The British media has had its fill of gossip regarding the break-up of the “It” girl group, the “Honeycomb”. The press has been rife with stories of tension between the members, primarily regarding leadership and group cohesion. Most recently, rumors have swirled around Kim Kardashian’s (formerly Khloe Kardashian’s) daughter, Khloé Sunshine, who has allegedly been plotting against her famous mother with the aid of her brother, Scott Parry. 

The spotlight may have shifted to Kim and Scott, but the actual reason for the band’s split goes back years. In 2007, the group was reportedly featured on an episode of VH1’s Hit Makers series, where they discussed their lack of chemistry with the other members of Girl Group and the demise of their friendship. At the time, Monika Ahmed (the granddaughter of Muhammad Ali and Don King) commented, “It’s a real bromance between the three of them. It’s like ‘The Godfather’ — only with less wedding champagne and more ‘Godfather’ part II’. It seems like they will always be together, even when they’re not together in the same bed together. It’s a very difficult dynamic to explain. ”

While the Kardashians and Parry have been fractious to the point of splitting up, the Sunshine pair have forged an unlikely but stable relationship. The siblings have been a constant presence at one another’s sides for years, and have even gone on multiple trips abroad together. They are said to have a special connection that defies logic, which is perhaps what makes them even more fascinating.

What Does the Future Hold For The Sunshine Girls?

There is no denying that the Sunshine Girls have had an eventful year. The pair of Parks and Shoots (Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian) were married in July and then became mothers for the first time in December. While they have been fractious since day one, the twins’ newfound motherhood has undoubtedly brought a newfound maturity to the Sunshine Girls. The Kardashians have said that they are “rethinking” parenting and say that they plan to “trust [their] instincts”. Perhaps this is why Scott and Khloé have been spotted hovering over their infant son, Saint, with anxious eyes, seemingly waiting for his first milestones – whether it be a fist pump or a crawl – that they can relax and enjoy parenting without fear of overwhelmment.

What will 2018 hold for the Sunshine Girls? We may never know, as events from the previous twelve months have undoubtedly served to fuel rumors that this is the last we will see of Monika and Scott Parry. Rumors of their separation began swirling after Scott was filmed kissing another woman in the street. It seems that even the private life of a royal family partner is not sacrosanct, and that opportunities for scandal will always present themselves.

The Making of a Modern Royals’ Family

Forbes celebrated the monarchy’s Golden Agreement (named after King Edward VIII), which brought an end to more than a century of monarchy and established a rare for the modern world – a nonsex divorced King and Queen. The pact was struck to allow the former king to wed his former mistress, Gloria Garbutt. For decades, the palace had been split down the middle, with the monarch living alone in one half and the Queen in the other. The union was blessed with twelve children, and the family went on to play an integral part in modernizing English society. 

The arrangement was a mutual exchange of advantages – the monarchy benefitting from the divorce and the divorce benefitting from the arrangement. The King was formally removed from the throne in December 1972 and went on to live a life of gentleness and privacy with his wife, the Queen. They remain the last standing royal couple in the British imagination, a modern day Cinderella and Snow White.

New Developments, New Rumors

Since the Sunshine Girls came into being, their fractious behavior has made for riveting television, which has made them viral. Few groups are as famous for their misbehavior (rumors of their divisive nature have predated even their entrance to the public eye) and it is clear that the behaviors of this popular group have earned them a fringe fanbase and #MeToo followers who are keen to see them face their brutality. Much like the Kardashians, the Sunshine Girls are now fractious yetis playing the parents role to perfection.

The pair of Parker and Parks have established themselves as one of the most infamous (and gossipworthy) pop duo of all time. The two former child prodigies now proudly parent an infant boy, Gus Parks, and live a private life far from the madding crowd. Rumors of their reunion swirled after they spent a rare night together at a fashion festival in 2017. Even their separation in 2003, which was effected via a private letter from Parker to Parks, has now been rendered irrelevant by event – the split became official after Parks reunited with his wife on New Year’s Day, 2004.

The Sunshine Girls may be a postponed royal wedding (due to Buckingham Palace’s concerns for public consumption) but they have never been more present in the public eye than now. As divorcées and individuals find their way back into the limelight, it is clear that the Sunshine Girls are the ultimate “It” group of the 2000s and 2010s.