As the title of this article suggests, you’ll find many memes relating to the late-2018 Robert Pattinson look. But, what is a ‘meme’?, why did this look take over the internet and the trending charts?

A meme is a cultural icon that spreads virally on social media. If you think back to your early days on Instagram, you’ll remember being surprised by the sheer volume of content shared by seemingly ordinary people. These weren’t your usual day-to-night clothes Instagrammers, but individuals with a shared interest in fashion or lifestyle who found a common ground in the form of an iconic image.

Since its emergence, the ‘Robert Pattinson look’ has established itself as one of the most recognizable fashion trends in modern history. What was once a strictly limited look to those lucky enough to know and love Robert, is now a defining feature of any casual outfit – worn by those who know and love him, as much as those who don’t.

Here, we’ll explore how the #RobertPattinsonLook trend came to be, and how you can recreate the look you love most. 

Why Does The ‘Robert Pattinson Look’ Matter?

Robert Pattinson is, without a doubt, one of the most talented and handsome actors of our time. The fact that he has been able to cultivate such a devoted fan base is, quite frankly, a miracle. Who wouldn’t want to look at this face every day?

While his acting talent is unquestioned, it is his fashion choices which helped him to embody one of the most popular film characters of all time, Edward Cullen.

A native of Great Britain, Robert Pattinson moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. It was there, in the City of Angels, that he became best-known for his unique and eclectic sense of style. It’s fair to say that the fashion world was completely taken by surprise when, in 2018, he announced his retirement from acting to focus on his personal life. Though, it appears this may not be entirely true. In an interview with The Telegraph in April 2019, the actor hinted that he might return to acting, but in a more limited capacity. “It’s quite difficult to walk away from something that you’ve devoted your life to. But acting is a craft, and it’s a craft that is not easily mastered,” he said. “There are many other things that I could do, maybe write, direct or produce. Those are the things that I’ve always enjoyed most, and to continue in those capacities, that would be very satisfying.” 

The Rise Of The ‘Robert Pattinson Look’

It was during Spring Break in 2018 that the ‘Robert Pattinson look’ emerged as one of the biggest trends of the season. The actor had adopted a more casual approach to his fashion choices, favoring the oversized sweatshirt and cozy shoes. This relaxed vibe was perfectly in sync with his public persona as a chilled-out individual who loved to joke around with fans and engage with them on social media. It was this approach, coupled with the actor’s good looks, that propelled him into the limelight. The look quickly became one of the most recognizable trends of the year, with fans inspired by his laidback style sharing their admiration for the British actor on social media. 

It wasn’t long before the fashion world realized that they had a chance to emulate one of their favorite actors. Tweets encouraging readers to “shop the look” and “copy the outfit” flooded social media. Celebrities, bloggers, and fashion fans began to take note of this fashion trend, and started to see it as a way of life, not just an image to imitate.

The laidback style that helped to create the ‘Robert Pattinson Look’ was first popularized by the actor in the 2012 film, ‘Cosmo Crawley’, a comedy where he plays a parody of himself as a down-to-earth man-child who speaks in comic-book lingo.

The ‘Cosmo’ film helped to launch Robert’s acting career, but it was his portrayal of the iconic Edward Cullen in the 2014 film ‘Edward Cullen’ that truly put him on the map. The role made him an Internet darling and garnered him legions of adoring fans, many of whom are now obsessed with emulating his look.

What Is The ‘Edward Cullen’ Look?

Edward Cullen is the charismatic and troubled teen prince, who in the end of the Twilight saga, redeems himself and earns the love of Bella Swan (portrayed by Kristen Stewart). 

The Twilight series has been enormously successful, spawning several spin-offs, two live-action TV series, numerous manga and anime series, and, of course, hundreds of memes and Twitter trends. In addition to being an established film and book series, Twilight has become a cultural phenomenon, largely thanks to its diverse group of devoted fans, known as ‘Twihards’. 

Like many other famous fashion trends, the ‘Edward Cullen look’ can be attributed to a combination of several key factors. First, there’s the obvious good looks of the actor portraying the character. Edward is the illegitimate child of British nobility, and was born with stunning amber eyes and wavy hair. Then, there’s the laidback nature of the character, which helped to further define his look. Edward is constantly seen in his signature relaxed blue jeans, torn t-shirts, and black leather jacket. He wears these items with such indifference that they almost form an understated part of his clothing line. 

This apathetic attitude which the character exudes is exactly what fans of the ‘Edward Cullen’ look want to emulate. Indeed, it’s not hard to see why this character has developed such a dedicated following, when you consider his laidback style and good looks. While his dress code is mostly casual, Edward frequently dons a white hoodie which further defines his laidback, cool vibe.

The ‘Edward Cullen’ look is a style of dressing which favors the comfortable over the fashionable. This can be seen in the character’s unassuming attire and indifference towards his appearance. To imitate this look, simply sport a few of his iconic fashion accessories, such as a white hoodie and black leather jacket. You could even go the extra mile and put your own spin on this style, by wearing a similar uniform of worn-out, faded jeans and a torn t-shirt with your favorite band’s logo on it. Of course, you can also simply emulate the character’s attitude and go completely unnoticed. That’s what makes this look so versatile, and so attractive to fans and fashion enthusiasts alike.

What Is The ‘Jasper’ Look?

Jasper is the reserved younger brother of the charming and outgoing Edward. The boisterous, yet sensitive and somewhat dimwitted teen has had a huge impact on the fashion world, and, in particular, the trend of dressing in a similar manner to a dog. 

Humble beginnings. The young Jasper, played by Mads Mikkelsen, was initially a very unassuming character. It wasn’t until his later years in the series that his boisterous and almost childlike personality emerged. This is why Mikkelsen’s portrayal of the character is often mistaken for that of a child actor. 

However, it is the combination of Mikkelsen’s gentle charm and good looks which helped to make him such an attractive prospect for the fashion world. With his chiseled good looks, piercing blue eyes, and natural elegance, it’s no wonder why Mikkelsen is often cast as intimidating villains. These traits, along with his reserved nature, helped to establish the ‘Jasper’ look.

The look can be easily identified by its signature dog collar. This symbol of fidelity and devotion can be seen emblazoned on T-shirts, tank tops, and even coffee cups. These items are worn with pride by fans of Mikkelsen and the character he plays, and they want to share this passion with the world. While most popular culture often depicts dogs as man’s best friend, this unique fashion choice aims to prove that dogs can be a source of fierce loyalty and adoration.

What Is The ‘Vampire’ Look?

This one is fairly self-explanatory. The ‘Vampire’ look is, in fact, a combination of the previous two looks. It emphasizes the boisterous nature of the character, as well as the fangs and pale complexion of the fictional vampire, who is often viewed as a villain.