The “honeymoon period” of a celebrity couple’s life is usually filled with endless celebrations and romantic photos in front of scenic backdrops. But in the case of Robert Pattinson and Fiancee Eve (née MacLeman), the newlywed couple chose to hide out incognito for a while after the ceremony.

The Twilight star and his pop star wife didn’t even tell their nearest and dearest that they had married last October. Instead, the couple were keen to keep their big news to themselves and avoid a mad rush of paparazzi.

It was only when they returned from their secretive honeymoon that the couple made their grand entrance, sparking a media frenzy that even their celebrity status couldn’t escape.

Keeping Secrets

Pattinson and Mrs. Smith were both nervous about the press discovering their private moment. So the newlywed buckled down and spent the first few months of their marriage keeping secrets.

“They didn’t want anyone to know that they were married and so they decided to keep it under wraps,” a source told The New York Post. “They didn’t want any attention, so they stayed away from the media during that time and focused on each other. They were obviously very happy and in love. They kept a low profile.”

Pattinson and MacLeman opted for a small ceremony at the Four Seasons Hotel in London with just their closest family and friends in attendance. The couple then spent their time together in New York relaxing and enjoying some quiet time away from the spotlight.

“They kept the wedding a secret because they wanted it to be a special moment for just the two of them,” an insider told E! News in July. “They knew that they were going to have to face the media after the wedding, but they decided that they didn’t want to do it in front of a lot of people. They weren’t really sure how everybody was going to react, so they kept it small.”

But the couple’s desire for privacy didn’t stop there. Pattinson and MacLeman also wanted to keep their new family heirloom a secret until the right moment. As soon as they returned from their honeymoon, the newlyweds decided it was time for Pattinson to propose. So they booked a romantic stroll through the English countryside to do so.

But even that didn’t go smoothly. When Pattinson got down on one knee at the appointed spot, a stranger jumped out from behind a tree and startled the actor. Luckily, nothing was stolen and everyone enjoyed a good laugh. The New York Post reported that it was later revealed that the mystery man was a game warden from England.

Now that the big moment is in the rearview mirror, Pattinson and MacLeman are looking forward to being a more normal couple and being able to share their exciting news with the world. The New York Post reported that after keeping their wedding a secret for so long, the couple are “just bursting to tell everybody about it.”

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Since the release of the highly anticipated movie Black Panther, Kardashian Cousins’ star status has soared. With a stacked deck of prestigious film and television roles ahead of her (including a Star Wars season 8 cameo), it’s no surprise that the 26-year-old is actively seeking the spotlight. And it seems that she’s not alone.

Along with Chris Pole, a producer on Kardashian Cousins’ recently launched CMT channel, the couple have been spotted spending lots of time together. While we don’t know for sure, it’s fair to say that the couple’s cozy presence on Instagram likes a lot of romance.

With all the speculation surrounding their private life, it’s no wonder that Kardashian Cousins and her new husband are desperately seeking some peace and happiness. While we wait for the next installment of their fair isle adventure, here’s a look back at some of the most memorable and inspiring moments from the start to finish of their wedding day.

From BFFs To BFFWeddings

When BFFs (Best Friends Forever) Meghan Markle and Katherine Heigl got married in June 2018, it was yet another chapter in the story of the former “Sex and the City” couple’s long and eventful wedding journey. 

Like Pattinson and MacLeman’s wedding a few months earlier, Markle and Heigl’s celebrity status was merely a prequel to their wedding. The couple’s romantic love story started back in 2011 when Markle confessed to Heigl that she had a crush on her ex-boyfriend. A matter of months later the couple were dating, and a short time later they were engaged. 

The “sister wife” arrangement was never really part of the plan. But it was a wedding decoration fairy godmother (or fairy godfather) Neil Patton that proposed the idea of the “sister wives” to the couples’ families.

“It’s true that weird fairy godfather things have happened at my other weddings,” Pattinson told France’s Vogue in 2018.

“He proposed the idea of having sisters wives, which was great because it’s something that neither of us had ever considered, but it made sense for us as a package, especially given what we already had in common,” MacLeman commented.

The Walking Red Wedding

While Pattinson and MacLeman’s weddings may not be exactly like the ones their celebrity cousins are celebrating, they share a striking resemble. Not only do they both love to walk and appear in red, but the colors of their corresponding families too. 

And just like the cousins’, Pattinson and MacLeman’s wedding was no ordinary occurrence. The couple’s families are filled with emotions, both joy and sadness as they witness the ceremony. Pattinson’s father, Ian, father-in-law Gordon, and MacLeman’s mother, Dorothy, were all present at the intercontinental wedding that celebrates the strength and resilience of two great families.