Robert Pattinson may have to set his alarm a little early in the morning, but he and his partner, Kristen Stewart, couldn’t be more excited about welcoming a new addition to the family. After months of rumors, the movie star finally confirmed that he and Kristen are expecting their first child together. While most people were over the moon about the exciting news, some fans were a little less than ecstatic about the potential baby daddy’s new role as a father.

More Suits Than Maternity Wear

The child’s father is required to provide a safe and stable environment for his family; however, when reporters asked the actor about his new responsibilities, he didn’t seem too worried. “I’m really happy to have this responsibility,” he said. “I feel like I’m in a suit more than I’m in my pajamas.” He also spoke about how much he enjoys being a dad. “I have a nanny who looks after my daughter while I’m filming, so it’s just me and her the whole day,” he said. “It’s great, because she’s a great kid and I’m really happy to spend time with her.”

What About Baby’s First Word?

Now that his daughter has brought him this far along in his parenthood journey, Robert Pattinson is finally sure of what he wants to call his firstborn. While he was previously hesitant to say, “I don’t know,” when asked about the baby’s name, he and Kristen have settled on William Stewart. The name William was inspired by his late grandmother’s first name and his mother’s maiden name, Stewart. It’s a fitting tribute to two people who have helped give him the strength to be a better father.

The couple is still in the process of choosing a name for their baby daughter, who is due in October. They have been over­whelmed by the number of suggestions they have been getting, from Emily to Alice, and even Zazie. They are now trying to put a name to their daughter’s first words, so they can remember that moment when she says hello for the first time and gives them a brand new piece of information about herself.

What Will This Parentage Reveal About William?

Even before becoming a father, Robert Pattinson had a lot to learn. One of the most important things he has to learn is how to be a better dad. From now on, he will have to prepare himself for the fact that his role as a father will be different from his role as an actor. Luckily for him, his daughter will be the best teacher he could ever have. The more he spends with her, the more he will learn.

While many people were excited about hearing the good news about Kristen and Robert, many were still curious about how this would affect their relationship as lovers. Would they break up, or would they stay together and try to make it work? Although they keep their private life private, we know they love each other and that they want to grow old together. As a partner, brother, and father, he will make sure she is protected and happy, and in turn, she will make sure he is the same.

Can Kristen Stewart Be a Stepmom?

Now that Robert Pattinson is a father, he has even more reason to be grateful to his partner, Kristen Stewart. Not only does she carry his child, but after a whirlwind courtship, she has become his wife too. Can a woman who is already a stepmother to her boyfriend’s daughter be a stepmom to his newborn son? Well, at least she will try her best. Whether she has the talent to be a good stepmom or not, she will need to work hard to gain his trust and the trust of their toddler daughter. Being a stepmom is a role she may not want to rush into, but it is an important one. After all, she will be responsible for bringing up this child, and she will be bonded to him for the rest of their lives.

The question is, does Robert Pattinson see himself as a father? If so, how will being a parent affect his career? Will he continue promoting movies or will he seek a more traditional job? Only time will tell, but for now, he can be confident that he is doing what is best for his family.