It seems that lately, celebrity scandals involving famous people and their exes have been making the headlines. The most recent case is that of Robert Pattinson, whose current girlfriend Kristen Stewart’s parents are set to release a tell-all book about their famous daughter’s relationship with the actor. The book, entitled Lovers and Leavers: Love and Betrayal in the Age of Technology (due out next month), is likely to hit the shelves just as the Twilight actor’s career is taking off. But is this really a story about love and betrayal, or is it more about a celebrity playing the media game?

The Scandalous Past

The book’s publication is undoubtedly going to put a spotlight on Robert Pattinson’s checkered past. His first romance with Kristen Stewart was highly publicized, and although the couple denied it at the time, there was speculation that their relationship was built on shaky ground. Just last year, in fact, Robert Pattinson was accused of cheating on Kristen Stewart with his half-sister-in-law, Alice Poulter. According to a report by Hello! magazine, the actor allegedly got cold feet about the marriage proposals and decided to call it quits.

It was also previously rumored that Kristen Stewart is one of the people credited with convincing Robert Pattinson to enter rehab. The Twilight actor reportedly sought help for his “rock addiction” following a series of bad behavior allegations leveled against him by former girlfriends. Some of the accusations were reportedly that he had hit and kicked women during arguments.

New Beginning?

The book’s revelations will undoubtedly thrust Robert Pattinson into the public eye. But is he really trying to make amends for his past indiscretions and the speculation that he always seemed to court scandal? Or is he seeking to capitalize on his newfound fame?

The latter theory is supported by the fact that despite the speculation, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart never actually called it quits. They instead decided to take a “break” during which they would focus on their careers and save their energy for matrimonial bliss. Just three months after the book’s premiere, the Twilight actor finally proposed to Kristen Stewart, and the couple were married in a lavish ceremony in Italy last summer. Since then, they’ve been keeping mostly to themselves, refusing to comment on rumors and scandal.

Whether the rumors are true or not, it’s clear that Robert Pattinson’s behavior has changed for the better. In addition to rehab, he’s also been vocal about the need to control his drinking. So is this really the beginning of a new, supposedly happy, and healthy chapter for Robert Pattinson? Or is it another media creation waiting to falter under the weight of too much truth?