If you’re a fan of Robert Pattinson, then you’ll certainly have seen the extraordinary array of cosplay that he puts on display on Instagram. He’s incredibly passionate about Halloween costumes and often shares pictures of himself in a variety of Halloween outfits on his social media. For many years, he’s been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes and has even dressed as the great detective on several occasions, most recently in 2016 at San Diego Comic-Con International.

On Sherlock Holmes

I first dressed up as Sherlock Holmes when I was about 10 years old. I’d seen the great detective on television and I fancied myself as his famous sidekick, Dr. Watson. I liked the idea of imitating Sherlock Holmes and the costume was actually quite comfortable. It even had pockets in the coat and trousers for storing items such as a magnifying glass or a cigar. Naturally, my mother didn’t approve of me imitating the great detective and she made me take the costume off when I got home. Nevertheless, my passion for Sherlock Holmes never left me! Over the years, I’ve managed to acquire a variety of Sherlock Holmes costumes (apart from my original outfit, of course) and I continue to be enamored by the character. When I meet other fans of Sherlock Holmes, we usually end up discussing the great detective and what better way to spend an evening than talking about Sherlock Holmes!

The Cosplay Queen

While Robert Pattinson has often been spotted in various costumes on Instagram, his cosplay is somewhat more traditional, often involving Sherlock Holmes or other literary characters. He’s often mistaken for being a professional cosplayer because of his frequent appearances in character on social media. However, Robert Pattinson has never dressed up as a professional cosplayer for a photo shoot. In fact, he considers his time spent in front of the camera as “paid vacation” and often uses the opportunities as a chance to explore vintage costume stores and buy old outfits that he subsequently photographs in a variety of creative ways.

Behind The Scenes

In addition to being an incredibly talented and handsome actor, Robert Pattinson is also a talented photographer who frequently shares his pictures on Instagram. He’s been known to shoot elaborate photoshoots with friends and family in a variety of fantastical locations where he documents their adventures in exquisite detail. While many of his pictures are of Halloween-related costumes, he also depicts various celebrities, landscapes, and other assorted subjects in his creative works.

As for whether or not he’ll continue to appear in character on Instagram after the upcoming Breaking Dawn movies, only time will tell!