Robert Pattinson has canceled the remaining dates on his tour with the band Simple Plan, which was scheduled to begin tomorrow in Singapore. He cited health issues as the primary reason for the postponement.

The “Believe” singer, who was featured on the band’s latest single, had been experiencing health problems since before the band’s North American tour in the spring. Just this week, he revealed that he had been battling an undisclosed illness. Now that he’s recovered from that, the actor/singer is looking to reschedule his Simple Plan dates.

He had been set to play the role of the Dark Knight in the band’s Broadway spectacular, but he called the show off after just two nights. According to Playbill, he was supposed to make his Broadway debut on March 23rd; he will now have to wait till 2018 to return to the Great White Way.

The Dark Knight will have to wait for Batman as well. The Broadway musical based on the Dark Knight saga was originally set to begin previews on March 27th before an opening on April 16th. After a brief preview period, the show will close on May 8th.

Pattinson will now have to keep his promise to the fans who had been looking forward to seeing him as the Dark Knight on Broadway. He has been steadily working toward his acting debut in J. Edgar, which is set to premiere in October. As part of his preparation, he took a class on script analysis at the Actors Workshop in Los Angeles. He will next be seen in the coming months in Woody Allen’s A Rainy Day in New York and Peter Pan.

When he is not acting, the 31-year-old singer and songwriter will be busy promoting his new single, “High Enough,” and the upcoming release of his debut album, “Good Enough.” The album’s title track was released in January and has already peaked at number three on the Billboard Top 100. The follow-up single, “Tick,” has also started rising up the charts. It is currently at number 26. The album is set for a March 23rd release through Island Records.

Pattinson is not the only famous face that Simple Plan has had to cancel on. The band’s original lead singer, Nikka Costa, also had to postpone the entire North American tour due to health reasons. However, she will now return to the stage in April 2018.

What Is The Meaning Of ‘Health Issues’

When you are one of the world’s most recognizable celebrity faces, your health issues immediately become tabloid headlines. And when you are the son of a well-known Hollywood actor, that notoriety extends to your personal life as well. So it is no surprise that the paparazzi would have a field day with every little detail about Robert Pattinson’s health. And they certainly don’t disappoint. Each new report brings a fresh batch of questions about the star’s future.

The tabloid press has been quick to jump on the “robot cougar” story that surfaced last year. The rumors were that Pattinson had hired a team of robotic surgeons to perform all of his medical procedures for him. While this may sound far-fetched, the fact that these rumors made it to the top of the Google search results for “robot cougar” speaks volumes about how seriously people are taking them. In the past year, he has reportedly had teeth fixed, an ankle repaired, a knee ligament replaced, and a hernia surgery.

Pattinson’s Father Confirms Health Issues

Pattinson’s father, David, had already addressed the health issues that his son was facing when he did an interview with the Daily Telegraph last year. “I had a heart attack seven years ago and I’ve been on medication ever since,” he said. “I also have a hernia that flares up every now and then and for which I have to have surgery. I wouldn’t want to say that I’m infirm, but I certainly have to be careful.”

In the interview, David referred to his son as “my little angel,” but he had a serious side as well. He continued, “When I look back on all the years of my life, I can’t believe how much I’ve seen and how much I’ve experienced. I feel like forever has past and I’m still here. My advice to my son is to never stop trying new things in life and to never let health issues hold him back.” This sounds like a pretty good message for Robert to hear, especially since he doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter. His father’s condition limits his physical mobility and prevents him from working. This means that Robert will have to rely on others to support him while he makes music. And for a celebrity kid, that’s a vulnerable position to be in.

Why Has The Rumor Of A Bad Boy Image Been Rising?

A lot of the credit for the recent popularity of the “bad boy” image has to go to Twilight’s Edward Cullen. People have connected with the charmingly evil character because he shares a lot of the same qualities. He is very calculating and determined, with a hidden agenda that usually involves breaking a few rules. And it is that dynamic that has made him so attractive to female audiences. Even people who love the Twilight saga didn’t get that way by accident. If anything, the “evil” image that Edward exudes is a result of the character’s creator, Stephenie Meyer, borrowing from Shakespeare and the Brothers Grimm. The series is very much a product of its era, with its emphasis on fairytale romance, androgynous teens, and witty dialogue. While there is no denying that the Twilight movies are campy fun, it is that very campiness that has made the saga so appealing to young women. And that appeal transcends generations. Edward has become so popular that he even made the cover of Women’s Wear Daily in 2015, nearly a decade after the first film came out. And it’s not just the ladies who have noticed. Young men have been following suit, with Eddie Redmayne wearing a “spandex” version of the character’s signature t-shirt in the 2015 film. While it may be a fashion choice, the “spandex” shirt was also inspired by Edward’s sinister look in the series. He often wears a similar t-shirt with a long-sleeved top and yoga pants in promotional stills and behind-the-scenes footage. The style has become so popular that people are even starting to call it “Redmayne,” in reference to the actor. It isn’t just limited to fashion either. Edward’s signature look has appeared on everything from hoodies and tank tops to pillowcases and high-waisted jeans. While it is unlikely that all of this merchandise will sell well, there is no denying that the “bad boy” aesthetic has gone viral.

Will This Affect Robert’s Career?

There is no question that Robert’s health problems will have an effect on his career. For starters, he will no longer be able to take on roles that require him to be physically active. That basically leaves comedy and action movies out of the question. It is also a major blow to the Robotic Surgeon Theory, since there is no way that a 31-year-old man could be running around with a team of robots assisting him in surgery. That kind of technology doesn’t exist and, as awful as it sounds, it probably never will.

Pattinson’s band is currently on a brief hiatus, with various members taking time off to care for their families. A month ago, the band shared an update on their website, saying, “This break gives us time to rest and recuperate while the musicians get to spend some quality time with their loved ones. We hope to be back stronger than ever before and continue to delight our fans with our music.”

While this may be true, the band is not out of the woodwork yet. They recently shared a new song, “Heartbreaker,” which is set for a March 23rd release through Republic Records. And there are talks of a return date for the North American tour, though it is still uncertain when exactly that will happen.