In the past year, we’ve seen the Hollywood heartthrob Robert Pattinson transform from an ordinary mortal into a living, breathing sex symbol. After scoring a memorable performance in the vampire film, “Twilight,” the former “Harry Potter” star has been linked to some of Hollywood’s most gorgeous women and been invited to join some of the most prestigious social circles in the industry. But is this new found fame worth all the upheaval in his personal life? Is he happy being a sex symbol? Does he wish he could go back to being an average Joe?

While we’ll never truly know what goes on behind the scenes in the Hollywood star’s life, we can draw a comparison to one of literature’s most iconic anti-heroes. Like Bruce Wayne, the billionaire playboy philanthropist in “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” Robert Pattinson appears to be doing exactly what he wants to do and be who he wants to be without restrictions. We’ve seen this attitude infect Hollywood stars before and after him. So, as fans of both Batman and Robert Pattinson, let’s take a quick journey back in time to see how these two colorful characters compare.

Early Life

Like many famous people, Robert Pattinson had humble beginnings. Born on Oct. 20, 1986, he was raised in the United Kingdom by a single mother. Raised in an era of child safety and security alarms, he was mostly shielded from danger. His childhood was, in fact, so normal, that it was almost boring. He went to school, he came home, he ate dinner, he went to bed.

He enrolled in acting school at the age of 12 and began working professionally at 17. Some of his early acting roles included a guest spot on a British sitcom and a part in the 2011 remake of “Psycho.” By 20, he was acting in commercials and music videos and making a name for himself on the independent film scene.

A Decidedly Single Life

While attending a premiere of a new film in December 2016, Robert Pattinson was photographed holding hands with his co-star. The picture, which was later featured on the cover of “Vogue,” was a clear sign of the times we live in. The year before, Vanity Fair had announced that the singer Madonna, then 60, had “rekindled” her romance with the 35-year-old actor, after a decade-long hiatus.

Madonna is not the only Hollywood star to have flocked to Robert Pattinson. Earlier this year, he was seen at a Hollywood premiere clutching a handbag as he waited for his date to arrive. As he’s done throughout his career, he drew inspiration from his own life and created a character around himself. Other celebrities who’ve held auditions for the part of Pattinson’s girlfriend include Emma Stone and Katy Perry.

Whether he’s courting controversy or just being himself, Robert Pattinson has rarely been seen without some sort of female companion by his side. He’s been linked to some of Hollywood’s most stunning starlets, including “Twilight’s” Bella Swan and “Snow White And The Huntsman’s” Emily Blunt. Even his “Madonna” alter ego has been described as having “fused the charm of an English schoolboy with the sophistication of a Parisian playboy.”

Fame, Fortune, And Style

If there’s one thing we know about Hollywood stars, it’s that they always want to be the best. The “best” in this case meaning not only the best looking, but the best at what they do. Sometimes this competition gets so fierce that it spills over into the public eye. During the peak of her “Madonna” fame, the singer posed for a series of iconic pictures with her then-partner. In one of them, the two are shown wrapped in plastic surrounding a Christmas tree. While the image was intended to be private, the singer’s fans quickly found it and circulated it on social media.

As is typical of many A-list celebrities, Robert Pattinson has used his celebrity to launch a clothing collection and accessory line. Named after himself, the luxury goods maker TAG Heuer has partnered with the “Twilight” actor on a watch collection. The pair also collaborated on a perfume called “Unexpected.”

Robert Pattinson’s good looks and high profile have also made him a popular choice for magazine covers and celebrity spotlights. He’s graced the cover of “Vogue,” “Elle,” and “Harper’s Bazaar,” among others. He’s also been a subject of many a glossy fashion spread. Most notably, in 2012 he was the face of Italian brand Diesel’s fall collection.

Batman And Dark Knight

The film series “The Dark Knight” is the culmination of years of obsession for the Batman fanatics behind the set of “Batman Begins.” The first installment in the series was widely considered a success, earning nearly $700 million worldwide in its first weekend and becoming the top-grossing movie of 2008.

It’s fair to say that director Christopher Nolan and co-writer David S. Goyer might be a little bit overwhelmed by their baby. While “The Dark Knight” was originally intended to be Batman’s final film, it seems the character has stolen the director’s heart. Now, Nolan is poised to make a trilogy of Batman films and is even considering expanding the Batman universe to include other superheroes. Like Batman, Robert Pattinson has devoted his life to fighting crime. Besides starring in the “Twilight” series, he’s also had a cameo in “The Dark Knight Rises” and appeared in the 2006 film, “Batman Begins.” In 2021, he’ll star in the thriller, “The Batman,” directed by Michael McGowan. Set for release in 2022, the film will be the culmination of nearly a decade of obsession for the fans behind the set of the “Dark Knight” movies.

Like many of Hollywood’s A-list stars, Robert Pattinson has found his name constantly attached to projects that catch the public’s imagination. But if you’ve followed his career, you know he’s been attached to some pretty risky material. Aside from “The Batman,” the actor is known for playing a vampire in the 2012 remake of “Twilight” and the lead in the upcoming horror-comedy, “Death Valley.”