Suki Waterhouse is one of the most stunning and talented women in the world of fashion. She shot to fame at a very young age when her family business, Suki Waterhouse Ltd, began selling jewellery and gifts made from crocodile and tortoise skins. Her design work soon became so popular that she was commissioned to design the official logo and uniforms for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. Naturally, the ‘Sochi Sports’ apparel and accessories were a great success, selling out in the store in less than five minutes. In fact, the entire collection was a massive hit, selling more than three million units in total.

However, it seems that all the success has gone to her head. The 26-year-old has allegedly fallen out with her partner, the English actor Robert Pattinson. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the couple have been in a split for some time and have decided to go their separate ways. The two have been spotted in romantic scenes together on several occasions, but have now decided to call time on their engagement. In fact, it seems that Pattinson has already proposed by putting a ring on top of a Hotel room coffee table. Unfortunately, Waterhouse has turned him down. This isn’t the first time that the pair have seen their relationship stumble. Back in 2014, Waterhouse nearly ended her partnership with the famous English vampire, Edward Cullen, after she discovered that he had been keeping romantic secrets from her. She was so furious that she blocked his number on social media and refused to speak to him for a whole month. It seems that this latest split is also the result of their busy schedules. While Waterhouse is busy shooting films and attending fashion events, Pattinson has been keeping very quiet. He reportedly spent the majority of last year in Thailand, where he completed a gruelling 26-day jungle trek with his new pal, Buddhist monk Ajahn Chah. He’s also been working hard to establish himself as a serious actor, often appearing in supporting or cameo roles in blockbusters such as The Twilight Saga and Rebel Without a Cause.

This is a real shame for the fashion community, as there is so much more to Suki Waterhouse than just beautiful faces and amazing designs. She’s a talented and prolific designer in her own right, as well as a wonderful actress and philanthropist. We’ll definitely miss her. Hopefully, this is just a temporary break up and the pair will work out their issues and get back together soon.