The past few weeks have been pretty exciting for Hollywood’s royal couple. Ever since their engagement back in March, the pair have been very open about their relationship and have shared numerous media appearances. In one of their first interviews as a couple, Robert Pattinson opened up about his new haircut in a rather interesting way. Does the Batman creator’s haircut hold up now that he’s dated the fair isle? Let’s take a closer look.

New Look

When Robert Pattinson was still single, his hair was already a huge part of his identity. The English actor sported a rather majestic mane of hair that he wore in a variety of different ways. From the classic high and tight hair-do to the ever-present messy bun, his hair always seemed to be the ‘star’ of the show. The question is, does his new haircut make him look more like a superhero or a prince?

To answer that, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane.

His Early Stages (1992-2012)

One of the first times we see Robert Pattinson with his signature hair is back in 1992 in the movie The Mosquito Coast. He sports an edgy and matted-hair look that has become his trademark. The look was inspired by a style worn by the central character of Mickey Freeman, a gangster that Pattinson would later play in the movie The Lost Boys. For the role, he had to undergo a drastic transformation, losing 70 pounds in the process. He looked so good that it was hard to believe that he had actually lost all that weight. It wasn’t until later that he would reveal that he had an eating disorder.

Pattinson’s most iconic hairstyle, the mullet, was first introduced to us in the movie The Basketball Diaries. The actor wore his hair in a series of different ‘tomato’ or ‘mullet’ haircuts for the film, and after its initial debut in 1992, the trend-setting hairstyle wouldn’t go out of style for another 15 years. During that time, mullets and other ‘90s haircuts would become an important part of the English actor’s image, appearing in movies like the critically acclaimed Twilight series and the Divergent series.

In 2011 alone, the star sported a mullet in Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris, Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk, and Michael Bay’s The New Pope. When it comes to the 2020 season, there are four movies that come to mind when thinking of Robert Pattinson with a mullet: Robert Zemeckis’ The Book Club, Steven Spielberg’s The Prince of Persia: Never Back Down, Xavier Mikhael’s Cut, and the Harry Potter series finale, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

Post-Relationship Stages (2013-Present)

After dating Kristen Stewart for a couple of years, Robert Pattinson began sporting a more mature look. Gone were the curls and the ringlets – in their place was a more reserved and low-maintenance hairstyle. With his hair tied back and often times with a simple but stylish side parting, we see a more mature and stylish Robert Pattinson. The best example of this new mane is the movie The Revenant. In the film, he has a series of elaborate hairstyles, including a middle part and curls that he often wears in combination with a ponytail. The layered ponytail is a simple but elegant addition that makes the hairstyle more sophisticated.

Does His Current Haircut Match the Look of His Early Stages?

Pattinson has been linked to several different women over the years, most famously Kristen Stewart and now his childhood sweetheart, Bella Thorne. The current status of his relationship with Thorne is unknown, but if we compare their Instagram posts over the years, it’s clear that their bond is growing. This year has seen the pair share numerous photos of themselves together. Whether or not they will be married in the future remains to be seen.

On the other hand, it’s been well-documented that Kristen Stewart likes to keep her hair in a ponytail much of the time. This is likely because she feels it makes her look slimmer. For her, it’s all about the silhouette. Does the fact that Robert Pattinson likes to keep his hair tied back make him look like someone more suitable for marriage? We’ll have to wait and see.

In terms of the haircut itself, does Robert Pattinson’s new hairstyle hold up? The short answer is yes. After looking at numerous photos of the English actor over the years, it’s clear that the haircut has been a gradual evolution that he’s been experimenting with for years. The long answer is a bit more complicated. Does it hold up compared to his early stages? Not necessarily. Does it hold up compared to his post-relationship style? Most definitely. As we’ve established above, the haircut is a fairly traditional and elegant add-on that makes him look more reserved and sophisticated. In terms of the overall look, there’s no mistaking that this is a very elegant and stylish man. Does he have the same look now as he did back in 1992? You’d have to ask him yourself.