If you’re looking for a present for a hardcore Gotham fan, then look no further! We’re breaking down all the best Christmas gift ideas for Batman fans who love to lounge in their Batman PJs.

New York Yankees Cap

The New York Yankees are one of the most iconic franchises in all of sports. The team has had an incredible amount of success over the years, with 17 World Series titles and 7 individual League Championship titles. Although their current success hasn’t translated to the box office in recent years, the team continues to thrive as people are passionate about the brand and its history.

If you’re looking for a present for a hardcore Yankees fan, then consider getting them a cap of one of the most iconic players to ever wear the iconic baseball cap. On the gridiron, Aaron Judge currently wears the most famous hat in the game and has been wearing it since his rookie season in 2016. The Judge’s cap is a luxury item and is extremely expensive to purchase. It originally sold for $150 but has climbed in value since then and now sells for anywhere from $25 to $100 on the secondary market.

Marquise Bat Earrings

Earrings are a great gift for women and men who love to express their personality and style through their accessories. With the resurgence of designer earrings in the 2000s, people have started to want to express their favorite fictional characters through sparkly jewelry.

Since 2004, Christian Louboutin has curated an entire collection of jewelry that is inspired by the work of Marceline Desbrière, the famed painter formerly known as the Duchess of Windsor. The pieces are now referred to as the Christian Louboutin Collection and continue to be produced and sold by the designer.

Penny Arcade Gamer

If you know a proud gamer who also happens to be a big fan of Batman, then consider getting them a subscription to one of the most popular gaming websites. The Penny Arcade team, known for their hilarious videos, often parody popular games and characters, and have provided much amusement for gamers worldwide. They also have a Christmas episode that they broadcast every year, which is full of festive cheer and great gameplay.

Whether you’re purchasing a subscription for a gamer who already subscribes to YouTube or one of the other popular video platforms, or you want to find a Christmas gift for a proud gamer who loves to keep their trophies and wear their gamer badges around the house, there are tons of options available. The main thing is that you find something that suits their tastes.

Futurama Fry Pan

Speaking of game trophies, what better way to display your esteem for the PlayStation than with a Futurama Fry Pan! The iconic props from the TV show have been wildly popular since their introduction in 2009 and have been spotted on the streets of New York City in large groups. If you know a fan of the quirky, offbeat humor the show is known for, then get them a pair of these to signify their undying support for the PS4.

Deathstroke Ceramic Measuring Cup

There are so many superheroes and fictional characters that it’s hard to know where to start with Christmas presents. One of the best-loved comic book characters of all time is Deathstroke. This legendary assassin first appeared in the comics in 1989 and quickly became one of the most popular characters in the medium. He is known for his sharp intellect and deadly skill with a bow and arrow. He is also a master of tai chi and makes use of his experience in the martial art in combat situations. So if you’re looking for a present for a fan of the “Terminator” or “Godfather” series, then consider getting them a Deathstroke-themed cup. It’s not only the perfect gift for a comic book fan, but it would also make a great addition to their collection of armor as well.

Penny Arcade T-Shirt

Speaking of comic books, let’s not forget about the source that has inspired so many gifts! The creators of Penny Arcade, Gabe and Tycho, are both huge fans of Batman and have acknowledged him as an influence on their work. The shirts that they design feature the game developers’ favorite character and are officially licensed merchandise. These shirts are cool and comfortable, made of thick cotton and light fleece, and feature a fun and quirky design. They also make excellent Christmas gifts, as everyone loves a good laugh and these shirts are guaranteed to bring a smile to any Batman fan’s face.

Now that we’ve gone over some great gift ideas, let’s discuss the best place to buy all of this cool stuff – your local comic book shop! Most comic book shops have a large assortment of superhero-related items that they would love to have under the Christmas tree. So instead of letting these items sit idle on a shelf all year long, which would probably upset their precious collector’s spirit, get them a shopping trip to the comic shop to stock up for the holidays!