He may not be wearing it, but it’s still there. Every time we catch a glimpse of Robert Pattinson on the red carpet, there’s that famous bomber jacket. The one he wore to the Grand Tour premiere in Paris. Or that dark blue ensemble he sported in the Venice Carnival. Or his Dior couture look at the 2013 Academy Awards. This season’s Victoria Beckham collection was even named after him. It’s been a part of his persona ever since he donned it at the 2011 Youth Olympic Festival in Singapore. And it’s not because he feels cold.

The quintessential streetwear style, the bomber jacket, has now transcended the celebrity sphere and graced the runways of Paris and London. As celebrities vouchsafe on social media, your wardrobe staple may soon be making an appearance on the small screen.

Why Does It Mean So Much To Celebrities?

Bomber jackets haven’t always been a part of the celebrity sphere. Not in the true sense, at least. For most of the last century, the style largely remained the purview of soldiers and gangsters. Which is why so many of the greats — from Humphrey Bogart to Marlon Brando — sported them. For an elite group of men who were once renowned for their charm and style, the bomber jacket became a symbol of male determination and courage. As this excerpt from The New York Times explains:

Bogart rarely attended social gatherings without his favorite aftershave, cologne and, most important, his prized possession, the dark blue woolen bomber jacket he wore as a member of the Air Force in World War II. The leather jacket had such an impact on people that it was adopted as an emblem of the film noir movement of the 1940s and ‘50s, the hard-boiled urban crime fiction genre that explored a gritty urban landscape in the shadow of World War II. In those days, Bogart and other tough-talking, hard-drinking characters typically sported the jacket.

Over time, the fashion world took note of the style’s military lineage and became enamored with it as well. Dressing in style during World War II was certainly inspiring. As was being the son or grandson of a military man. Growing up in a castle certainly helped too.

Nowadays, celebrities wear the bomber jacket for a variety of reasons. For some, like Daniel Radcliffe, it’s a simple matter of nostalgia. The young Harry Potter star confesses that he wears the black leather jacket because it reminds him of his father, who served in the Royal Air Force during the Second World War. The jacket even made an appearance in the film adaptation of the hit series. For others, like Emma Stone and Charlize Theron, it’s a symbol of strength and confidence. Stone is often photographed in outfits reminiscent of hard-hitting female characters from the ‘70s and ‘80s — from her beloved “Pink Panther” film series to her role as Selina Scott in “Mad Max: Fury Road.” Theron channels this aesthetic in her portrayal of a hardened safecracker in the upcoming “Black,” which opens in theaters on October 12. As this article from the New York Times points out, Theron’s character in the film wears a similar black leather jacket. In an interview with Vanity Fair, the 47-year-old Oscar winner admitted that she chose the piece of clothing because it made her feel like a “badass.”

How Has Society Re-imaged The Bomber Jacket?

Not only celebrities have taken a liking to the bomber jacket. So have the fashion industry and style commentators. In fact, it’s become such a ubiquitous style that it’s infiltrated popular culture and graced the streets of Paris and London in the forms of clothing, handbags and even furniture. As this trend piece from Vogue explains:

In the past year, we’ve seen celebrities opt for the style as a way to project an edgy vibe. From Taylor Swift’s faux-fur trimmed sportswear collection for MODE to Gigi Hadid’s slinky black-and-white outfit at the Met Gala, the leather jacket has been a welcome addition to women’s fashion this year.

Swift is one of the biggest proponents of the style, having sported one in almost every look in her 2016 S/S 17 fashion collection. The “Loving” singer even referenced the style in her song “Look What You Made Me Do” with Travis Scott, referring to the black leather jacket he wore while performing the song’s music video. “You should try one of these on,” she sings. In the same song, she also names off a bevy of expensive brands, from Saint Laurent to Dior, as places she would like to visit. It’s an indication of how much of a style trend the jacket has become.

What Is The Future Of The Bomber Jacket?

With so much interest in the style, it’s no surprise that the industry has seized upon it. The future of the bomber jacket looks bright as ever. And it’s not solely because of celebrity fans. As this trend piece from The New York Times points out, the fashion industry has seen an uptick in demand for the style, leading to higher-quality options and an expansion of the available options for men and women. The reason for the increase in demand? It’s quite simple: people are re-imagining the style and seeing it as a way to project an edgy or modern vibe.

And it’s quite an option, too. As this article from the New York Times notes, the style has seen an increase in popularity with college students, who have adopted it as a way to experiment with fashion, often pairing it with other more traditional looks. As this trend piece from the New York Times also explains, some see the bomber jacket as a way to project a modern and fresh take on classic looks. This pairing of leather jacket and dress is a look that is as at home at a fashionable streetwear festival as it is on the red carpet. It embodies a style that is as relevant now as it was when Bogart first donned the jacket in the 1940s.

It’s clear that the fashion community has taken a shine to the bomber jacket. But what is your take on this style? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!