After dating for a few years, Robert Pattinson and Fiancee Amal Clooney had decided to take the next step in their relationship. So on Thanksgiving Day 2014, they exchanged rings and became husband and wife.

The couple’s engagement sparked a media frenzy as the world watched in awe at the love shared between the famous couple.

Despite their celebrity, it appears that not even marriage can keep Robert Pattinson and Fiancee Clooney a secret. It wasn’t long before cheating rumors began swirling around the star-studded wedding. And on April 1st, 2018, the paparazzi caught the “Batman” actor cheating on his wife with a porn star. It was a very messy affair that left everyone—including the couple’s children—shocked and upset.

The ‘Batman’ Actor’s’ Dirty Little SECRET

The cheating scandal that shook the “Batman” actor’s marriage began when a video surfaced of him cavorting with a porn star. The video, which was reportedly filmed at a hotel in Los Angeles soon after his wedding to Fiancee Clooney, showed him having sex with a porn star named Marija Geller. (For more on the scandal, read our complete coverage.)

The 48-year-old actor was already the subject of scrutiny due to his previous relationships with Hollywood starlets like Natasha Lyonne and Vanessa Hudgens. Add to that the fact that he is married with children, and you have the makings of a recipe for disaster. It was already clear that these three aspects of his life didn’t mix well together. Now, it would appear that he has manifested this problem in his private life as well.

The Bigamous Marriage

According to reports, the cheating incident didn’t occur as a one-time affair; it apparently started long before the marriage to Clooney. The New York Times said that the actor was having an affair with another woman while he was still engaged to Kristen Stewart. The paper also reported that when Stewart found out about the affair, she broke up with him and filed for divorce. (That same piece also noted that Stewart was pregnant at the time of their breakup and gave birth to a daughter, Matilda, in 2011.)

However, Robert Pattinson and Stewart stayed friends and even went on to co-parent their daughter. (In an interview with ‘Cosmo,’ Stewart described their relationship as “complicated.”) In 2014, he married Clooney, and in the following years, they had twin daughters and a son. All of this family commitment clearly hasn’t cooled the spark between Clooney and Pattinson either. And though he is yet to publicly address the allegations, in a recent radio interview he did say that he is aware of the scandal and “regrets” what happened.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time that a celebrity was caught cheating on his (or her) spouse. Back in 2012, there was Hilarious Hilton Broke Up With His Wife, Blamed His Ex-Girlfriend For The Split and Then Married Her. (Yes, that Hilton.) It seems that divorce and remarriage aren’t entirely uncommon in Hollywood.

This most recent scandal is certainly the most high-profile case of infidelity in recent memory. It would appear that fame and fortune can’t protect a man from temptation, especially when it comes to his sexuality. It’s an all too common story, and it’s one that we’ve heard all too often. Hopefully, this won’t be the end of the line for the two-time married actor. As for Geller, she would reportedly go on to claim that she’s had a one-night stand with Robert Pattinson before. And who knows, maybe she’s telling the truth. We’r pretty sure that this whole situation was just “too much” for one person to handle. So, it’s best if they just walk away and try to maintain some semblance of their formerly star-crossed lives.