There are two parts to today’s episode of Robert Pattinson’s “Breaks Dawn” Part 2.
The first one is the press conference that took place in the afternoon, and the second one is the premiere of the film that evening.

In The Wake Of The Premiere

After Robert Pattinson’s press conference, fans rushed to social media to share their thoughts on the premiere and the premiere photos.
Here’s what they said:

‘Breaths’ Is A Deep And Personal Art Film

“Breaths” is a deep and personal art film. It explores the themes of love, loss, and obsession through a collection of images that draw on the British actor’s personal relationships.

The movie marks the second collaboration between director and subject. Last year, the “Breaking Dawn” premiere was followed by “Lost At Sea,” a documentary about the making of the film.

‘Breaking Dawn’ Is The Most Romantic Film Of The Year

“Breaking Dawn” is the most romantic film of the year.

The romantic comedy-drama stars Robert Pattinson, who plays vampire Edward Cullen, as he grapples with his innermost feelings for Bella (played by Kristen Stewart).

The film is the culmination of three years of intense romance for the Hollywood couple, who starred in the “Twilight” films. They became a symbol for a generation of young people embracing their passions.

It’s A Celebration Of Their Beauty And Talent

The timing of today’s premiere was no coincidence. It comes just a month after the couple celebrated their one-year anniversary.

The film is full of heartfelt tributes to Edward and Bella’s romance. It starts with a series of breathtaking scenes that show off the couple’s chemistry as they explore Parisian landmarks — from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre. Soon, we meet Bella’s brother, Charlie, played by Alex Winter, who sets out to sabotage the relationship.

Charlie’s interference brings out the best in Edward and Bella. They begin to fight for their lives — and each other’s — as the French literary classic “The Chorus” by Verlaine comes to life.

“If you think that you can control my destiny, you’re mistaken,” Bella tells Edward. “I’m learning to accept that I’m a fighter and you’re my fight.”

The Chorus

“The Chorus” is a song cycle written in 1872 by the French poet Arthur Rimbaud. The piece was inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem, “Song Of Myself.”

The setting is contemporary and stylized, featuring a men’s choir that belches, chants, and warbles as it performs. This grandiose opera-like spectacle marked a breakthrough for the young filmmaker, who up until then had mostly made his name behind the camera.

Now he’s stepping out in front of it. Today, we get a chance to see the young director’s vision come to life on the big screen.

Fitting Tribute

“Breaking Dawn” is a fitting tribute to one of the greatest screen couples of all time.

The movie beautifully articulates both the blissful and the brutal nature of deep, passionate love. We root for Edward and Bella, who are appealing characters despite their faults. We want them to be happy together — even though Charlie will do everything in his power to prevent them from being so.

For many fans, the joy of “Breaking Dawn” is in witnessing a romance that’s more realistic and relatable than anything that came before it.

The Film’s Most Powerful Scene

The premiere episode of “Breaking Dawn” is full of poignant and heart-breaking scenes. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s the setup: Edward and Bella have just finished making love, and he’s about to leave her side for good. This is the culmination of three years of obsessive devotion, and it’s brought their romance to a shattering point. If they’re going to survive this, they need to put their differences aside and depend on each other more than ever before.

“You’re my everything,” she tells him, clutching his face in her hands as he sits in a wing-backed chair by the fire. Tears well in her eyes. “I need you to believe in me. I need you to want me.”

He wants to believe in her, but Charlie is still lurking in the shadows, wanting to destroy their happiness. He plants a bomb, which eventually goes kaboom, threatening to bring the entire building down.

What follows is one of the most heart-wrenching sequences in recent memory. The camera stays with Edward and Bella as they struggle to make their way down a staircase, holding each other’s hands as they go. Their eyes are closed, and they’re visibly in pain. It’s an image of unshakable love.

This is the emotional highpoint of the movie. After a year of buildup, the audience is finally introduced to the characters’ true feelings. The scene works on several levels: It’s intimate, it’s raw, and it features two of the most wonderful actors working today. The scene, in other words, perfectly encapsulates the power of cinema.

‘Breaking Dawn’ Is Full Of Tricky Moments

Like any other romantic comedy-drama, “Breaking Dawn” has its fair share of poignant and comedic scenes. We get a glimpse of Edward and Bella’s dysfunctional family, especially their father, who doesn’t approve of his adult children’s obsession with each other. We also get to see Edward grapple with the idea of fatherhood — after he’s already sired many children in his vampire clan — and consider the responsibilities that come with his newfound immortality.

If there’s something that “Breaking Dawn” lacks, it’s a complete absence of the fantastical elements that marked the previous installments of the “Twilight” franchise. These are scenes that fans have grown accustomed to over the years, and to some extent, the film is its own creature, free from the whims of the story it’s based on. Still, it’s a touching love story that makes us long for more.

It’s interesting that in the course of three years, the “Twilight” films became more about Bella and Edward than about vampires. The first two installments were, in fact, titled “Bella” and “Edward,” and not “Vampire” and “Human” as “Eclipse” was.

An Unexpected Twist

The final twist of the film is an unexpected one. Not only do we not expect to see Edward and Bella together at the end of the movie, but neither does the viewer. The audience isn’t ready for this happy ending — not by a mile. In typical romantic comedy fashion, we get a quick, funny scene that hints at an amicable separation — but there’s no denying the chemistry between these two leads as they bicker over what to do with Charlie’s ashes. This is followed by an emotional embrace as they decide to commit to each other, even though it’s far from easy.

“Let’s do this,” she says, pulling him close. Soon after, we get a shot of their hands entwined, as they watch a sunset together in the French countryside.

This isn’t your typical Hollywood ending, and it’s exactly what the audience — and probably its maker — want to see after three years of uncertainty.

The scene perfectly encapsulates the highs and lows of a love affair. It starts with a funny quip about commitment and ends with an emotional push for better understanding. For fans of the cinematic couple, this is a scene that will bring tears to your eyes.

This is the second time that Pattinson has directed a film that premiered at Sundance. He previously showcased his skills behind the camera with “Clean” (2012), a stylish and tense thriller about a man whose hobby becomes his obsession. One of the main reasons why “Clean” stood out was because of its pacing. It’s a taut and incredibly well-made drama that expertly builds suspense throughout.

A Different Kind Of Romance

There’s something different about this particular adaptation of “The Chorus.”