Who is Robert Pattinson? Is he really related to Batman and Robin? What is his true nature? Does he have any redeeming qualities? Let’s examine the facts and myths about this pop culture phenomenon.

Who Is Robin?

The name Robin originates with the classic story Batman: The Adventures of Robin Hood by Robert McCall. In this tale, we meet a young man named Dick Grayson who is inspired by the heroic deeds of Robin Hood. Thanks to the creative team behind the hit movie The Dark Knight Trilogy, we know a lot more about Robin Hood today than we did in the 1940s. For example, we know he didn’t exist in medieval times, and that he was first called “Robin” more than 200 years after his initial appearance. After the fall of Batman’s previous company, DC Comics, in 2001, many fans feared that the character of Robin had been canceled after more than 70 years of continuous publication. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case, and a new Robin series was launched in 2012. The character has also been featured in comics, television, film and music, as well as a wide variety of promotional materials, including stickers, lunchboxes and keychains. So, while we may not know a lot about Robin Hood, we know he’s been around for a really long time.

Who Is Robert Pattinson’s Character?

If you haven’t heard of Robert Pattinson yet, maybe it’s time to learn more. The 27-year-old English actor stars in the new film, Breaking Dawn – Part 2, the final installment of the Twilight Saga. His performance as Edward Cullen in the Twilight films earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor and an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. As well as being famous for playing the part of Twilight’s vampire protagonist, Pattinson has also starred in films such as One Night Stand, Cosmo Canyon and the upcoming High Life. He’s even more recognizable to sci-fi fans thanks to his cameo appearance as Luke Skywalker’s friend Beru in the latest Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens. He has also lent his voice to several video games, including Call of Duty: Black Ops and Star Wars: Battlefront 2. Aside from acting, Pattinson is also one of the world’s most sought-after photographers, having worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. We know a lot about the man behind the myth, and it seems that he may be just as interesting and complex as the characters he plays.

Is He Related To Batman?

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for movie stars to be linked to famous superheroes in some way. For example, George Clooney is often associated with Batman thanks to his famous line, “We could drive to Canada, if you want.” If you’re wondering if Robert Pattinson is related to Batman, the answer is yes. They are both descendants of a man named Josiah Willard, who was born in Coventry, England, in 1785. In addition to Batman, the actor is also related to the Green Goblin and Captain America through his mother’s side. On his father’s side, he is related to William Shakespeare and the Disney characters Prince Hans and King Stefan. It seems that Josiah Willard wasn’t content to simply live out his days in obscurity, as he was also the founder of the Shakespearean Society of London and a prolific writer. It’s even said that he coined the words “candy” and “cotton candy”, which were later anglicized to “cookies” and “toffees”. So, if you ever meet a baker who claims that their cookies are based on the recipe of Shakespeare’s wife, you know who to thank!

Is He The New Batman?

One of the more intriguing rumors concerning Robert Pattinson involves the character of Batman. After the actor was linked to the Dark Knight, fans and media members speculated that he would eventually take over the role from Christian Bale. While there’s no way to know for certain, it is interesting to note that Pattinson has repeatedly said that he would like to play Batman. In a 2014 interview with Total Film, he said:

  • “I’d love to play him. I’ve always wanted to play Batman. It’s one of the best roles ever created. I don’t know if it’s ever really been said well about Batman, but the way I’ve heard it often enough, it’s the best superhero story ever told. I think that’s why I’d like to play him. He’s really interesting because he’s complicated. He doesn’t have good qualities and he doesn’t have bad qualities. He’s a character in search of a story, I think.”
  • “I think there’s a lot of stories to be told about Batman. I don’t think he’s really a very heroic figure. I think it would be great to really delve into the character and find out who he is. Sometimes, I feel like with The Avengers, you know what they’re in it for? Sometimes, I feel like Batman, he’s in it for himself… He has his own agenda and I think it would be interesting to find out what that is.”
  • “I always see Batman in black and white… In his 60s, he could look like me… I can see that in myself. That’s interesting because I feel like I’m always wrestling with my own self-image. I guess it’s the same with Batman. Sometimes, I feel like he’s a little bit of a grouch, a little bit of a wiseguy and a little bit of a romantic… Sometimes, I feel like he’s a little bit of a wimp. So, it would be interesting to put myself in that character and see how I’d react.”

What Is His Relationship To Bruce Wayne?

Bruce Wayne is one of the most well-known and influential figures in Batman’s history. He is the founder and CEO of Wayne Enterprises and the uncle of Robin. In addition to being Batman’s main accomplice, Wayne is often considered the inspiration for the character. Wayne was initially inspired to create the vigilante costume and become Batman after reading about a real-life lawyer who was mugged and inspired to become a vigilante to protect the innocent. Thanks to his niece Robin and nephews that she has borne him, Bruce Wayne has also become an influential caretaker of the Robin Hood legacy. The Batman of today is considered to be a modern-day incarnation of the character Bruce Wayne founded 60 years ago. The current Batman even makes a cameo appearance in the new movie, indicating that the character’s story will still be told in future films.

Has He Ever Done Anything To Impress His Family?

It’s fair to say that Robin has had an impact on the actor’s life, as well. Before he became well-known for his acting career, Pattinson starred in the British TV series The Lost Boys. In the series, he plays a charming and popular boy named Ozzie, who befriends a group of young men who live on the streets. While the show is set in present day London, Ozzie’s character displays many of the characteristics of Robin Hood. The costume designer for the show, Michelle Pillot, even compared Ozzie to Robin Hood. According to her, he was “born to be wild” and “live life on the edge”. Michelle Pillot went on to say:

  • “If you look at the way he behaved, the way he dressed, you can see that he had the same spirit as Robin Hood. Ozzie is a guy that lives on the edge. He doesn’t care about rules or regulations. He’s a free spirit and he wants to live life on the edge. He wants to protect the underdogs. He’s very aware of the poor and he doesn’t like to see anyone go under. He’s a bit of a grump when it comes to authority. He might complain about something, but he’ll go out there and he’ll do his best. He wants to be the best he can be at being himself and existing on his own terms.”
  • “I think that was a real turning point for him. The character came with a lot of baggage, but once he got that part, he was on his way. He loved that character because he was allowed to be himself. He wasn’t confined to what people expected of him, which was important to him. He didn’t want to come across as what people expected him to be, so the character became a sort of safe haven for him.”

It seems that Robin Hood has had quite an impact on the actor’s life. While the role may not seem like it at first glance, behind the scenes it turns out to be more than just a part; it’s almost like Robin has become a surrogate son to Bruce Wayne. It’s apparent that the two are extremely close and that Wayne looks out for Robin as he would for one of his own children.