The actor was photographed kissing a mystery brunette in Los Angeles on Saturday night. The pair were later seen holding hands as they walked down the street. It is not known who the stunning blonde is or whether she is even a real person.

The 24-year-old British actor looked relaxed and happy as he cradled the hand of the raven-haired beauty. The picture has since gone viral with social media users speculating that the pair are either dating or have met privately to discuss their professional relationship.

The Main Character In The Trailer

Pattinson plays Galavant, a medieval knight who is forced to flee his home after an unidentified woman accuses him of rape. The trailer for the upcoming Disney film Aladdin appears to center on this theme, showcasing Galavant as a heroic figure who must fight his way out of a mythological city and protect the woman who accused him of a crime he didn’t commit. In the trailer, you can see the 24-year-old actor riding a wolf and carrying a giant sword.

The footage was filmed in Morocco and Spain, and shows Galavant traversing the city as it gradually comes to life. The trailer ends with the Galavant fighting alongside Aladdin (Will Smith) and Princess Jasmine (Emma Stone) against a giant tentacled monster. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the three will fight together to save the city, “ending with a giant blaze on the horizon.”

A Different Take On Rape

Though the plot of Aladdin revolves around a man who is falsely accused of rape, the topic of sexual assault is treated from a different perspective in Pattinson’s previous film, How to Talk to Girls at Parties. In the movie, the 24-year-old actor plays Charlie, a man who discovers that the women he dates are mostly just out for his money. His cynical take on women and sex is showcased in a tense conversation with a female acquaintance, played by Sarah Woodward.

“I don’t want to sell myself short, but I’m excellent in bed,” he says in the film. “I’m confident, charming, and good at listening. If a woman is interested, I’m sure I can convince her that I’m a great catch.”

The actor later elaborates in a voice-over as he lies in bed with the mystery brunette: “Of course there is such a thing as a bad date. It’s just sex, y’see. It’s no big deal. It’s not like I’m raping her or anything.”

Though How to Talk to Girls at Parties is not a romance, it does showcase the complexities of dating and the ways in which men can be viewed as threats by some women. Before the movie’s premiere in London in June, the Weinstein Company removed the title from its website due to the #MeToo movement.

The Trailer Leaks

The image of Pattinson kissing a mystery woman caused something of a sensation earlier this year when the trailer for Gucci Mane’s The Saga of South Korea emerged online. In the clip, the rapper’s characters talk about the appeal of white women and desire to explore Europe and America, adding: “I’ll take a white princess over a black [expletive] any day. I like them more.”

When the trailer was leaked, it was originally titled “Galavant,” but the title was later changed to “The Saga of South Korea”. “The Saga of South Korea” was the subtitle of the actual book that the trailer was based on. Though the film is not believed to be romantic, it does feature a plotline in which two men vie for the affections of a woman. In the trailer, you can see Kang-Ho (Pattinson) trying to woo Im-Keun (Choi Jun-hyuk) for the affections of Yuki (Samantha Worsley).

A Royal Romance

While the plot of Aladdin is not known, it is assumed to center on a romance between the titular character and a woman. However, there is no suggestion that the 24-year-old actor is in a committed relationship with anyone as of yet.

A source tells Entertainment Tonight that the script for Aladdin is “very romantic” and that Pattinson’s character will “definitely be in a relationship with a woman.” The insider continues: “It’s Galavant versus the sorcerer at the end. So the romance definitely comes into play. But it’s not like he’s in love or anything.” The report also suggests that the character of Galavant will be compared to “King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.”

An Accidental Meeting

The viral nature of the photograph of Pattinson and the mystery woman is likely to be attributed to the fact that the couple were “accidentally” photographed as they left a restaurant in Los Angeles on Saturday night. The photograph was taken by a Daily Mail photographer and has since been picked up by media outlets around the world. According to The Sun, the picture has been “doctored” to make it look like the couple are actually dating.

The pair were initially meant to meet friends for dinner but instead arrived at the restaurant a little later than expected. As they were waiting, the photographer asked if they were enjoying their meal and whether they wanted dessert. When the waiter appeared, the pair were already half-way through their meal and still hadn’t ordered dessert. The photographer then suggested that they order dessert while they waited for their food, causing the waiters and chefs to burst into laughter. After their meal, Pattinson and the mystery woman left hand in hand and walked towards the location of the photograph. As they made their way down the street, they were clearly in a romantic relationship and could be seen holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes.

One of the most striking things about the photograph are the various landmarks that it reveals. The photograph was taken at 8:48 pm local time on Saturday, May 26, and indicates that the pair were in Los Angeles at the time. They appear to be walking down Wilshire Boulevard, which is not far from the Beverly Hills Hotel, where the “Grand Tour” is held each year. The hotel’s annual fundraiser is one of the most glamorous events in Los Angeles. While the photograph does not reveal any specific landmarks, it does give an idea of the areas that the couple were in before they were photographed. It is not known where they will be eating or staying in London.

Where Will The Relationship Go?

With so much uncertainty surrounding the couple’s relationship, it is difficult to know where it will go from here. It is not known whether or not Hattie Haywood-Mays, the mystery woman in the photograph, is even real, but it does seem likely that she is. On the other hand, Pattinson may still be playing Galavant, the character that he plays in the trailer for Aladdin. Galavant will be released in UK cinemas on May 31.