You can’t keep a good man down. After two heartbreaks, Robert Pattinson is back with a bang. The 32-year-old actor’s return to the big screen is marked by a major change in his personal style. Gone are the days of scruffy beards and torn jeans; in their place is a full-blown style makeover that will have you asking, ‘Has he lost weight?’, ‘Does he actually eat dinner at night?’ and ‘Does he wash his clothes?’

The British actor made his return to the big screen with the critically-acclaimed indie film, The Lost City, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival in September 2019. Based on the cult book series of the same name by Michael Crichton, the movie tells the story of a wealthy tycoon’s ruthless quest for gold in the Amazon. After a massive gold strike, he builds an elaborate city in the jungle where he plans to reignite the ‘golden era’ of South America. The film also stars Jared Leto, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Joaquin Phoenix and centers on the theme of greed. It is the story of El Dorado, and it is clear that the movie’s namesake city left an impression on the former Twilight star. His unique blend of Hollywood glamour and Brit idealism seems to have rubbed off on his choice of wardrobe.

New Looks For The Social Media Generation

Over the past year, we have seen a sea change in style. Gone are the days of practicality and austerity. Social media and the ‘grammable generation’ have brought us an abundance of color, pattern, and texture.

The ‘grammable generation’ were born and raised on social media, and they have only known a life in which images reign supreme. It was never before seen that people were so focused on documenting every aspect of their lives on social media. This newfound exhibitionism is now being reflected in our fashion choices, with people flocking to try on the trendy styles that they see online. While older generations may feel that they can continue wearing the same clothing styles as before since they were ‘grandfathered’ in, the younger generations are demanding that their clothing choices reflect the present day. This manifests itself in a number of ways, from a fondness for bold prints to a complete lack of regard for matching outfits.

This desire to express yourself however you choose, be it through your wardrobe or your social media platforms, is what makes this generation so special. It is a far cry from the austerity of the past, and it is a fashion experiment which we have all enjoyed witnessing. It would appear that, for better or worse, Robert Pattinson has walked away from the Edwardian era and into the ‘puma’ age with a bang. We can only hope that he continues to strut his stuff for the cameras and keeps those fashionista moments coming!

How Has His Wardrobe Evolved?

The English actor sported a scruffy beard and a pair of torn jeans in his debut film, Eclipse, which came out in 2012. Over the past four years, he has worked hard to craft a new image, one that is cleaner, shinier, and more sophisticated.

His return to fame was undoubtedly helped by his stylings in The Lost City. The city in the jungle was an instant hit with moviegoers, and it gave Pattinson the opportunity to showcase his versatility as a style influencer and fashion icon. The city is awash with beautiful people, and it is clear that Pattinson took full advantage of this new found fame. He sported a full hair and makeup package including lipstick, mascara, and a blush and bronzer that would make a face painter blush. It was a look that was as bold as it was brilliant.

The movie was a critical and commercial success, and it gave Pattinson the opportunity to showcase his full range as an actor. He took the role of the charming yet overconfident American billionaire, Donald Tibbets. His character is a mix of Jay Gatsby and Dick Cheney wrapped up in a neat little package. If you’ve never read The Lost City, you can probably predict the general plot. He plays the straight man to Jared Leto’s outrageous character, who is searching for his place in the world and is willing to do anything to get there. It’s a role that requires a lot of dry humor and a sense of irony.

Pattinson’s work rate has not slowed since The Lost City, and he has not looked back since. He has graced the cover of Vogue three times over the past year, and he has starred in blockbusters such as Annabelle Comes Home, Twilight franchise installment Eclipse, and Death Note. He has also continued to work on the set of various movies and television shows, putting in the hours to hone his craft.

The range of his work has evolved alongside his style. Gone are the days of the scruffy beard and the torn jeans, and in their place is a full makeover that would turn an ordinary man into an extraordinary one. He has taken inspiration from everywhere he turns, and it is clear that his makeover was neither quick nor easy. He has looked to the pages of fashion magazines for inspiration, watching the Vogue style archive for ideas.

What Is His Fashion Philosophy?

It would appear that fashion is a big part of Pattinson’s life, and he has always been interested in style and beauty. He starred in the 2013 film Tammy, opposite Jennifer Lopez’s character Toni. The movie is a modern adaptation of the popular French play, A Streetcar Named Desire. In the film, he played the role of Marlon Brando’s character, Stanley, an idealistic young lawyer who fights for the rights of the little people. It is fitting that he chose this role, as it perfectly sums up his own personal ethos.

Stanley’s fashion choices were as unique as the character himself. He favored white suits with red and yellow stripes and would regularly flash the ‘V’ sign for victory. He would always choose the left over the right suit jacket, and his taste in ties and pocket squares was impeccable.

It would appear that fashion has always been a passion of Pattinson’s, and it was perhaps the untimely death of his girlfriend, FKA Twigs, that has driven this desire to update his look. The singer and actress passed away in July 2018 after a battle with cancer. She was only 24 years old, and her premature passing was a great blow to the actor. Not only did she have a profound effect on his style, but she also inspired his next movie, The Lost City. He has not looked back since, continuing to express his grief through his unique fashion choices. It would appear that the fashion industry has taken note of his grief and is helping him to move on. He has even been photographed in black dresses since losing Twigs.

As for whether or not this evolving style is for better or worse, we can only say that it is a mixed bag. We can see that he is trying to shake off the past and make a fresh start, however, it is evident that he still harbors many of the vulnerabilities that kept him away from love for so long. The self-help and fashion industries are probably still reaping the benefits of his decision to emerge from his shell, but it is evident that this newfound confidence is not completely without hiccups. He continues to channel his grief into his fashion choices, but we wish him all the best in his renewed quest for love and happiness.