I think we can all agree that Robert Pattinson is pretty hot. Even if you didn’t know who he was before, you’ll most likely have heard of him by now. The British actor and musician has been in the news a lot over the past few years. While some of it is good news (he was one of the leading men in the Harry Potter films, for example), most of it has been negative (he’s been in court for assault and battery, he’s suffered from drug addiction, and, more recently, he’s been the victim of theft and identity fraud). Despite all this, Robert Pattinson continues to amaze us with his good looks. He has a unique combination of qualities that make him so appealing. For example, he is both highly intelligent and naive at the same time. These qualities clash but they also complement each other, giving Robert Pattinson a fresh and interesting outlook on life. One of the more recent additions to his quiver of eclectic qualities is his embracing of bulk. To the layman, bulk may seem like a derogatory term. However, when it comes to Robert Pattinson, bulk may be the key to his continued success.

The Importance Of Bulk

It would be easy to dismiss Robert Pattinson as just another pretty face. However, he is much more than that. Even if you didn’t know it at first, you’d most likely have guessed that he was some kind of celebrity. He projects a very distinctive brand of masculinity, one that is very appealing and rare in today’s Hollywood. In fact, even today, it is still shocking to some people that a film star would want to date a woman at all. When Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 was released in theaters, there was a mini-furor because, in the final scene, Robert Pattinson and Jessica Chastain are seen embracing in a passionate kiss. The sight of this famous Hollywood couple finally catching up with each other after years on the run was both sweet and shocking at the same time. Even more recently, in 2019, a series of intimate photos of Robert Pattinson were leaked onto the internet. The pictures were taken at a home he shares with FKA twigs, an English artist and poet. In fact, the house itself is called Saltwater Bay. The photos were taken by an unknown assailant who broke into the home (presumably while they were all sleeping). Some of the pictures were of a highly explicit nature, showing Robert Pattinson in various states of undress. This latest round of paparazzi photos of the English actor have only increased his popularity, proving that not even death can halt the success of Robert Pattinson. That is perhaps the most valuable thing to come out of all this trouble. He will most likely continue to be widely sought after, both creatively and romantically.

Why Did Robert Pattinson Decide To Embrace Bulk?

There is no question that Robert Pattinson has changed a lot since his days as a musician in the Harry Potter films. Back then, he was a scrawny teenager who had never held a job in his life. Today, he is a world-famous movie star who was most recently featured on the front cover of Vanity Fair. One of the first visible changes you’ll notice about him is his weight. While he still isn’t exactly a wallflower, Robert Pattinson has definitely acquired a bit of a paunch. In fact, many fans have taken to comparing his new, more rounded look to a cartoon character. Of course, we mustn’t forget about the tattoos. They’re always a great way to finish off an evening. In the past, he has sported several sleeve and full-body pieces. We can’t forget about the unicorn either, as he has frequently been spotted with the mythical creature stitched onto his jeans. Despite all of this, the biggest change about Robert Pattinson is not his physical appearance. It’s his creative outlook. When he started out as a musician, he was driven by his love for rock music. As his profile rose, so did his list of favorite artists. He now favors artists who he feels can help him escape from the mundanity of Hollywood life. One of the most recent additions to these ranks is Jeff Donaldson, the lead singer of the rock band, The Last Shadow Puppets. The band’s music is a perfect match for the creative and at times dark humor that Robert Pattinson favors. They’ve even dedicated a song to the actor. It’s called “Robert Pattinson Blues”.

The Last Shadow Puppets

If you’ve never heard of The Last Shadow Puppets, then you’re probably in for a treat. The band formed in 2010 and their music is a blend of punk, indie rock, and goth. There are four members in the group. The other three are Mick Harris, Andy Burrows, and Corbin Reid. Like most good bands, The Last Shadow Puppets are often compared to the legendary Clash. If you’ve never heard of the Clash, then let me introduce you to one of the most legendary and important British bands of all time. Like the Clash, The Last Shadow Puppets often cite the Buzzcocks as an important early influence. However, where the Clash were inspired by the English beat scene, The Last Shadow Puppets draw their inspiration from the goth subculture. This is the side of punk that celebrates darkness and melancholy. As a result, it often clashes with the upbeat nature of traditional rock music. It is an interesting mixture and it usually leads to quite a lot of fun when the bands play together. This is essentially what you get with The Last Shadow Puppets. They like to spice things up with a little bit of humor here and there. Sometimes it even borders on the satirical. You may know the famous saying, “we ain’t got no money, but we’ve got time”, from the 1968 movie, They Say I Am Beautiful. In the film, a group of hippies say this in response to the question, “do you approve of all the drugs being used in America today?” The album cover for the band’s self-titled debut album is covered in a photo-op of the four members of the band posing with their instruments. Behind them is a beautiful view of the English countryside. It’s quite a romantic image, actually. They’ve also covered a picture of Harry Potter in a bikini in a past album, further demonstrating their whimsical side. There is certainly a romantic side to Robert Pattinson. He has often been spotted with his arm around famous women. If we are to believe social media, he has quite a few serious relationships as well. For example, he was engaged to actress Kate Bosworth from 2010 to 2012. They were in the news constantly because she became his legal guardian when his parents passed away. While Bosworth has since walked off into the sunset with New York financier, Rupert Freeman, they never officially married. In 2018, he was linked to Australian singer-songwriter and actress, Nicole Kidman. They were together for a couple of years before they called it quits. Finally, in March of this year, the actor began dating Australian designer, Sofia Boutique. The pair were spotted in St Barts last June. While we don’t know exactly when the romance started, we can surmise that it was probably somewhere around the time that he started playing the male lead in the Harry Potter films. One of the reasons why these women may have found themselves attracted to Robert Pattinson is because of his interesting mixture of qualities. For example, he is both highly intelligent and naive at the same time. This makes him a bit of an enigma and it keeps things interesting. We aren’t exactly sure what to expect from Robert Pattinson. Sometimes he’ll surprise us with a new creative outlook, other times he’ll surprise us with a new, more sensual look. It keeps things exciting, at least for his many female fans.