When you’re one of the most in-demand stars in Hollywood, the pressure is on to maintain an amazing body – both on and off screen. For actress and singer Kristen Stewart, the pressure to stay fit is particularly great since she’s often paired with co-star Robert Pattinson in their films. The couple have a love‑hate relationship when it comes to food – with Kristen constantly craving ice cream and cake and Robert preferring steak and potatoes – and use their celebrity to push the limits of what’s considered trendy and fashionable. Here, we’ll explore the ways in which Robert and Kristen use their fame and fortune to maintain a svelte figure.

Diet Tips For Celebrities

While most of our favorite celebrity chefs have created dietary tips specifically for stars, it’s not exactly a common practice. Nonetheless, it’s not difficult to be inspired by the rich food world of a Hollywood starlet and incorporate some of their favorite dishes into your diet. Take Robert Pattinson, for example. Aside from being a total movie hunk, he’s also incredibly humble and kind, often going above and beyond to help those in need.

One of the ways in which he demonstrates this selflessness is by sharing some of his tips for dieting with the general public. In an interview with GQ magazine, the actor and singer revealed that he relies on a few simple tricks to stay lean:

  • For breakfast, he suggests loading up on the protein – whether that’s a cooked chicken breast, fish, or tofu – and restricting himself to small, green vegetables. He adds that he doesn’t really need the carbohydrates from the food either, so he doesn’t eat the bread or pasta, apart from once a week.
  • For lunch, Robert sticks to fish and chicken, again opting for protein-heavy options, and vegetables for a nice, round, fiber-filled meal. He suggests having brown rice rather than white, as it helps keep his blood sugar level steady.
  • For dinner, Robert opts for a protein-rich food with vegetables on the side. He often serves himself fish with fresh lemon, and for an easy dessert, he simply orders a cheesecake, without any added flour. He finishes off each meal with a big, fresh fruit salad.

The Fashion Connection

Just like any other celebrity, the fashion world recognizes Robert and Kristen as a power couple, often referring to them as “the royal couple”, “the twosome”, or “RBK”. The fashion industry has taken note of their successful marriage and celebrity status and has created numerous designer clothes and accessories specifically for them. In fact, they’re so well-known for their fondness for fashion that it’s even been nicknamed “Royal Fashion”.

As the saying goes, fashion and fame go hand in hand. Whether it’s Victoria Beckham designing a dress specifically for the royal couple or Louis Vuitton offering them a custom-made bag, the list of famous people wearing (or carrying) designer clothes is endless. From Stella McCartney to Gigi Hadid, Kate Moss to Cara Delevingne, the fashion industry relies on celebrity to sell their clothes.

Protect Your Skin

While we’re on the subject of fashion, it’s important to discuss how celebrities use their fame and power to protect their bodies, both on and off screen. One way they do this is by using makeup and skincare products, especially those designed to fight aging. In an interview with British Vogue, the couple discussed their skincare and why they rely so much on it, especially since they’re always on the go and exposed to the sun:

  • They start by applying sunscreen every day, before getting dressed. When they’re not at work, they often sport tony bursts on their forehead, which they say they created to protect their skin. They also use products specifically designed to combat aging and make their skin look more fresh, saying they feel that these products help them retain that “just turned-up-shithead-face” look they often sport in their films.
  • As for skincare regimes, they each use five to six products every day, trying out different products depending on their needs and the current season. Kristen uses a mixture of products, while Robert relies on one or two of them, depending on the season and region. For example, he uses more concealer in the winter and vice versa in the summer. Aside from sunscreen and makeup, they also use skin cleansing routine, calming routine, and exfoliating routine.

Get Some Exercise

For many of us, exercise is a way of life. For actors and singers, it can be an essential part of their routine. Since they’re always on the go and their schedules can be hectic, they need to ensure they get some exercise every day, even if it’s just for a few minutes. One way they do this is by getting a quick workout before a big day – whether that’s shooting a movie or performing at a concert – to get the blood flowing and the muscles relaxed. Another way they get some exercise is by taking their dogs with them on set – whether it’s a walk on Lorde ‘s album A School Dance or a trip to the pet store to buy some furry friends.

The point is that exercise is for everyone’s health and well-being. It’s not just about getting in shape and losing weight – it’s about getting the blood pumping and the body active, so that you can live your best life.

So, if you’re looking to lose weight and get healthier, you could start by following the diets and fitness routines of some of Hollywood’s most famous stars. Whether it’s through a meal plan or by trying out a few of their favorite exercises, you’re sure to lose weight and feel better than you did before.