It was back in February when news broke that Robert Pattinson had split from his wife, FKA Twigs. At the time, the actor was on the press tour for the upcoming biopic, Jackie, directed by Stephen Frears and based on the New York socialite and fashion icon, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. During the previous month, the Cosmo Canyon singer had been photographed canoodling with his then-girlfriend, Stella Mozell, and was consequently accused of stepping out on his wife. Since then, the couple have broken up and Pattinson now has a new love interest, Molly Parkin, a British socialite and journalist. While the world is still coming to terms with the end of the Twigs and Pattinson marriage, it seems that the actor has finally found happiness. He now has a renewed focus and an engagement ring to prove it.

From Twigs To Molly

Pattinson married FKA Twigs on Halloween night in 2015. Two years earlier, he had proposed to her during an intimate stroll in Paris’ city of lights. Since then, the couple have been inundated with adoration from their fans, as well as criticism from some sections of the media. Perhaps the sharpest dividing line between the fan love and the media vitriol came in the form of a question: Is Molly the new love of his life? Or has he simply moved on from Twigs? The actress had already faced similar questions prior to her and Pattinson’s marriage, when she was still engaged to the Marquise singer Ed Sheeran. In response to these and other tabloid headlines, Twigs has remained resolute in her commitment to her husband, insisting that they are a devoted, lifelong couple.


The rift between Twigs and Pattinson was most glaringly evident in the split from the Jackie Kennedy Onassis biopic, Jackie. The project had been in the works since 2012, when the film’s director, Stephen Frears, first set eyes on the then-unknown 29-year-old actor. When he finally agreed to star in the movie, Frears was confident that he had found the perfect role for the Oxford-educated Englishman. The director had seen a lot of himself in the polished, aristocratic-yet-vulnerable titular character. While the film itself focuses on Jack Kennedy’s formative years in Massachusetts, it also unflinchingly charts the tragedy that befell the family in the decades that followed. When the film finally debuted at the 2019 Venice Film Festival, it was met with widespread praise and caused record-breaking box office returns in both the UK and the US.


Pattinson’s third feature film, the dark romantic comedy, Branded, follows two genetically modified hitmen who stumble upon a plot to blackmail the heir to a $50 billion business empire. The film, which also stars Al Pacino and Cate Blanchett, was written and directed by James McTeigue. Like Jackie, it too reflects McTeigue’s interest in the famous American family, this time focusing on the Reagans during an era of political upheaval. The film also marked a surprising return to form for the actor, who had previously spoken of how he had nearly abandoned acting following the underwhelming response to Twigs. During a press junket for the film in late 2019, McTeigue expressed his delight at seeing Pattinson back on the big screen and attributed the actor’s turnaround to the fact that, following the success of Twigs, he simply “had to do another one.”


In an interview with Vogue in March 2019, Pattinson opened up about his new romance with Molly Parkin and expressed his hopes for the future with her. The couple started dating last year and soon discovered their mutual love for English literature. One of the first things they did after their courtship was read a number of iconic works by British writer William Shakespeare. The two are now engaged and have announced that they would be tying the knot in the coming years. Aside from literature, the couple have also bonded over their shared passion for fashion and Stella has even cited her upcoming wedding dress as the inspiration for her look in the 2019 Vogue Women’s Day issue.

The pair’s decision to wed has not gone unnoticed. The news has caused a surge in interest in the 29-year-old actor, with numerous bigwigs in the fashion industry hailing the news. While some saw it as a bold, feminist statement, others viewed it as a risky business move for the former Twigs singer. What is a socially conscious, environmentally aware, urban individual to do when faced with such conflicting opinions? Simply put, Pattinson, who now has two happy families to call his own, is determined to do his bit to help ensure the survival of the planet. In the coming months and years, the actor will use his considerable clout to champion green awareness and raise funds for charity.