Dawn, the start of a new day. It’s a beautiful thing waking up and being greeted by the rising sun. But that sun happens to be be shining down on you right now, giving you a new lease on life. It’s a happy moment, one to cherish. That’s what makes Sunday such a special day for you and your husband, Kris.

You’ve been through so much together. From the very beginning, when you fell in love with each other and got married, you’ve always been there for each other. Even through the tough times — like when Kris broke his leg in a biking accident or when you were both stranded in Amsterdam because of bad weather — you remained by his side. You stuck it out even when it seemed like every other relationship in your life had fallen apart. You supported him through his music career and movies, and vice versa. You two were and are a perfect match.

So it was only natural that when you found out you were pregnant with twin boys, you would name them after your and Kris’s favorite musicians.

Robbie and Chris, the twins that you and Kris are expecting. Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

As you might imagine, there’s been a lot of talk — especially since the first movie went viral — about the actor who plays your husband, Kris. People want to know more about him. Where does he come from? What’s his story?

To begin with, he was born in Scotland. He moved to London when he was young and attended the London School of Economics. He’s currently based in Montreal, where he studies acting.

While there aren’t many details about Kris’s personal life, it’s clear that he doesn’t like to keep it secret. The actor’s Instagram is filled with hearts and his special nickname for his wife, Robbie: “Bitch.” It’s a playful display of affection between a husband and wife, but it’s also a reflection of how close they are.

Whether or not you’ve seen the first movie, chances are you’ll be seeing a lot more of Kris. Twilight fans want to see more of their favorite characters, and Warner Brothers wants to cash in on the craze with their own spin on the story. The studio is reportedly developing a spin-off centered around the actor’s character, with the working title “Kris Larson’s Dark World.”

Robert Pattinson’s Career In Movies

The world is a better place because of the movies Robert Pattinson has been in. Sometimes it can feel like a dream come true when your favorite actor decides to work with your favorite director on that one movie that will define their careers. But it wasn’t always like that.

For a long time, Robert Pattinson’s biggest claim to fame was the small role he had in the movie adaptation of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. After that, he was just another face in the crowd when it came to the Twilight movies. But this year, he’s had a resurgence thanks to two back-to-back performances that have completely changed how people see him.

First came the brilliant portrayal of a troubled, self-destructive artist in the British movie, The Lost Artist. Directed by Marcus Noades, the movie examines the life of Vincent van Gogh, and Robert Pattinson did an amazing job capturing the complicated character of the famed Dutch painter. His portrayal of a man plagued by self-doubt and despair was so realistic that it was hard to look at the face of the actual Vincent van Gogh and not be reminded of Robert Pattinson.

Then we had Robbie, the Twilight character he is most well-known for playing. For years, Robert Pattinson had been typecast in teen movies, but 2016 was a turning point. For the first time, we saw the actor play an older, more complex character. Sure, Robbie still has that iconic, teen-movie look — he’s still got the hair and the cool sunglasses — but now we know what kind of person he is behind the scenes. Where once he was defined by his looks, now he’s defined by his incredible talent. He’s one of the best actors working today, and it’s an honor to see him spread his wings and show us what he’s capable of.

Robert Pattinson’s Personal Life

If there’s one thing we know about Kris, it’s that he doesn’t do things by halves. He’s constantly evolving, constantly trying to improve, and constantly seeking success. It’s that quest for perfection that has led him to become one of the most sought-after actors of our time. And it’s that same drive that led him to establish himself as a leading man — not just a pretty face.

He started out at the very bottom, appearing in small, indie films before going on to become a popular choice for teen movies. It wasn’t until he was 27 that he finally broke into the international big-boy movie scene with The Twilight Saga. The series put him on the map, and he’s been working steadily ever since. The man knows how to live his life and what to expect from it. He’s a self-made man through and through, and he expects the same trust and loyalty from those around him.

It’s that unique Scot’s eye for fashion that led him to found the fashion label Kris Scott, named after himself. The designer created a small collection of clothes for actors and musicians, but he went on to establish himself as a one-stop-shop for men’s clothing. It started out as a series of online stores, but he later opened retail locations across the country. It’s that same desire to always do better and be better that makes him such a good partner to work with. He’s a perfectionist who expects the same quality from those around him. He doesn’t just want to be famous, he wants to be the best.

The Future Of Kris And Robbie’s Twins

Having twins is always a blessing, but it can also be a lot of work. It requires an extraordinary amount of patience and self-confidence, knowing that you’re putting your own life on hold in order to provide for your children. It also means there’ll be no privacy — either you’ll be sharing a room with your spouse or you’ll have to make do with the smallest room in the house, when really you want your kids to have their own space.

But despite the challenges, parents would do anything to give their kids a better life. And what could be more amazing than watching your children grow up and succeed in life thanks to your hard work and strict discipline?

Twelve years after their parents got married, Robbie and Kris’s twins have finally reached the age where they can attend high school. As proud parents, it’s an exciting day for them and for all of us who love witnessing kids grow up before our very eyes. With any luck, they’ll go on to make even more brilliant contributions to society as adults. Maybe even find a cure for cancer. Wouldn’t that be something?