The Batman and The Twilight Saga were arguably two of the biggest movie stars of the last decade, and it wasn’t uncommon to see fans of each wearing matching tattoos or hoodies. Now that the actors’ real-life counterparts, Bruce Wayne and Robert Pattinson, have taken the step into fashion, it may be time to stack up on the matching items – after all, you know what they say about imitation. We take a look at how to style a Bruce Wayne and Robert Pattinson Look.

Picking A Style

The first key to styling a Bruce Wayne and Robert Pattinson Look is to pick a style that suits both parties. After all, you don’t want to show up to a formal affair looking like a slob, and you definitely don’t want to go for a fashion faux pas by wearing the wrong style. So, if you’re lucky enough to be rocking a similar facial structure to Mr. Wayne, then you should go for a style that will compliment his features. Similarly, if you have the body type of a Twilight character, then you should go for a style that will compliment your figure. Don’t wear something too revealing that might make Mr. Wayne uncomfortable, and don’t wear something too tame that might make the audience uncomfortable.

Another important factor to keep in mind when picking a fashion style is the atmosphere of the party. If you’re going to an elegant affair, then you should opt for something more modest. However, if it’s a crazy party that you’re keen on, then go for something more flamboyant.

The Suits

As we’ve established, the outfits worn by Mr. Wayne and Mr. Pattinson aren’t exactly ordinary. They’re based on characters from some of the biggest films of the last decade, so it’s only natural that they’d want to represent their characters in a suit. The only real question is what style of suit. As you might expect, Mr. Wayne wears a Batman suit wherever he goes, so you should go for the same thing. We don’t have to tell you that Mr. Pattinson is a vampire, so you should go for a classic vampire suit.

The main difference between the two suits lies in the texture of the material. While the Batman suit is made out of a thick wool and the vampire suit is made out of a synthetic fiber, otherwise they’re quite similar. So, if you want to emulate the cool billionaire, then you should go for the dark blue suit with a red pinstripe pattern on the pants. On the other hand, if you want to emulate the handsome vampire, then you should go for the light blue suit with white pinstripe pattern on the pants. Also, make sure to match the tie to the suit, unless you want to look like a slob.

Treat Your Hair Better

Another important factor that contributes to the overall look is the hair of the protagonists. Mr. Wayne’s hair is incredibly practical in that it’s always protected by a cap or a hood, and it rarely receives any treatment. So it plays an important role in defining his character. Similarly, Robert Pattinson wore his hair in a similar manner in real life, so you should go for a similar style. We know what you’re thinking: just tie your hair back with a leather strap and call it a day. Well, you should probably brush your hair and use a heat protectant to fight off the dullness. Also, don’t wear your hair in a messy bun, or you’ll look like a complete mess.

The Shoes

The shoes are an important part of creating the overall style. After all, the outfit doesn’t make any sense without matching shoes. In the case of Mr. Wayne, he wears a pair of black shoes with a steel heel and a bit of a heel that perfectly match his outfit. So if you want to replicate the cool and collected Wayne, then you should go for a similar pair of shoes. Of course, if you want to emulate the handsome vampire, then you should go for a pair of black-and-white heels.

As for Mr. Pattinson, it’s hard to find a decent pair of shoes that fit his large size. So, most of the time, he wears platform shoes instead. Even then, they don’t exactly match the cool guy vibe, but they do match the crazed vampire vibe.


Last but not least, we have the accessories. When we think of the Batman and the Twilight characters, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the utility belt. Fortunately, you don’t need to go for a full on weapon belt to emulate the cool billionaire. Instead, you can accessorize with a simple tool belt, or even a plain old leather strap and a small flashlight.

As for the gloves, it’s well known that the characters in The Batman wear them to hide their hands from any type of exposure to sunlight. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, then you can go for a pair of sunglasses with a dark tinted lens. Finally, if the outfit needs some pizzazz, then it’s time for the big guns: the watches. At the end of the day, a billionaire’s timepiece is only as good as the gold and diamond studs that adorn its casing. So instead of going for a plain old wristwatch, why not invest in a luxury watch that will put all the other fancy timepieces to shame?

On the other hand, if you want to emulate the cool and calm vampire, then go for a regular looking watch with no particular design. Also, if you want to keep the trendy look but without the added heat, go for a plain pair of sunglasses with a light tinted lens.

Of course, the above information is just a basic guide. It’s up to you to find the exact look that you’re going for. Just remember to keep the main elements of the style consistent, and if you have any questions, then feel free to ask us. We’re always available to help.