He may be a world-famous actor, but the truth is that Robert Pattinson isn’t always easy to love. Between his string of bad relationships and the fact that he seems to disappear from social media for weeks on end, it’s hard to picture the 28-year-old actor as a catch. But here’s the thing: maybe he’s not as bad as you think he is. Or maybe you’re just looking at his Instagram account wrong. Either way, it’s time to set the record straight about Pattinson and find out if this celebrity couple is worth your time and attention.


If you’ve been following the news over the past year, you may have heard that Pattinson has had a pretty rough ride of it. Between his chaotic lifestyle and rumored addictions, he’s spent several years hiding from the world. In fact, he’s only ever been engaged to four women, one of which was Karen Elson. After years of speculation and secrecy, the actor finally came clean about his past in an interview with The Times in May 2019. He admitted that he’s had “a bit of a problem with addiction” and that he’s been “unavailable” for some of his fans because he’s been in rehab. But despite all of this, Pattinson appears to be doing things differently now. He’s been quiet on social media since the end of May, when he finally deactivated his Instagram account. And according to some of his fans, things are looking up. “He’s finally starting to be less opaque,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “It’s so nice to be able to have a conversation with him again.” It seems like Pattinson has finally found the love of his life and is determined to make the most of his newfound freedom. After all, it’s never easy finding the love of your life, especially when you’re already 28 years old and have been through so much already. But maybe the universe has finally heard your cries for help and is helping you to heal both personally and professionally. It’s time to embrace your new vibe and see where things lead.

Robert Pattinson’s Past Relationships

Before we begin our investigation into whether or not Robert Pattinson is dating the right woman, it’s important to take a step back and look at his history. It seems that Pattinson has been burned by love more than once. A lot more, in fact. The actor has mostly been linked to models and other famous faces. Here are the women he’s allegedly been with. (Pattinson has always vehemently denied all of these allegations, and the majority of the relationships have never been confirmed by Hollywood press.)