The twilight movie premieres this week, and fans of the star-crossed series can finally find out what happened to Bella and Edward. Were they happy? Did their love end in tragedy? Was he really as good as she said? We’ve got the answers to all these questions and more in this week’s edition of BellaBlog.

Bella’s Decision To Follow Edward Was Risky.

If you’ve been following our coverage of the Twilight movies, you’ll know that we’ve been through several theories about Bella’s ultimate decision in the series. Was she really driven by a craving for human blood as her father suggested? Was she just trying to fit in with her vampire peers as Eric suggested? Or was she using her vampirism as a way to get back at Edward for breaking her heart in the first place?

We now know the answer to this question. At least, we know what was going on in Bella’s head when she made her decision. She wasn’t thinking straight. She was terrified, and she believed Edward was her only hope.

It Wasn’t Easy Choosing Between Edward And Jacob.

Let’s be honest, if Bella hadn’t ended up with Edward, we’d be wondering what happened to her. She started out the movie as a confused and damaged vampire, and by the time she got to know Jacob, she was starting to find her way back to normal. Maybe even better than before. But then Edward showed up and things changed. For better or for worse?

We can speculate all we want about what would have happened if Bella ended up with Jacob. We don’t know. But what we do know is that Edward and Jacob are two very different men. One is considerate and protective, the other one is dominant and possessive. It’s not hard to see how Bella, a damaged girl who needed a strong man to take care of her, could have ended up seeing Jacob as the answer and Edward as the problem.

What Role Did The Media Play In Bella’s Decision?

It might be hard to believe that anyone could choose a man like Edward over Jacob, but that’s what Bella did, and it wasn’t an easy decision. After all, we’re talking about a girl who spent her childhood being told that vampires are evil. That they only cause victims pain and suffering. That they only turn people because they need to, and that they’re not meant to be treated with anything other than fear and contempt. Does that sound like someone who would have chosen Jacob over Edward?

You might think so. But what we need to keep in mind is that all of this was coming from her father, her uncle, and her high school teachers. It wasn’t just the bad guys talking. That was the mainstream media telling Bella that vampires are evil. And they were very successful at it. Most of Bella’s friends and family didn’t believe in vampires at all, and even her father had moved past his hatred of the creatures to become a sort of mentor/confessor figure for Bella.

It wasn’t just the bad guys. The mainstream media played a huge role in conditioning Bella to fear and distrust vampires. That wasn’t simply the opinion of a few bad apples, it was a concerted effort by a group of journalists and popular culture critics who believed that vampires were a threat to society and a detriment to human culture. It was their job to look at vampires with a critical eye, and unfortunately, that meant they often saw all vampires as monsters, and that’s something Bella’s father, Charlie, would never have wanted.

So, when it came time for Bella to decide which suitor she wanted to marry, there were a lot of factors to consider. Not the least of which was that her friends and family, who weren’t necessarily fans of Edward, still thought that he was the best available choice. They wanted what was best for Bella, and they believed that Edward was the best candidate for keeping her safe and comfortable.

Was Bella’s Decision To Marry Edward A Mistake?

If you’ve been through puberty, you’ll know that your body is going through major changes. You might not feel like yourself, and it’s a struggle to understand what’s happening. That’s what Bella was going through when she got to know Edward. She was a young woman, struggling to understand her growing feelings for him. It wasn’t easy being the only virginal girl among a group of testosterone-filled young men. Especially when they kept pushing her to have sex with them. She was confused. Edward was the first person she ever slept with, and it was a long time ago. She didn’t understand why she was still attracted to him, and it was all because of his sweet, sincere demeanor.

This is where the danger comes in. When a man is this attractive and mature, it can be hard for a woman to tell what he really wants. He might act like a spoiled brat, but inside he could be plotting his evil scheme, laughing at you as he watches you struggle to choose between him and Jacob. It’s all about power. Who has the most power?

Of course, this kind of scenario only happened in Twilight. But it’s no secret that Hollywood thinks that men are more interesting when they’re evil. This is why we’ve got a lot of bad guys who wear designer suits and drive fancy cars. It’s also the reason we’ve got a lot of vampires who are stronger, smarter, and more attractive than humans. It’s just easier to write about a handsome, evil man than a good-looking one, and it’s something Hollywood has known for a long time.

What Happened To Bella After She Married Edward?

Bella and Edward’s marriage was a short-lived, unhappy union. What can I say? He was a prince, and she was a commoner. They didn’t belong together. They grew apart, and even though they kept trying to make it work, it was always one step forward and two steps back. Finally, after years of struggling, they admitted that they were both better off as friends than lovers.

Once Bella and Edward broke up, it was like she found a whole new lease on life. She became friends with Jacob, who she eventually decided to marry. Edward tried to be friends with them too, but it was never the same. He would always watch with jealousy as Jacob, who he considered to be his own son, showed Bella affection. It didn’t help that he had a new family to worry about as well. Bella was no longer the center of his world, and he was feeling a little lost, which is understandable considering all he had going on in his life. 

It’s not that Edward and Bella didn’t love each other. They still care for each other deeply. But their marriage was never meant to be. It was a mistake, and it’s something they both regret. Edward is now happily married to a woman named Victoria, and Bella is engaged to be married to the man of her dreams, a human named Sam.

Is Edward A Good Mate For Victoria?

Victoria is probably the most important person in Edward’s life. She had given up hope of having children, but Edward changed her mind. He made her believe in love at first sight, and convinced her that they were made for each other. He is very protective of her, and she returns this loyalty. Even though Edward is a very handsome man, he’s not exactly the most suitable partner for a woman. He is more of a distraction than a support. But that’s what Victoria needs. Edward makes her feel desired, which is important to a woman. Sometimes all a man has to do is look at you and show you that he wants you. It isn’t difficult to understand why Edward has such a hard time letting go of the past. Even though his love for Victoria is a new beginning, it is inevitably going to be a struggle. If she tries to live her life without regard for his feelings, it will only lead to more problems. But if she shows him that she cares, it is possible that they can work through their issues together and achieve a deeper, more real connection.

If you’ve been following our coverage of Twilight, you know that we’ve been through several theories about what happened to Bella and Edward. Were they happy? Did their love end in tragedy? Was he really as good as she said? We’ve got the answers to all these questions and more in this week’s edition of BellaBlog.