The actor behind the most iconic superhero in cinematic history, Robert Pattinson, has graced our screens during the last seven years in a variety of films. But what was his body like before he became the dark knight? Let’s dive into the actor’s back-story and see how he evolved from a relatively scrawny young man to the muscular stud we know and love today.

From Scrawny To Scary

Pattinson’s natural charm and cherubic good looks first captured the hearts of moviegoers in 2010’s Twilight, in which he played the role of Edward Cullen. The actor went on to star in more adult-oriented films such as the comedy-drama The Last Song, the action movie We Need to Talk About Kevin, and the fantasy The Hobbit trilogy. Most recently, he has shown up in the latest X-Men installment, Days of Future Past, as one of the film’s main antagonists, Quentin Tarantulinu. But even before his time in the spotlight, Pattinson was known for his dark sense of humor and edgy acting style.

In an interview with Playboy, Pattinson talked about his love of comic books and horror flicks, revealing he used to scare his fellow actors with his “freakish” performances:

“I really liked doing scares,” he said. “Usually, when you’re scared in a movie, it’s not funny but you have to pretend that it is. I’d find the scares really funny in the moment. Someone would cast an evil eye on me or something, and I’d turn bright red and start stammering. I was always scared of my own shadow as a kid. I’d hide in the wardrobe and watch horror movies. Then, when I’d come out, I’d jump at my reflection in the mirror. It was the same with school plays. I was always the guy who would get changed in the boys’ dressing room because that’s where the scary costumes were. I’d be a little scaredy-cat.”

Although his early acting career didn’t exactly set the box office on fire, thanks in part to playing a vampire, Pattinson has steadily continued to build his brand and reputation. In the years since Twilight, he has appeared in memorable projects such as Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street and Richard Linklater’s acclaimed Before Wedding. And in 2014 alone, he had starring roles in the box office hits The Rover and Legend, as well as British horror movie The Babadook. In addition to his film work, Pattinson has lent his voice to several animated projects, including the upcoming Secret Life of Pets 2.

The Making Of A Hollywood Baby

Born and raised in London, England, to parents Jane and Donald, Pattinson reportedly spent his early years in a happy, loving home. But in 2006, he and his then-girlfriend, FKA Twigs, discovered she was pregnant. The couple decided to keep the baby after finding out it was a girl. They named her Stormi Pattinson and raised her in New York City. From an early age, Stormi showed a keen interest in the performing arts, enrolling in various acting courses and musical theater classes. She also showed an affinity for drawing and painting, skills that would later serve her well in creating her own one-of-a-kind characters and backdrops for her YouTube videos.

As her star rose, Stormi’s upbringing became an inspiration for her work. In one of her videos, she revealed that growing up, she often felt like an outcast, a combination of both her African-American and European heritages. She said that, as a result, she created characters that were a mix of herself and other people. As an adult, she has come to realize that not all of her characters are positive, and that there is always a way she can look at her own life experience and apply it to her work. It’s this self-reflection that has helped her to grow as an artist and person, something her parents and brother have also praised.

When it comes to fashion, Pattinson has always been ahead of the curve. In the years since Twilight, he has regularly designed costumes and outfits for various films and campaigns. Whether he’s designed a one-of-a-kind outfit for a Halloween costume or a sleek costume for the Golden Globes, Pattinson always seems to find the time to show off his unique sense of style.

The Rise Of The Bodybuilder

Thanks to his time spent training and modeling for film roles, Pattinson has become quite the bodybuilding enthusiast. He has spoken openly about his love of bodybuilding, often posting about his workouts on social media platforms such as Instagram. He even has a bodybuilding blog, written in part by fitness expert Bryce Cooley, where he shares his workouts, nutrition tips, and general thoughts on the subject:

“I think that bodybuilding is such a creative form of expression,” Pattinson said. “It can be a way of exploring your identity and what you want your body to represent. It can be a way of expressing yourself through art—whether that’s through your diet, your work out, or your posing. It’s a form of creative self-expression.”

In the blog post “10 reasons why bodybuilding is awesome,” Cooley lists several reasons why he thinks the fitness trend is so special, including the fact that it allows men to show off their muscles and celebrate physical beauty. He also praises the fitness trend for presenting a “sense of freedom, power, and confidence” to men who might not feel comfortable showing off their bodies in other settings. And perhaps most notably, he cites the trend’s influence on the movie industry, noting that today, many more men are able to display their bodies more comfortably than ever before.

The Dark Knight Is On His Way

With the release of the newest installment, Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, just around the corner, it’s time to revisit one of the most iconic figures in popular culture and find out what role he will play in this year’s cinematic superhero epic. While it’s still too early to know for sure, it’s clear that Pattinson’s Batman will be quite the sight to behold. While filming the movie in New York City last year, fans spotted the actor in the outfit he designed for the role, which is reminiscent of the Dark Knight’s look from the 1960s.

In the comics, Bruce Wayne is the billionaire founder of Wayne Enterprises and the protagonist of the Batman series. As with any classic Batman story, we’re not given much detail of Wayne’s early life. But based on his relationship with his parents, we know he has a happy family life and a strong sense of justice. In the comics, Wayne also has a best friend named Jim, who is more of a rival than a true friend. The two men have spent much of their adult life competing for the affections of Barbara Kean, with whom Wayne eventually marries. The character is known for his witty dialogue and quirky sense of fashion, and is considered by many to be one of the greatest superheroes of all time.

The Batman films are among the most influential superhero movies of all time, due in large part to the campy charm of the 1960s TV show and the gritty realism of the Tim Burton films. While the 1989 film is often cited as one of the greatest superhero flicks of all time, it’s important to remember that, at the time, many considered comic books to be “for kids” and “girly” literature. With the rebooted Batman series now under way, it’s clear that fans of all ages will have a chance to see this iconic character in all his glory.