With all the speculation surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, perhaps the most talked-about detail has been the bride’s dress. It’s been dubbed the “boudoir royal,” and with all the elaborate wedding plans, it’s already received countless media portrayals.

However, the most important detail from a Christian perspective may be the groom’s choice of wedding ring. As we reported in September, speculation regarding the couple’s engagement and wedding ramped up when Robert Pattinson revealed he had chosen an 18 karat gold band inscribed with the words “Ever Yours.”

Why should you care about the Christian perspective on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding? Because this is a teachable moment about a delicate subject: true commitment.

Let’s examine the facts regarding Robert Pattinson’s conversion to Catholicism, which led to him selecting this particular wedding ring.

Pattinson Converted to Catholicism On-Camera

In his 2019 interview with Elle, the English actor and musician opened up about why he decided to become a practicing Catholic: “I just felt like a spiritual vacuum,” he said. “I didn’t know what to believe in, and I didn’t feel like I could go to church and feel at home.”

Many celebrities choose to hide their faith, but not Pattinson. In fact, since the beginning of this year, he has been openly celebrating Mass and carrying out daily routines associated with the Catholic faith. When asked why he chose to do this, he responded, “I felt like a spiritual vacuum, and I just wanted to fill that space with something.”

During the same interview, he discussed how he came to see the Catholic Church as a place of refuge. “I was very much against organized religion,” he said. “I think there are too many rules—you’re not allowed to do this, you’re not allowed to do that. But then, I found myself in a bit of a crisis, and I needed someone to turn to.”

When asked if he has experienced more peace since converting, he answered, “Oh, absolutely.” He also added, “I have a greater sense of purpose. I know what I believe in.”

Selecting this Ring Was a Statement

The statement that the ring made was not lost on the public. Since Mass-related news sites like Life in Prayer and OneOpinion.com began to publish stories in January, it is clear that this choice was not a random one.

Pattinson’s publicist told Elle that the actor had chosen the ring after “carefully consider[ing] a number of options,” and that he is “honored” to have been presented with the choice.

This is no small matter. Choosing a wedding ring is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. It marks the beginning of a long bond, a commitment to protect and provide for each other. To make this decision and select this ring was an expression of the actor’s faith and devotion to Meghan.

Most Influential Person in the Actor’s Life

Not only does the ring speak to his spiritual commitment to Meghan, but it is also a testament to the influence she has had on his life. The two have known each other for some time, having worked together on the film Outlaw King, in which she portrayed the famous 17th century explorer Mary, Queen of Scots. The movie is based on the true story of the Queen’s executioner, Jacques de Launoy.

According to the memoirs of Philippe de Guébaud, former French ambassador to Scotland, a mutual friend introduced them. “I will never forget the day Mr. Pattinson called on me,” he wrote. “He had just returned from a trip to Italy and was in a very relaxed mood. He told me that Meghan had been very helpful to him on the set of Outlaw King and invited me to call on my next trip to Rome.”

The British press has dubbed Meghan the “female Richard Simmons,” a comparison to which she has embraced. The meme-worthy fitness guru Simmons is known for making crude jokes about women’s bodies, so it comes as no surprise that Meghan would embrace the moniker. She even used part of her new role as a commentator for Ireland’s national broadcaster to give her opinion on Brexit and the U.K. government’s handling of the negotiations.

As Vanity Fair reports, Meghan has made it her mission to learn about the Catholic Church and its influence on World Peace Day. In an interview with the publication, she discussed how she hopes to use her newfound influence to bring about change. “I’ve always thought that the more informed people are, the better world we will live in,” she said. “Being more informed has never been more important, and I think that if more people knew about the Church and followed its teachings more, then there would be less anger and violence in the world.”

The Church as a Place of Refuge

Perhaps one of the most moving parts of Elle’s interview with Pattinson is when he discusses the role the Catholic Church has played in his life. After discussing the ring and his motivations for converting, he turns to the subject of the interviewer: his mother. “She was an alcoholic,” he said. “She’s not anymore, but back in those days, she was. And it just devastated me.”

He continued, “I used to think that God had a special place in heaven for people like my mother. There’s this whole concept of the ‘holy drunks,’ people who are missing out on God’s grace because they are too busy drinking or using drugs. Well, I felt that my mother’s addiction was a sin. It was a grave matter. And so I thought that if I became a Christian, all that would change. I would start feeling that God didn’t have an ‘only for drug addicts’ policy, that he loved my mother just as much as he loved everybody else.”

At this point, the interviewer cuts in and thanks Pattinson for being so open about his faith. “No problem,” he responds. “I hope that others can learn from my mistake, that if they are open about their beliefs, that they will find the love of Christ.”

This is a sentiment that resounds throughout his interview. One thing is for sure: Robert Pattinson has spoken. And his choice of ring—along with his decision to embrace his Catholic identity—should not be missed.