It was only a matter of time before the “luckiest man in the world” found himself in hot water. For years, we’ve known that Robert Pattinson had a reputation for being a bit of a bad boy. Now that he’s married and has a baby with his partner, it looks like he might be changing his ways. The British actor and model is currently in Tokyo to promote his role in the upcoming film adaptation of John Grisham’s “The Sum of All Fears”. During a recent interview with Nikkei, the actor spoke about a range of topics including his bad habits. Here are some of the most interesting things he said.

Is He Drinking Too Much Coffee?

Pattinson is well-known for being a caffeine addict, so it’s not surprising that he would be concerned about how much coffee he’s drinking. In fact, he’s tried to cut back on his caffeine consumption recently. In the interview, he said,

“I’m drinking a lot less coffee…I was drinking way too much coffee when we were shooting ‘Twilight,’ and I have been known to drink lots of coffee. But it’s not something that I really rely on, and I’m not drinking it every day. It’s just that I love the smell and I love how it wakes you up. So it’s still in my house, but I don’t have a coffee machine, and I haven’t had one for a while.”

How Is He Spending His Time In Tokyo?

Pattinson’s visit to Tokyo is to promote his upcoming film “The Sum of All Fears”, in which he plays an assassin. While in the city, he’ll be meeting with investors and distributors to discuss the film. Interestingly, he hasn’t ruled out a future visit to Tokyo for leisure, saying,

“I feel like I don’t want to close the doors on any kind of opportunities. I still love traveling, and I think Tokyo is such a cool place. We’ll see what happens.”

Even thought he hasn’t closed the doors on traveling for leisure, it’s clear that he enjoys his work in Tokyo and looks forward to returning. While in the city, he’s also visiting some of the sites associated with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He said,

“It’s great to be here, and I feel very honored to represent the United Kingdom in such a huge event. The whole country is going to be watching, so it’s going to be exciting. I think the British people are going to be proud.”

What Is He Eating In Tokyo?

As well as drinking less coffee, Pattinson is also trying to cut back on the food he eats. While he was in Scotland in October 2019 for the premiere of “The Lighthouse”, he shot a PSA for World Food Drink entitled “Feeding Scotland – A Better Way”, in which he encourages viewers to eat more vegetables. The actor talked about his love for Scotch and how it connects him to Scotland, as he grew up there. He said,

“I haven’t had meat for almost two weeks now, as a result of what I learned about sustainability while shooting ‘The Lighthouse.’ It wasn’t just about not wanting to hurt animals, but also about the environment. So it’s been great. We shot the ad in the Scottish Highlands near Oban, and it was great to be there.”

Vegetables and fruit are very popular in Japan, so many restaurants offer dishes made with plant-based food. Pattinson has said that he feels great during his plant-based diet, and he even named it as one of the healthy habits he’s trying to keep. He said,

“I don’t really eat meat, so it’s been great. It’s changed how I feel in the mornings, and it’s helped me to focus. I feel happier, and I think my skin is reflecting that. I feel like I’m in control of my health rather than just letting it happen to me. That’s what I want.”

Does He Still Have Affairs With Women?

Pattinson’s private life has been the subject of much debate and speculation over the years. When he had his first child with his first wife Rosie, he came under scrutiny for shunning his famous bachelor lifestyle. It was later revealed that he had an affair with the mother of his child, leading to media speculation about whether or not he was still involved with women. Although he has had relationships with women in the past, he’s now married to Japanese actress, SONEKI MATSUDA, and he doesn’t seem to be looking for anything other than a committed partnership. The couple had their engagement announced in October 2019 and tied the knot in a secret, surprise wedding in January 2020. On the subject of his private life, Pattinson said,

“I think everything in life is basically about balance. I have so much respect for women, and I think that’s why I’ve stayed away from any kind of indiscretion. I want to enjoy my life and my time with my family, so I’ve really tried to avoid anything that might occupy more time than that.”

Although he’s been married for a while now, he still seems to be enjoying the lifestyle that comes with being a celebrity marriage. The actor has said that he focuses on being a good husband and father, which has helped him to stay away from the temptations that come with his celebrity. He said,

“I feel a little bit bad about doing it [having an affair] before the wedding, as you probably know. It was a bit of a shock to the whole world, and especially to Rosie. But at the same time, it’s part of the reason why she agreed to marry me, as she knew there were going to be more meaningful and passionate commitments soon. So it was worth it. I feel happy that I did it and that it happened when it did. It definitely made for some exciting months, but it was worth it.”

Despite his best efforts, there are still many questions about what kind of father Pattinson will be and if he can maintain his clean reputation. While he was in Scotland, he was questioned about his involvement in the #MeToo movement, which encourages women to speak out about sexual harassment and assault. The actor said,

“I’ve never really spoken about it publicly, but I’ve always been a part of the MeToo movement. I understand what it’s about, and I’ve always been very much opposed to sexual harassment and assault. So while I was in Scotland, I actually did an Instagram video with the hashtag ‘MeToo2020,’ which speaks for itself. I’ve always been a bit of an unlikely role model, to be honest, so I feel very lucky to be where I am. I feel very blessed, as I’ve been able to accomplish so much, and the future looks extremely exciting.”

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

It would appear that Pattinson is single, which is a great contrast to the constant attention he receives as a famous bachelor and potential cougar. As well as being married, he has another major relationship in his past. While he was dating the mother of his child, he was also dating Japanese model, MARIKO MIZUTANI. The two had a three-year relationship, during which they had a son, named LEE ROY. Apparently, nothing formalized, as they’ve both kept a low profile since ending the engagement in 2015. In another interview, he said about his romantic life,

“Being with Rosie was great. It was a very romantic, fair isle white wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony. It was something that I will always be grateful for. It was so special to share that day with Rosie. But I’m not looking for anything other than a committed partnership.”

So there you have it. While it’s great that Robert Pattinson is speaking out about his love for vegetables and his commitment to being a better husband and father, it’s still not yet clear whether or not he’s finally kicked his bad habits. As well as being married and starting a family with his partner, SONEKI MATSUDA, he has two children from a previous relationship, namely, LEE ROY and HOLLY WESTMORELAND, with ex-wife ROSIE HARRIS. It was another ex-wife, ELLE, who initially set the #MeToo movement in motion when she spoke out about her experience of abuse. While we wait to see if Pattinson can kick his bad habits, we can only hope that he maintains a long and happy marriage and continues to be a positive role model for the kids.