There were a few moments during this year’s Oscars ceremony when the eyes of the world’s biggest film fans were fixed firmly on the red carpet. One of them was when Robert Pattinson walked down the runway in his Gucci dress, accompanied by his equally stunning wife, Kate Bosworth. It was the day after their wedding and the celebrity couple looked every bit as happy as they did on their big day.

The moment was captured in a picture that had the Twitterverse in awe. In the picture, Pattinson is wearing a black suit and a white shirt, while Bosworth is wearing a dark blue dress with white polka dots and a matching blue coat. The picture was originally taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

The model-actress-writer looked every bit as stunning as her famous husband. The pair’s outfits were chosen to compliment each other’s styles. Their matching blue ensembles were a nod to both of their beloved British accents. It was a classy and stylish couple look that left attendees craving for more.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Pattinson are undoubtedly one of the most interesting celebrity couples of the year. The Sherlock star is known for being reserved and kept back by his famous persona, whereas the former Twilight star is famous for his fun-loving and adventurous nature. The contrasting personas of the two actors make for an intriguing combination, and their fans have been eagerly waiting for them to set up shop together as a couple for years.

The wait is over. The couple recently tied the knot, and on March 17th, 2019, they welcomed their first child. The actor’s representative confirmed the happy news, revealing that Cumberbatch had given the mother of his child, Sophie, a Sapphire ring. The ring is believed to be a reference to Sophie’s favorite color and the name of one of Cumberbatch’s favorite bands, The Beatles. The couple also named their child, Everington, after the street on which they live. The baby’s middle name, Arthur, is a nod to Benedict’s late father, Sir Peter.

No Plastic Gloves

It’s been a rocky start to the year for Cumberbatch and Pattinson. The pair are no strangers to the tabloid spotlight, with Cumberbatch being the subject of numerous headlines this year over his private life. However, despite the drama, the two still managed to keep a smile on their faces as they posed for photos with their fans. Many saw the pictures and were left in awe of the beauty and chemistry between the two actors.

In one of the many photos that went viral this year, Cumberbatch and Pattinson can be seen holding hands as they pose for a photo with their arms around each other. The British actor wore a suit and a tie, while the model-turned-actress wore a black dress with white polka dots. The touching picture was taken just before news broke that Pete Davidson had secretly married his girlfriend, Jessica Alba. The photo was initially meant to be a private snapshot, but the public got ahold of it, and it went viral. The image shows how strong of a bond the two have, having both been through so much this year.

Another pic that was widely shared shows the Sherlock star and model embracing as they pose in a photoshoot. The two are dressed in white, with Cumberbatch wearing a suit and a tie, and Pattinson in a T-shirt and jeans. A third picture, in which they appear with their arms around each other while wearing matching black dresses, was also among the most retweeted photos in England this year. The actor’s spokesperson confirmed that the pair are indeed an item, but denied that there is anything romantic going on between them. In fact, the spokesperson said that these are just two friends who are having fun. The same story was told regarding the other photos that went viral after Pete Davidson’s breakup with Jess Alba in January 2020.

However, as intriguing as they may be as individuals, it’s clear that the real fireworks will happen when Cumberbatch and Pattinson share a screen. The Sherlock star has described their forthcoming movie as “an exploration of a modern Romantic story.” Fans of the pair can rest assured knowing that they will bring their A-game to the movie, and undoubtedly, it will be worth the wait.