It’s no secret that celebrities can be a tricky breed to manage. Some of them are incredibly demanding and have an entire team of people devoted to serving their every whim. Others are just as likely to do the complete opposite and shut themselves away from the world. It’s an endless cycle that rarely ends well — the type of cycle experienced by many a power couple in Hollywood.

But there is one celebrity couple that always manages to pull off the perfect union. And somehow, in the middle of all their superstar drama, they still find time to remind the world that they love each other. This past Valentine’s Day, Robert Pattinson and Chad Lowe were spotted at London’s Love Letters pop-up shop window. The shop, which is devoted to celebrating romance, featured a display that reminded viewers of the pair’s devotion.

The pop-up shop window was inspired by British designer Simon Carter’s ‘Love Letters’ collection. The range of letters on show were sent by couples throughout history. Placing the “s” in “simonatorie”, the designer wanted to celebrate the “simplicity and universality of love”.

Carter told Metro that he hopes the display will “touch people’s hearts”. While we have no doubt that it will, it’s doubtful if Carter intended to drum up any more business for his company. After all, this is a guy who makes a living selling clothes and accessories — he wouldn’t be doing anything too out of the ordinary, would he?

The Importance of Purity

It’s well known that Robert Pattinson is dedicated to staying away from Hollywood’s many pitfalls. The 26-year-old has made a habit of shunning the spotlight, choosing to focus on his acting career and vegan diet. And while this may make him a more balanced and rounded individual, it also limits the opportunities for career advancement. The fact is, there are only so many parts available for “the vampire from Twilight”. And since he doesn’t want to be typecast, Pattinson is clearly doing his best to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

But despite his best efforts, Hollywood appears to have found its way into the young star’s life. Rumors of his split from long-term girlfriend Katy Perry began to surface in early 2017. And while he’s never been one to shy away from a relationship, this time he seems more committed than ever to maintaining his freedom. This is supported by the fact that he’s never been more selective with the females in his life. Notable exceptions include the likes of Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Taylor. Aside from his vegan diet, the English actor is now reportedly dating makeup artist and entrepreneur Estelle Lindell. Reportedly dating since the start of this year, the two were initially spotted holding hands as they arrived at the premiere of Pattinson’s latest film, “Beautiful Creatures”, in London last week.

But while this may come as a relief to fans who were worried about his lack of escapades, it’s unlikely that his new relationship will impact his work. For those who love and follow his films, they will simply have to wait for Steven Spielberg’s much-anticipated adaptation of H.G. Wells’ novel, “The Invisible Man”, to see if the rumors are true.

The ‘Invisible Man’

When it comes to adapting H.G. Wells’ timeless novel, “The Invisible Man”, for the big screen, the possibilities are endless. The British author’s masterpiece tells the story of an invisible man, who, after being humiliated by a vain and spoiled society woman, decides to fight back with an ingenious plan. It’s a tale as old as time — the battle between good and evil, and perhaps the most iconic example of a superhero movie.

Based on the novel, which was first published in 1897, Ralph Fitzgerald seeks revenge on the society women who reject him. After being told by Lady Montague that he wasn’t acceptable to her high society circle, the Englishman decides to take matters into his own hands and creates a superhero identity, inspired by the famous comic book character, the Invisible Man. He forges a letter from his childhood sweetheart, proclaiming her undying love and devotion, convincing her and the world that he is in fact, “Sally”, a polite and well-bred gentleman. With his new-found powers, Fitzgerald sets about righting wrongs, exposing corruption, and generally helping those who are weaker than himself. But despite his good intentions, Ralph continues to be manipulated by those around him.

What makes “The Invisible Man” so fascinating is that it was written long before the advent of modern-day superheroes. But even though the book was published over 100 years ago, it has timeless resonances and continues to be relevant today. One of the most iconic scenes in the movie comes when the invisible man uses his extraordinary powers to become visible. Visible, that is, to those with photographic memories. This allows him to revisit and relive moments from his past as he murders his targets. This technique was inspired by Freud’s famous “reminiscence” therapy, which aims to revive patients’ painful memories in an effort to cure their mental health issues. In the context of the movie, this is used as a guilt-reducing mechanism. Once the victims recognize their former lover in the guise of a gruesome monster, they are forced to confront their own moral weaknesses and participate in his “revenge”.

Spiderman, the Ultimate Guide to Dating a Superhero

With his love for comic books, it’s no surprise that Spiderman has been featured on the big screen multiple times. While the Spiderman movies are often criticized for their lack of subtlety and for falling into the typical superhero movie clichés, they still manage to entertain audiences with a lighthearted and humorous approach. Making light of the industry that he is actually part of is something that the Spiderman movies are known for. And it seems that audiences have also caught on, as the rebooted Spiderman has now inspired a song and dance craze, with a popular meme even using his classic “No Offence” line.

But even the Spiderman movies couldn’t save poor Peter Parker. After multiple breakups with high school sweethearts, it’s no surprise that the struggling photographer turns to crime-fighting when a magical spider-shaped delivery arrives, enticing him to click and order what seems to be an impressive array of gear.

Since its premiere, the Spiderman movies have inspired a popular dance craze, with audiences rushing to their nearest computer to upload videos of themselves doing the “Spiderman”. While the craze began with the rebooted movies, the original Spiderman has been compared to a real-life superhero, inspiring his own “Spiderman” dance craze. And it seems that people are taking note, as the “Spiderman” dance challenge has become a craze on TikTok. The viral sensation has been credited with helping make viral trends more mainstream. Even before his rise on TikTok, Colton Haynes had established himself as an on-screen villainess with multiple appearances in “Dollhouse” and “Agent Carter”. After her stint on TikTok, Carice Van Houten and her “Fuller House” co-star, Donald Faison, cemented themselves in the memory of audiences with a meme-worthy routine.

Batman v Superman

It’s not just Spiderman who made a name for himself by defying typcasting. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice showdown is essentially the big game that we all have been waiting for. The two titans of the superhero world meet face to face for the first time, pitting the superior intelligence and martial artistry of Batman against the raw physical power of Superman. This was a battle that had been brewing for decades. And now that it’s finally here, it’s more important than ever to see who will emerge as the victor.

With an all-star cast, the blockbuster serves as the culmination of nearly ten years of cinematic history, set to an orchestra and choir that perfectly fit the grandiose scope of the movie. Both Chris Benoit and Michael B. Jordan put in superb performances as the dual identities of the Dark Knight and the Boy Scout. And there is also plenty of room for some cameos, with a shout-out to Harry Potter superstar, Albus Dumbledore.