There is a reason why Robert Pattinson is known as the “English Robert Pattinson” or the “Scottish Robert Pattinson.” He is multilingual, and not only does he speak four languages fluently, he also knows how to cook a mean salmon. He is humble, and down to earth, and not at all like the stereotypical rich, elitist English gentleman. We couldn’t help but be enamored with this amazing man.

While we were captivated by his looks, it was his beautiful wavy hair that had us falling in love. His haircut is so perfect, and it’s probably one of the things that contributed to his unrivaled good looks.

The Birth Of A Classic

The inspiration for this stunning look is probably the 1989 film, Christopher Robin. In the movie, English Lord Toby Thumb (Robert Pattinson) cuts off his long hair to participate in the London Marathon. His wife, Lady Jane (Emma Thompson), witnesses the scene and is distressed by his decision to go bald. She begs him to grow his hair back, but he refuses and says it looks better this way. He even goes as far as to tell her that he will shave his head if she leaves him.

However, after the movie’s end, his hair begins growing back, and it looks just as dazzling as ever. This newfound fame causes his hair to become quite a selling point for him. He even commissions a hairstyle for his character in the movie. When asked about the haircut, he replies, “It’s my hair. I don’t know what would happen to it if I don’t shampoo it every three weeks. This is how I’ve always worn it, and this is how I’ll always wear it.”

What a classy answer! We can’t help but admire this mofo.

What Is The Difference Between A Razorback And A Mountain Goat?

Just because we admire someone’s hair doesn’t mean we know what to call it. This is why we sometimes find ourselves at a loss when it comes to the many types of hair we see around us. To make it easier for ourselves, we made a list of the most popular hair types and how to describe them in writing. Let’s take a look:

A Razorback

This is the type of hair that is best described as a cross between Jon Bon Jovi and Cher. It is thick and wavy, and it often stands up straight when air-drying. Razorbacks are easy to part and they come in various levels of sheen. They are also great to heat-style, and you will find many people who’ve claimed that it’s the perfect hair for traveling or as a beach-day accessory.

A Mountain Goat

Also known as a Cardigan Welshman or a Ringlet, the mountain goat is a beautiful, pure-white dog with large ears. Its coat is long and hanging in waves down its back. It has a big, bushy tail, which it will wag around when happy or when excited. This dog breed was originally bred for herding sheep and goats, but today, it is often confused with alpacas. It is a popular choice amongst the celebrities because of its luxurious look and its ability to hold a wonderful shape. You will often find the mountain goats paired with expensive jewellery and luxury goods. This dog breed loves its food and will beg for scraps from the table. It is loyal and protective of its owners, and it is known to be the most faithful and lasting of all dog breeds. The mountain goat is at home in the great outdoors, and it is happiest when free-ranging over low, rough grasslands.

An Alpaca

Unlike the other dogs on this list, the alpaca does not belong in the animal kingdom. These are furry, warm-blooded animals that produce a natural fur fabric known as alpacashawl, which is much like fur coats, but it is designed to be worn next to the skin. These animals are usually associated with the Andes Mountains in South America, where the hair is long, wavy, and has a tendency to stay put. Their fleece comes in many different colors, including white, red, and a deep brown known as maraña. The white alpacas are considered the most luxurious and valuable of all the alpaca colors. They are also used in textiles and paper manufacturing due to their ability to absorb water without becoming wet or damaged.

Regardless of what you call it, this hair is amazing! We recommend giving it a try and seeing what all the fuzz is about.