The fallout from Robert Pattinson’s breakup with Fktwigs continues. The film industry’s favourite scruffy hunk recently split from the “Twins” star after three years of dating. And while we were expecting this news to make the rounds in the media, it didn’t fail to disappoint. Not only did the two walk in the sunset together at the Cannes Film Festival, but they held hands and kissed while out on a date night. Does this mean they’re back on the market? We get into it.

Why Did Robert Pattinson Break Up With Fktwigs?

This relationship news doesn’t come as a total shock. After all, Pattinson has had a longstanding friendship with Mike Chapman, the CEO of Entertainment One, which distributes the Twilight and Tomb Raider films among others. And, of course, he’s played a variety of romantic interests, ranging from Elizabeth Taylor’s granddaughter to a middle-aged man. In fact, these kind of complex and mature men make up a large portion of the actor’s fanbase. So it’s not like he’s lacking in romantic options. But what is surprising is the way he’s chosen to deal with the recent breakup. Instead of staying quiet or issuing a classy statement, he’s chosen to be as candid as possible. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, he opened up about the split, saying:

“We were together for three years and we grew very close. It’s been hard for both of us to put our arms around this in the right way, but we’ve both had to. We needed to know that at the end of the day, we’re still friends. I still care about her and we’ll remain friends. “

And then, at the end of their interview, they actually held hands and smiled at each other. Noticing this, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of sorrow at the state of their relationship. Not only is this a rare opportunity to see two of Hollywood’s hottest stars together, but it would be such a shame if they ended up as “just friends”. The fact that they were able to maintain this friendship – despite all the odds – is a testament to their character. And it will be interesting to see how they navigate this new dynamic. Will they remain friends as lovers? Or will this close friendship be transformed into something more?

Whether or not Pattinson and Fktwigs will remain friends is now up to them. But this breakup wasn’t only about endings. It was also about new beginnings. And what a better way to start a new chapter in your life than by breaking free from the confines of a long-term relationship. We wish them both the best of luck in future and hope this new chapter will bring them as much happiness as the previous ones did. And, of course, we’ll continue to follow their romantic escapades. They may not always make for gripping reading, but we can always find solace in celebrity breakups. They may be messy and dramatic, but at least they’re honest.