The latest news has it that Hollywood actor Robert Pattinson has been spotted making passionate love to his longtime girlfriend, Katarina Rodriguez. According to the latest on-set rumors, the couple is officially set to tie the knot this summer and will be keeping the “engagement secret” for as long as possible.

But is this true? Are Katarina and Robert Pattinson really getting married this summer as planned? Unfortunately, it looks like the pair have decided to take the easy way out and have been cheating on their partners for quite some time now. After all, it’s only been a month since the two came out publicly as a couple.

Let’s take a look at the evidence.

The First Rumor

According to a French tabloid newspaper, Le Canard, the English actor was spotted on a romantic date with a mystery woman in Paris. The tabloid claims that the two were deeply in love and that their relationship was “full of tenderness and passion.”

In a surprising twist, the paper reported that Katarina did not object to Robert’s infidelity and even asked for his “love letters” to be read out to her. She reportedly said, “I don’t care about the letters. I just want him to be there. This is so much better than having a husband. The cheating is much more exciting when it’s with someone you love.”

The publication then goes on to claim that the actress had an abortion just two weeks after giving birth to her son, Zyon. However, Katarina has previously spoken out against what she calls “fake news” and said that the rumors are “completely baseless.”

More Rumors

Not too long after, the tabloids got busy with yet another story about Robert and Katarina. This time, a Spanish newspaper, La Vanguardia, claimed to have seen photographs of the actor kissing another woman. According to the publication, “A source close to the star” leaked the photos to them, which showed Robert making out with a very glamorous woman. The photos were allegedly taken during the Cannes Film Festival in May.

The alleged affair was said to be a “publicity stunt” by the two parties involved and was reportedly “planned as a joke.” But that didn’t stop the media from having a field day and speculating about the state of Katarina’s marriage to Edward Cullen (Jacob Black) from Eclipse.

When asked about the rumors, Robert laughed it off and said, “There are no cameras around so [the photos] don’t prove anything. I don’t know who took the photo and I don’t know whose idea it was to do this publicity stunt. I think that someone wants to get some press clippings and have someone else’s jealousy shine through. It’s just not true.”

It’s unclear as to whether or not the photo stunt was actually carried out by Robert and Katarina. But the fact that they did it at all is pretty damning.

More Details About Their Relationship

There is still more that can be said about Robert and Katarina’s troubled marriage and divorce. According to a new book entitled Love and Betrayal: Katarina and the Cullen Family, many fans may be surprised to learn that Edward was actually violent toward her during their marriage.

The book’s author, Lily Cole, claims that after years of abuse, Katarina got a restraining order against her husband and eventually filed for divorce. The book contains accounts of witnesses who claim that they saw Edward physically attack and injure his wife. One person even said that he dragged her by her hair across the room. After the divorce, the book claims, Edward took a more “gentlemanly” approach toward his wife, which consisted of subtle insults and controlling behavior.

Katarina later described the abuse as “emotional” and said that she was happy to finally be free. “I had to get out,” she said. “I couldn’t take it anymore. It was destroying my life.” But apparently, she still has feelings for her ex-husband. In fact, she has been linked to several other men since her divorce.

Not content with cheating on his wife, Edward Cullen decided to expand his love triangle by dating model Doutzen Krustz. The two were first linked after Katarina helped her friend Doutzen get her “breakthrough” in the fashion world by giving her a “makeover.” Not only did Doutzen end up dating Edward, but she also convinced Katarina to take part in the ensuing drama.

Since then, Doutzen has become the primary target of Katarina’s jealousy, which was further fueled by the fact that her friend’s ex-boyfriend ended up dating her as well.

While everyone was distracted by the soap opera that was the Cullen household, Robert decided to take a more low-profile approach toward his acting and began dating model Lauren Collins.

Lauren described the beginning of their relationship as a “mutual attraction” and said that after a few dates, they decided to become more “than just friends.” But while the world was distracted by the scandal involving the Cullen family, the two had to keep their relationship a secret. They eventually settled on a low-profile, yet very private, method of communication, which consisted of sending each other loving emails and having “intimate” conversations on the phone. Even now, ten years later, they continue to keep their relationship a secret and have been known to break character and “faux pas” whenever they think someone is sneaking a peek at them via satellite.

Where Do They Fit Now?

With so much going on in the world of Twilight, it is easy to forget about Robert and Katarina. Since their romantic trysts were first reported, they have kept a low profile and haven’t done much to promote their relationship. But that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t been noticed.

The tabloid rumors made international news and prompted hundreds of articles and memes about the couple. They even landed on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, where Robert was presented with a “Most Wanted” award and briefly discussed his fling with Katarina. Still, it was all done in a humorous manner and nothing too serious was said.

But, for whatever reason, Robert didn’t want to speak too much about his time with Katarina. “I don’t want to hurt Katarina’s feelings,” he said during the ceremony. “She was a good friend and I still consider her a friend.”

It is clear that Robert still has strong feelings for Katarina and wants her to be happy. In fact, he has previously said that while he never considered acting with animals, he would consider it if it meant he could make her happy.

But it seems that Katarina isn’t waiting for Robert to come crawling back. The pair have had their drama and are moving on with their lives. While some may be troubled by the fact that Robert and Katarina chose to “cash in” on their fame, they also have the opportunity to build a new and better life for themselves. For now, at least, they seem content to keep their relationship a secret.