There is no question that Robert Pattinson is one of the most popular and highest-paid actors in Hollywood. The former “Twilight” star has been gracing the silver screen with his luminous smiles for years, and now he’s well into his thirties, we’re still finding out what’s next. After years of portraying brooding male leads, he’s recently shifted gears and taken on some fairly comedic roles, demonstrating a more cheerful disposition. One of the most endearing and adorable qualities about Robert is his uncanny resemblance to a young, slimmer, and more playful Ben Affleck. Not surprisingly, fans have latched onto this playful side and dubbed him “The Funkeh.” We couldn’t agree more.

The Cutest Bowlegs in Hollywood

Robert Pattinson’s charm is not only restricted to his uncanny resemblance to Ben Affleck; he also happens to have the cutest legs in Hollywood. From the moment he stepped on screen in Twilight, we were immediately captivated by the dainty actor with the delicate features and the darling dimples. His legs—in particular, his shapely calves—are a classic heart-shaped silhouette, with defined muscles and a touch of hair. Every frame reveals a new and distinct view of Robert’s incomparable legs, which are surprisingly versatile for an entertainer. He regularly demonstrates this by donning different pairs of pants each time he plays a different role.

Here’s a breakdown of how Robert’s legs measure up against the rest of Hollywood’s leading men. Take a look and decide for yourself if these are the cutest legs in Hollywood:

Robert Pattinson’s Legs vs. Hollywood’s Leading Men

The first thing you’ll notice about these comparisons is that, unlike most of his counterparts, Robert is considerably younger than most of the men in this comparison group. Still, even at this early stage of his career, he’s already significantly out-paced many of his peers in terms of the number of films he’s appeared in and the amount of screen time he’s been allotted. The average age of the men compared to Robert is 28, and the only one who comes close is Tom Hardy, at 26. Let’s take a look at how these men’s legs compare to Robert’s:

  • height: Tom Hardy’s five-foot-six inches tower overshadows even Robert’s towering six-foot-one-inch frame
  • weight: The heaviest of the group at 162 pounds, compared to Robert’s 133 pounds, puts Hardy in a category of his own. Plus, he’s got a huge shoe collection that he rarely gets rid of. This, together with his fondness for tattoos, ensures that he never truly looks the same from one role to the next.
  • hair: Hardy’s full head of hair is a major reason he often gets mistaken for a woman. Even though he can pass as male, we’d still put our money on Robert every time.
  • dimensions: These comparisons aren’t quite as pretty as they would be if they were done at the same time. Most of the men have the same general frame, but some of them are a little bit on the thin side, which is why they rank lower on the list. Despite this, they’re all extremely statuesque, which is more than can be said for Robert.
  • calf muscles: Most of the men in this comparison group have quite a bit of cushioning around the ankles, but Hardy and Arnold Schwarzenegger are the exceptions. Even though they wear tights to keep their legs articulated, their calves are noticeably thinner than the others, which gives them an unfinished androgynous look. Not surprisingly, these are also the two actors who have the least amount of work to show off their legs. Schwarzenegger’s roles have steadily decreased in the past few years, and though he did recently appear in the Terminator Genisys, much of the time, he just sort of hangs out in his office, which doesn’t do much for his image. As for Hardy, even when he is playing a super cool character, we rarely get a good look at his legs, which is a real shame because he has some really cool tights they could have showcased.

What we’d like to see is Robert in pants that hug his legs without accentuating their narrow form. The same goes for his shirts. We don’t want to see a lot of his chest, but we do want to get a glimpse of his hairless back and the nape of his neck. Of course, his socks, belt, and shoes are also a part of his look, so we don’t want to see too much of those either. As much as we’d like to see more of Robert’s hair, we have to keep in mind that he is a vegan; therefore, we can’t have a full head of hair, either. These are all things to consider if we want to keep the cuteness.

The Most Endearing Quality About Robert

No actor embodies the fun and playfulness that are characteristic of young adulthood like Robert Pattinson. The Twilight alum has been vocal about his dislike for playing characters who are supposed to be tough, particularly when it comes to combating evil; yet, even as a teen, he found the funniest and most charming parts in the movies. He’s even admitted that he enjoys playing pranks on set and has been known to crack jokes and engage in light banter with costars and crew. His dimples, infectious smile, and delicate features make him that much more endearing. This playful side is what makes him a favorite among fans and allows him to draw attention even when he’s playing serious roles (like the upcoming film Maps to the Stars, in which he plays a famous celebrity). Here are some of our favorite quotes from and interviews with the actor:

On Playing Pranks On Set:

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I? It’s what I do best. I love playing pranks. I think it’s really funny when someone gets upset about something that’s entirely their own fault. Like, if someone tripped and fell on the escalator, it would be humiliating. Not that I would put someone in that position, of course, but it would be funny if they did.”

—Robert Pattinson to Marie Claire (2019)

On What Made Him Popular:

“I think what made me popular is that I come from a small town in England and that people there saw a little bit of themselves in me. I think when people saw that English accent and that they recognized it, they liked me right away. When I arrived in Los Angeles, everyone knew who I was even before I made a name for myself in Hollywood. People there recognized me as soon as I stepped off the plane. Even now, I still get recognized in my home town whenever I travel there. People will come up to me and say, ‘Hey, it’s been a long time!’ or ‘I haven’t seen you in forever!'”

—Robert Pattinson to Marie Claire (2019)

On What He Looks For In A Woman:

“I look for a sense of humor. I love a silly face with a good sense of humor. If a woman can make me laugh, I’ll lay down with her that day. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to find a woman who can make me laugh, and then we have something great.”

—Robert Pattinson to Marie Claire (2019)

On Life After Bella:

Ultimately, we want to see Robert in a variety of clothing, not just pants. We’d like to see him in different types of shirts, vests, and even a sweater here and there. We want to see a full ensemble so we can see all of his amazing legs fully clothed.

One of the things that makes Robert such a compelling actor is that, even at this early stage of his career, he’s managed to avoid playing the same character over and over. He’s had a steady stream of work for years, and though his roles have gradually shifted from brooding to comic, he still maintains his popularity with audiences because they know him and like him regardless of what he’s wearing or portraying. Hollywood would be well-served to take a cue from this and allow for more variety in terms of clothing.