It was only a matter of time before the bodyguard issue came up. Just when we thought we were safe from stalkers in the celebrity world, another paparazzi-created craze was exposed – the obsession with physical appearance and transformation in celebrity culture.

Last year, we were graced with the sight of Robert Pattinson in full-blown makeup transformation. The Twilight actor and singer revealed an entirely new persona in the form of a sleek, dark-haired woman named Rosaline. Fans went ape**h**o over the new look, dubbing Pattinson’s body switch a “cosmic fashion moment.”

Since then, the singer has been keeping busy, headlining festivals and making memorable fashion appearances. Although he hasn’t publicly stated his plans, we know the actor is hell-bent on maintaining his new look. This desire to stay unique is what led him to take on the persona of an actual hunk of beef, creating the Incredible Robert Pattinson Body Rubis.

If you’re curious as to how the bodyguard issue came about, it started when Pattinson was spotted with a group of bodyguards outside of a recording studio. Unhappy with what he deemed an “overly protective” security detail, the actor expressed his displeasure by rolling down the windows of his truck and speeding off. When paparazzi photographers pursued the vehicle, they were greeted by a barrage of gunfire. In the subsequent melee, one photographer was even wounded by a stray bullet. Since then, the singer has had security guards follow him to auditions, photo shoots, and even dinner with friends. While at times, the increased attention may have proven useful to Pattinson, the bodyguard issue is certainly not something he enjoys talking about.

Transformations You Can Expect

Whether you choose to believe it or not, celebrity culture is often driven by social media. The opportunity to engage with fans on a personal level through online interactions proved too tempting for some. This desire to stay connected led to a wave of social media-driven transformations.

From Rihanna’s infamous “Bitch I’m Changing My Name” to Noah Cyrus’ “Sober Revolution”, social media-inspired transformations have become a way of life for many celebrity teens and millennials. If you’re a fan of One Direction, you’ll know that several of its members have been subject to a wave of social media-inspired transformations. While in some cases, these transformations were done solo, like Bieber’s snapback, most of them were done in collaboration with other stars. This is most evident in the case of “Nervous” Louis, who changed his name to “Louis Vuitton” and partnered with the luxury brand to launch a capsule collection.

As social media-driven pop-cultural trends continue to evolve, it is entirely possible that we’ll see more celebrities embracing new identities. There is certainly a place for both established and emerging stars alike in today’s society. What is certain is that no matter what transformations you might choose to undergo, you will be accepted – because at the end of the day, we are a society that embraces individuality.

The Rise Of The Virtual Stalker

While in some cases, celebrity body transformations can be attributed to trauma or abuse, in others it is simply a desire to challenge the norm. In the middle of last year, a number of British celebrities came under intense public scrutiny after photos emerged of them undergoing cosmetic procedures. Among them was Charlie Craven, who decided to do away with her wrinkles and laugh lines through a full facial transplant. While some may find the idea of having someone else’s face attached to their own body distasteful, Craven’s decision was a public display of defiance against beauty norms – and a trend that has undoubtedly been fueled by social media.

The prevalence of anti-wrinkle treatments and facial transplants in the U.K. is alarming. According to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, there were 14,600 aesthetic procedures performed in 2017, a 14% increase compared to 2016. Leading the way was a 22.9% increase in the popularity of facial transplants and a 9.1% increase in the use of anti-wrinkle treatments. Facial transplants in particular have become incredibly fashionable, with celebrities like Bella Moon and Victoria Beckham publicly expressing their interest in the procedures.

The Importance Of Nailing The Look

What do you get when you combine a celebrity’s incredible social media presence with the world’s most famous fashion brand? You get the chance to nail the look and be the best version of yourself – because let’s be honest, no one wants to be the ugly duckling anymore. While some might argue that there is no such thing as “perfect” beauty, in today’s world, there is certainly a place for the so-called “boudoir” selfie.

In our rush to embrace the new, we have forgotten how important it is to nail the look. When you think about it, fashion transitions happen all the time. Whether we like it or not, societal norms and fashion trends inevitably change, and we need to adapt. We must keep in mind that no matter what changes happen, we are free to pursue our own sense of uniqueness – the one thing that will never change about us.

The Incredible Robert Pattison Body Rubis

If you thought the bodyguard issue was over, you would be mistaken. Just when you thought that the public scrutiny of celebrities had come to an end, another wave of body transformation was about to ensnare both famous and infamous alike. This time, it was Robert Pattison who had a change of heart. As the founder of the Twilight fandom and cultural phenomenon that was inspired by vampire novels, the Scottish actor wanted to bring some of that supernatural energy into his own life. Following a period of intense gym work, the actor decided to take on the persona of a hunk of beef and create the Incredible Robert Pattison Body Rubis – a limited edition of 500 hand-made, 18k-gold-plated knives. Each knife is adorned with diamonds and other high-quality gems, and is perfectly suited for use as a cutting board or for the preparation of a fine Scottish meal.

While in some ways, this is the ultimate expression of an individual pursuing their own sense of creativity and independence, in others it is simply a way of life that is defined by social media. One Direction has evolved with the times and continues to inspire a new generation of designers and social media-enthusiasts with its latest collection of hats and t-shirts.