One of the most beautiful and interesting men in the world today is Robert Pattinson. The English actor is best known for his leading role as vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. Now, many people are curious about how Robbie fits into such a small frame and have made many queries relating to his body measurements. Below, you will find the answer to these questions along with a bit more about the British actor/director/writer. Don’t forget to check out his IMDb page as it reveals a lot of his wonderful work.

How Much Does He Weigh?

When it comes to his weight, nothing is known for sure. However, based on various interviews, we can make some educated guesses. Pattinson has been quoted as saying that he doesn’t like to weigh himself because he feels it makes him less of a free spirit. He also claimed that he has never wanted to get a weight-related disease so he doesn’t measure himself or pay much attention to what he eats. These are probably the reasons why we don’t know exactly how much Robbie weighs. However, assuming that he does indeed weigh as much as his in-game counterpart, Cullen, he would be classified as a medium-built male. That makes him roughly 6’1” and around 174 lbs. Given that Robbie’s hair is often featured in a lot of the images that appear in tabloids, it is safe to assume that he weights a little bit more than his hair. Interestingly, if we compare him to Kristen Stewart, the actress who plays Bella in the Twilight films, then we see that they are of a similar build. That must mean that Kristen’s hourglass figure is something that Robbie can only aspire to. That, or vice versa.

Does He Have Any Stretch Marks?

Speaking of figures, many Twilighters are more than just pleasantly-surprised to learn that Robert has a six-pack. In fact, there are so many photos of him posing with a beer in hand that it is hard to keep track of them all. While we don’t know for certain whether or not he has any stretch marks, it is a fair bet to assume that he does. After all, he is a man who is constantly living his life to the fullest and has a bit of a devil-may-care attitude when it comes to his health. That would certainly explain why he hasn’t been afraid to show off his toned physique in the media. Perhaps he feels that it is something to be proud of instead of hiding away from the world as he seems to do most of the time. We can only hope that he continues to be as open as ever when it comes to his body and that we will get to see more of his toned muscles as he continues to promote Midnight in Paris. Even if he doesn’t happen to be wearing anything particularly revealing, it would still be such a relief to see more of him. He is so extremely gorgeous and charming that it is a shame he keeps himself to himself so much. We would love to see him come out of his shell more and let his true colors shine through. Even if it’s just for a little while. The world could certainly use more attractive and interesting people like him.

Is He Fit?

When it comes to his fitness level, we know that Robbie enjoys doing his workouts. In one of the interviews below, he talks about how he always looks to maintain a six-pack and how he works out with a personal trainer who helps him keep in shape for the camera.

“I’ve never really liked working out with weights, so I’ve always tried to find alternatives. One of the best things for me is using my body fat as weight. I love putting on my gloves and running around the neighborhood with my trainer, Jonny. We’ll go for a jog and I’ll lose a few pounds. In fact, I’ve lost about ten pounds just from using my body weight as weights instead of equipment. We do that a few times a week, and it totally changes my workout for the better. It keeps it fresh and fun.”

Does He Have A Good Sense Of Humor?

Another thing that we love about Robbie is his sense of humor. In the interview below, he talks about how he often tries to add a humorous element to his life. For example, he mentioned that the reason he doesn’t like to weigh himself is because he thinks it takes the fun out of exercising. So, he tries to work out in a way that he feels is most suitable to his personality. Does that make sense? We think so. Although, we have a feeling that he would have had quite a few laughs if he had been asked about his weight in certain situations, like after a romantic date or when giving an interview. Still, we think that keeping fit is one of the most practical things that anyone can do for themselves. It makes you feel better and acts as a buffer against the world’s problems. That is priceless.