The 2019 Golden Globe nominees were announced on Monday, and boy, did they deliver!

While some of the biggest films were left out in the cold, with only one win from eleven nominations, we saw a couple of the most anticipated movies take home the gold. Two of the biggest blockbusters — Black Widow and Joker — dominated the list, which also included Up and Down (starring Robert Pattinson) and Richard Coggins’ Decider (starring Chris Evans).

The big winners (Black Widow, Joker, and Richard Linklater’s Shorts) had many things in common. They’re all period pieces, for starters, and all involved incredible performances by actors in their early 20s.

Which is why people are talking about the ‘Perfect Match’ among the 2019 Golden Globe nominees. Two actors from opposite sides of the pond bring their A games to bear in an effort to bring home the big prize. And what an effort it was!

For those who haven’t been keeping up, here’s a quick recap of what happened.

The Setup

While we wait for the next installment of the Transformers – Fall of Megatron trilogy, it’s time to revisit the past. In 2019, Hollywood will be taking a trip to England’s Lake District in the hopes of bringing back some golden oldie stars. Back in May 2019, we were informed that Robert Pattinson (The Basketball Sweater, Good Grief) and Chris Evans (The Bond Film Series, Night Mates, Snowboarders: The Movie) would be making a cameo in Richard Linklater’s (Walking Dead – The Final Season, Everybody Loves Oliver!) Shorts, which is currently filming.

According to The Wrap, Black Widow and Joker are the top billed stars in the film, with Pattinson and Evans both receiving $500,000 to appear in the movie. Warner Bros. paid Pattinson and Evans a combined total of $2.25 million for their cameos in Shorts, with Black Widow and Joker combining for a massive $12.25 million at the box office. It’ll be interesting to see if these numbers increase or decrease after tonight.

The Performance

There are two sides to every story, and in this case, both Black Widow and Joker have phenomenal sources telling their side of the story. According to The Wrap, both Pattinson and Evans turned in flawless performances. Evans infuses the movie with life and brings it to the big screen while still managing to capture the essence of Robin Hood. He also has a knack for comedy that will keep viewers laughing through the entire film. Simply put, this is one performance that will not soon be forgotten.

As for Pattinson, he is more commonly associated with Krav Maga – one of the worlds most popular self-defense systems – than he is with acting. The Twilight Actor is known for his chiseled looks and athletic physique as much as he is for his charm and charisma. For those who know only his acting work, watching him move through Shorts with ease will feel like watching a master class in acting and movement.

The story behind Black Widow is also one of the most intriguing in recent memory. It all started with an offer to star in the Warner Bros. Studios adaptation of Robin Hood, which will mark the English Robin Hood’s first starring role. After turning down the studio’s offer, she was approached by the producers of The Bank Bowler, who begged her to star in their film. It was then that Black Widow was born, and we’ve been in love with the dark-haired beauty ever since. Just think, if Black Widow hadn’t been offered the role of Robin Hood, we might never have known her name!

These are two performances that will be etched into the memories of those who see them. And with the way Hollywood is these days, it’s guaranteed that both Pattinson and Evans will have many more opportunities to display their talent in the near future.

The Prediction

With such incredible performances by Pattinson and Evans, it’s no wonder that Shorts is one of the early favorites to win the Golden Globe. The film follows a handful of famous comedians as they travel around England in 1965, where they try to break into the British comedy scene. And while the majority of the film focuses on the road trip itself, a lot goes down on the set as well. It was shot using 20th Century Fox Pygmy pets, which are real Alaskan malamutes, and Pattinson and Evans’ on-screen chemistry is palpable throughout. It will be interesting to see who else emerges as a front-runner following tonight’s presentation.