If you’re still in the dark about the strange story of Bruce Wayne and Batman, then here’s the lowdown. The Dark Knight actor Robert Pattinson plays Bruce Wayne, and the actor’s older brother River is the Caped Crusader. In 2005, the brothers’ relationship soured, and River took it upon himself to prove his loyalty to their father (and to himself) by donning the Batman identity and battling crime in Gotham City.

The fallout from this incident was both real and surreal. The Batman costume was so tight that Pattinson had to borrow sizes from his male co-stars so he could squeeze into his suit, and his first fight scene as the Dark Knight was so long that crew members had to help him film it. There was also a strange moment when the studio executives in charge of The Batman announced at a press conference that they were changing the character’s name to avoid any resemblance to the actor who wore it.

As for the actor himself, he’s gone on to play several characters in other films, including Peter Parker/Spiderman. With a career that spans both film and television, he’s worked with some of the biggest names in showbiz. In other words, he’s pretty much succeeded in proving his loyalty to his father — and to himself.

The Best of Both Worlds?

What exactly does the future hold for Bruce and Batman? Well, for one thing, the actor’s future seems pretty tied to the hit TV show, The Flash. The showrunners were looking for an elderly man who could play a sci-fi version of Batman, and Pattinson fit the bill.

The Flash is set to premiere its fifth season this month, and in the meantime, fans can get their fix of Batman by watching the show’s excellent animated adaptation, which premieres tomorrow night on DC Comics’ official streaming service, TikTok.

The resemblance between the lead characters of The Flash and Batman is uncanny. Not only do they both wear a mask, but they’re both voiced by the incredible Michael Cavanaugh. (He also plays the Trickster on the show, which is also a nod to the comics).

The Flash is an excellent show, and it’s renewed for a fifth season despite some early season lows. It’s important to remember that this is a different show then the one that we usually get with superhero films, which are more PG-13 these days. The Flash can be more mature in some respects, and that’s what makes it such a unique show.

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