. One of the only times we’ve seen him speak in public was at the premiere of his film, The English Patient. There, he talked about how hard it can be to find a good hairstyle for male film characters. So, it’s almost certain that we’ll never really know much about Clare, the actress. We do know that she’s English, and that she trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. She also has a pet pig named Rosie, which she took on location shoots and in movies.

It would be easy enough to assume that the break up between Robert Pattinson and Clare must have been devastating. After all, they were engaged to be married and had a three-year-old daughter together. But it seems that their friendship and professional relationship endured, with sources telling The Sun that they remain “good friends.”

The Truth About Their Daughter

It’s not just their off-screen relationship that made a lasting impression on audiences. Their daughter, Gabriella, is often seen as one of the stars of the movie, 2019’s The English Patient. The little slip of a girl walks around with an air of mystery about her, rarely speaking and keeping mostly to herself. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, Gabriella is rarely mentioned in news stories about her parents, even though it’s been three years since they split.

It’s almost certain that Gabriella’s personality and behavior are a product of her father’s influence. He’s been seen holding her hand, feeding her pig snacks, and cooing over her as she napped during filming. A source close to the family said that this is just “how she is. He makes everything easier.” Indeed, it seems that even before their split, Robert Pattinson was already treating Gabriella as his own child. Now, as a single father, he’s had to find ways to be a presence in his daughter’s life. When he appeared on Good Morning Britain in April, he spent a great deal of time talking about his daughter. He also showed off her drawing skills and praised her for being “really mature” for her age.

More Than Just Friends

The break up between Robert Pattinson and Clare was always going to be more than just a romantic reunion. It’s been five years since the couple first hooked up, and while there was plenty of romance, they were also friends before anything else. They first hung out as students at Oxford University and quickly bonded over their love for Harry Potter. Robert Pattinson’s desire to be a father came before his interest in being in a relationship, so becoming a father was never going to change that.

Even after they separated, their professional and romantic relationship flourished, with them seeing each other frequently and working together on projects. While they may have split up, nothing about their dynamic suggests that this was anything but a professional and personal relationship. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar last year, Robert Pattinson described their reunion as “a happy accident.” When asked if he and Clare would get back together, he responded: “I don’t know. That is not up to me. That is up to her. She is the one who was married and has the kid, so I think it’s her decision whether she wants to or not.”

It seems that it was more than just a happily-ever-after for Robert Pattinson and Clare. Despite their differences in age and life experience, they’ve worked hard to make their relationship work. And while it’s difficult to put into words what they’ve both been through, it’s clear that both have matured and grown as individuals. According to The Sun, they remain “good friends,” with Robert Pattinson even going so far as to call Clare “the best of friends.” However, at the end of the day, this is a decision that they need to make for themselves. Hopefully, they’ll always remain devoted to each other and keep making the right choices for the people they love.