Folks, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks, what with all the costume parties and Halloween shindigs! Thanks to everyone who participated, it was super fun putting these outfits together and meeting all your characters!

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Here’s a recap of what happened in the wonderful world of Twilight and Breaking Dawn over the past few weeks…

Robert Pattinson Shows Off His Edward Costume

The first photo of our beloved actor Robert Pattinson in a Halloween costume surfaced a few weeks back, and it’s one that’ll stay with us for a long time. As you may know, Robert is currently starring in Breaking Dawn, the final installment of The Twilight Saga. And although he wears multiple hats in the film (he’s not only a vampire but also a werewolf and a chief of police), we’re more focused on his vampire roots here.

In the movie, Robert wears a black shirt with white polka dots on it, dark brown pants, black boots, and of course his iconic hair styled in a classic ‘80s fashion. We don’t know what costume he wore before this one, but it was certainly nowhere near as cool as his Edward Cullen costume!

Since then, Instagram has been filled with even more pictures of Robert in various Halloween costumes, bringing us one step closer to the coveted Twilight finale. To celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn, we’ve been uncovering the actor’s amazing costume collection and putting it together in one place for you to feast your eyes on. Let’s explore his awesomely cool outfits and the inspirations behind them.

Inspiration For Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen Costume

Like many other franchises, The Twilight Saga continues to grow and evolve with each new installment. In Breaking Dawn, we first meet Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), who appears to be living in the ‘80s. And although the series takes place in the present day, the costumes and hairstyle remain true to the original film. Let’s take a closer look at how the fashion icon of the ‘80s transitioned into a stylish vampire in Breaking Dawn.

The first step was easy—he just had to play with the proportions. In the first Twilight film, Edward is mostly seen in black and white outfits, opting for a classic ‘70s look. While Breaking Dawn is definitely more colorful, the actor still keeps many of his original outfit choices. For instance, he wears the same brown pants from the first movie and adds a touch more color with green sneakers. Overall, however, the proportions are the same, with Edward retaining the square shoulders and classic ‘80s haircut he had in the first film. Most notably, Edward’s outfit in Breaking Dawn is very similar to that which he wore in the legendary 1989 film Batman.

Batman is one of the most influential movies of the ‘80s and has inspired quite a few ‘90s and present day costumes. Take a look at some of the styles that have been heavily influenced by Batman.

Further Influences For Robert Pattinson’s Edward Costume

While many might consider Paul Walker’s (as Bryce Dallas Howard’s character Shawn’s boyfriend) fashion choices to be the most influential on Edward’s style in Breaking Dawn, we have to admit that the movie is filled with many styling cues. From the green sneakers to the white shirt with the collar turned up, everything about Edward’s look is direct from the ‘80s.

Walker, who sadly passed away back in 2014, was not only a beautiful human being but was also a fashion icon who dressed super cool characters like Jason Bourne, Tony Stark, and more. The influence of Walker’s fashion choices on Edward is very clear everywhere you look in Breaking Dawn.

Here To Stay: The Influence Of The ‘80s On Robert Pattinson’s Wardrobe

The Twilight series is not only filled with amazing outfits and memorable characters, but it’s also a great showcase for current and past fashion trends. Not only has it inspired many outfits, but it’s also established a style that will be difficult to shake. The ‘80s are always a popular decade to dress as, and it’s not hard to see why—let’s take a look at some of the reasons why…