Rob Pattinson has been cheating on social media with his new girlfriend, Sophie Wilcox, for some time now. The British actor has been spotted holding hands and walking side by side with the fashion director in London while also being seen on a date with another woman. But, as always, social media users were quick to pounce on the opportunity to bash the Twilight star.

“Fancy bumping into you [Sophie Wilcox] on a date. Looks like an amazing match! How romantic,” one user tweeted. “[Sophie Wilcox] is one lucky girl. Thanks for sharing,” another added.

And it’s no secret that there have been multiple rumors of trouble in the Bella Swan and Rob Pattinson relationship. With multiple cheating scandals behind them, it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if they were to break up. While this might not be the most convenient timing for Sophie, it might be for Rob. He’s finally found someone he feels comfortable enough to be completely honest with and doesn’t want to ruin their relationship. And who knows? Maybe this is the woman he’s been searching for all his life, only to eventually meet and fall in love with on social media.

No Longer An ‘Ock’

One of the first things you might notice about Rob is how he pronounces his name. Instead of saying “Robby,” he’ll say “Robotnik.” This is because he dropped the “r” from his last name when he started acting. Because of this, it no longer sounds like a traditional “Ock,” and instead rhymes with “Loppey.” This was most likely a nod to his love of Alfred Hitchcock, whose last name is spelled similarly to Rob’s. And it seems like he may have borrowed this unique way of pronouncing his last name from his idol. The 66-year-old director is known for his cleverly-titled films and unconventional methods of storytelling, which often featured some very strange accents.

Still A ‘Twi-Hard’

Twilight fans are certainly a loyal group, and many of them have been critical of Rob and Sophie’s public embrace. While the two have been photographed together multiple times, they’ve never actually confirmed their engagement or even hinted at a wedding day. This seems to have been intentional on Rob’s part as he doesn’t want to ruin the surprise of their relationship. And, honestly, who could blame him? It would be extremely un-Sophie-like to get engaged to your idol and boss only to have it ruined by a massive media event. But this may be the only way for them to have a fairytale ending after all their past cheating scandals.

Why Twitter?

It is no secret that Rob and Sophie love to keep up with the Kardashians. The two were even featured in a TV special where they showed us their favorite social media platforms. But beyond the kardashian factor, Rob seems to be slowly transitioning to a more modern way of living, and perhaps, finding love. It was only a few years ago that he was photographed with a tuxedo on; today he’s regularly been spotted with trendy floral prints or pastel colors. And, of course, he also favors leopard print as we’ve come to expect from the Twilight actor.

More Than Meets The Eye

It seems that Rob and Sophie are matching perfectly, and not just because they share an incredible connection on screen. The fashion director may surprise us all and become Rob’s confidante and best friend. It is not uncommon for fashion directors to have a special bond with the people they work with. They are often the first point of contact for designers, and can often bring a designer’s vision to life. This might explain why Sophie seems to genuinely care for Rob and has such a special connection to him. Hopefully, their time apart will be a time for reflection and a chance to grow as people.

For now, it seems that Rob and Sophie are perfectly suited to each other, and her new friends seem to agree. Sophie is certainly lucky to have found such an amazing man, and we can’t wait to see what the next chapter of their story will look like.