It’s not everyday that we hear of celebrities spending lots of money on luxurious houses, especially when the economic climate doesn’t lend itself to such splurging. However, the British actor and singer Robert Pattinson is proof that the recession doesn’t have to destroy your luxurious dreams – at least not completely. Pattinson recently purchased a five-bedroom mansion in the heart of London for a record-breaking price of £20 million ($30 million). Rumors surrounding the celebrity’s luxurious new property have since circulated and it would appear that he did indeed save a large sum of money, even after paying off his £15 million ($23 million) debt. This feat was no easy feat, considering that most celebrities have to mortgage their homes in order to fund their lavish lifestyles. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how Robert Pattinson built his mansion in England.

Get A Receding Hairline And Grow Out Your Eyebrows

Pattinson’s beauty regime revolved heavily around keeping his hair and eyebrows looking fresh and natural. This led to him regularly plucking and waxing his eyebrows and shaving off his hair. However, in recent years he has adopted a more relaxed approach to his grooming, opting to grow out his eyebrows and only occasionally waxing them. This is evident in the numerous “brows-outs” that the actor has been photographed with in recent years. In fact, the only hair that Pattinson has gone too far in trying to keep clean-shaven is the hair on his head, which he has been growing out since the early 2000s. Perhaps the most noticeable change that Pattinson has made to his persona in the past few years is his receding hairline. While the actor always preferred to play it cool and casual around the house, sporting a shaven head and casual beard, the receding hairline has made him look and feel much more like his screen persona. Another important aspect of Pattinson’s beauty regime is his use of multiple bronzes. The actor has been photographed with multiple bronzes in many different settings, ranging from a garden to a bedroom. This was most likely done as a means of keeping his skin looking healthy and natural as well as adding a touch of “art” to the house. Another important note about Pattinson’s mansion is its sheer size. The property itself is over 7,000 square feet and includes a 25-foot indoor/outdoor swimming pool, a screening room, a recording studio, and five bedrooms. In other words, it’s quite a bit bigger than average family homes.

Hire The World’s Most Experienced Cook

Pattinson is certainly not the first celebrity to go overboard in trying to ensure the perfect meal for their guests. Many celebrities have hired the services of some of the world’s most experienced chefs in order to create unique tasting menus for their guests. However, it would seem that Pattinson went above and beyond, going so far as to consult with some of the world’s best chefs, asking them for their opinions on various menu items and then going over what they suggested with the help of an experienced chef. It would appear that this was done as a means of “perfecting” the experience for himself and his guests, ensuring that each bite is exactly as he wants it to be. When it comes to hiring a chef, it is important to look for someone who has extensive experience in creating exclusive menus for famous individuals. In addition to that, the chef should be able to prepare dishes that are representative of Italian, French, and Spanish cuisine, as well as other world cultures, all of which are represented in Pattinson’s collection of cookbooks. Finally, it would be beneficial for the chef to have worked for a well-known hospitality company, as well as have experience preparing food for big events, such as product launches and parties for famous people. Experience alone is not enough, however; the chef should be able to communicate well with the client and be approachable, should any questions arise during the process.

Take A Rental On The Road

Another way that Pattinson has added a touch of luxury to his home is by taking advantage of the fact that he is often on the road. The actor reportedly loves to stay in hotels and has been known to take rental properties on the road with him. When he is in a new city, Pattinson usually makes a beeline for the nearest hotel, checking in and ordering room service. Sometimes, he’ll even call down to the front desk, asking them to prepare a bottle of champagne for him and his wife, FKA Twigs, when they check in. When he’s not on the road, however, Pattinson makes a point to stay in homes, where he can immerse himself completely in his work. In an effort to live a more luxe lifestyle, the actor has bought numerous cars over the years, often using them as hotel rooms. In addition to that, he has also invested in a number of homes, either buying them or renting them out. One of the most luxurious homes that Pattinson owns is Sunninghill Park in Berkshire, England, where he spends most of his time. The large estate, which features a championship golf course, a conservatory, and more than 100 acres of private-feeling grounds, has reportedly been a rental property for the actor for a number of years. Today, the property is on the market for £16.75 million ($26 million) and offers a more luxurious lifestyle to its visitors than almost any hotel in the world. It would appear that in addition to spending lots of money on the best materials and hiring top-notch professionals, Pattinson does his best to ensure that every moment, no matter where he is, is thoroughly luxurious.