One of the most touching moments in the recently released film, The Guardians, is when Robert Pattinson’s character, Hal, opens his gift-wrapped present and unwraps a simple white box with a brown paper wrapping surrounding it. Inside is a picture book of sorts – a beautiful card featuring an illustration of Pattinson’s mother, Laura, on one side and a sweet little note on the other. The note simply reads, “To my wonderful son, Robert, on the occasion of your 17th birthday. Every day with you is a gift. Happy birthday, dear Robert. Love, Mommy.” The illustration is haunting, as it perfectly encapsulates both the beauty and elegance that Laura embodied during her life and in many ways still embodies today. The photograph almost feels like a work of art in its raw simplicity. Just like Hal, we were moved by Laura’s simple yet timeless message.

The Evolution Of An Illustrator

The fact that Laura’s birthday is on or around the 10th of October every year certainly isn’t a coincidence. As a child, Laura dreamed of becoming an artist. At the age of 10, she began studying at the Duncan of Jordanstone Art School in St. Andrew’s Square and continued at the Glasgow School of Art, where she eventually earned a degree in illustration. We are obviously dealing with a talented woman here, as it wouldn’t be fair to say that the illustrations inside the gift box are simply done for the sake of artistry; they are, in fact, a shining example of Laura’s artistry. Her paintings are unique to say the least; we can see hints of her distinct artistic personality even in her early work. Take a look at some of her early pieces of artwork and you’ll see what we mean.

Flower Power

While we’re dealing with unique artwork and talented artists, we can’t leave off mentioning that some of the cards inside Hal’s gift box are themselves works of art. The first one that he opens is no ordinary flower arrangement. Instead, it’s a representation of the British flag, with an arrangement of blue flowers – i.e., the British navy – surrounding a white dove. The symbolism behind the flower arrangement is fitting, as it represents peace between the United Kingdom and its former colonies, which were once part of its vast empire. The dove is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit, which in some ways can be seen as a new beginning and a fresh start after centuries of oppression and marginalization.

Classy Card

One thing that we can’t leave off mentioning is how incredibly classy this whole gift-giving idea is. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Laura’s notes and/or gifts were custom-made, considering everything from the card to the gifts themselves are so exquisitely crafted. One thing is for certain though – regardless of whether or not the birthday gift was hand-made, it was certainly personal. We can see this by looking at the dedication inside the book, where the letters ‘L’ and ‘R’ are intertwined, representing the initials of the person who gave it to her and symbolizing a union and equality between the two peoples, as well as a friendship that transcends generation. It’s a sentiment that we can relate to, as it speaks to the egalitarian nature of the human spirit and its ability to evolve and grow with the times, without becoming obsolete or irrelevant.

On The Subject Of Gifts

Another thing that we can’t leave off mentioning is how on the subject of gifts this whole scene is. Just like we said earlier, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Laura’s gifts were custom-made, considering everything from the card to the gifts themselves are so exquisitely crafted. In the same way that Laura’s artwork is personal and unique, it would also be fitting if her gifts were bespoke, created with the specific recipient in mind. It would be a wonderful way to show someone how much you care, even if that person doesn’t exactly ‘fit’ your personal style icon or doesn’t share your political views, as long as you know they’ll appreciate and love everything about you,” as Hal so eloquently put it.