You might know that the actor Robert Pattinson has a bit of a fashion problem. After all, between leading man roles in Twilight and enjoying a bit of a social media following, he’s well-known for being a bit of a diva when it comes to choosing his on-screen attire. Now that the final installment of the Twilight saga has come and gone, Pattinson can embrace his inner-goth without fear of reprisal.

He’s been seen wearing everything from torn jeans and sneakers to floral prints and sequined bodysuits. What he wears on the red carpet is of no concern to us here at FashionUndressed, but what’s on his Instagram feed is a constant source of fascination. And what’s there now? Well, aside from a cavalcade of expensive-looking luxury items, he’s also been seen sporting some very unique ensembles. Take a look at some of the most memorable looks by the British actor.

The Jeans And Drudgery That Made Him Famous

A year after Twilight burst onto the scene, Pattinson was seen at the 2012 Oscars in a suit and tie alongside fellow Twilight co-star Jamie Bell. It was a stark departure from his previous red-carpet appearances, which saw him rock a range of bold and colourful ensembles.

The pair won the award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for their portrayal of poet Alexander Pope and dandy Beau Brummell in the historical drama The Artist. The win was an Academy Awards triumph for Bell, who became the first actor to win Best Supporting Actor for a film featuring a vocal performance. It was also a personal triumph for Pattinson, who had been striving to make it as an actor since he was 16 years old. The win put him ahead of the game, landing him a number of plum roles and catapulting him to the forefront of fashionable young British actors.

Pattinson would go on to cement this new image of himself as a fashion iconoclast with another red-carpet appearance that same year. At the 2013 Vanity Fair Summit in New York City, he sported a maroon velvet suit embroidered with gold thread and teamed it with a white shirt and striped tie. The suit was tailor-made by the renowned Ralph Lauren agency and hailed as the “maroon revolution” by the press.

The Jeans And Dandyism That Made Him Famous

Pattinson’s penchant for all things dandy saw him team up with the designer Diane Von Furstenberg for the latter’s luxury brand DVF. The designer had worked with the likes of John Galliano and Louis Vuitton on high-profile men’s wear projects in the past, so it was no surprise that she would lend her skills to this particular menswear collection. Furstenberg used her considerable creative license to craft unique outfits for the British actor, most notably a yellow and blue striped tie-waist dress and a maroon velvet suit.

The designer teamed up with Galliano a year later for a men’s wear collection under the house’s luxury goods label Diane Von Furstenberg JOVANI. The collection drew inspiration from the late 19th century, featuring intricate patchwork jackets, striped trousers, and waistcoats in a checkerboard pattern. The motif was a nod to the traditional English sport of cricket, which was being played at the time.

Once again, Pattinson’s dandyism saw him work with a designer who was known for her distinctive prints and bold colours. The designer took inspiration from Elizabeth Taylor’s wardrobe, decking the actor in all her famous blazers and embroidered dresses. Taylor happened to be a friend of Furstenberg’s and had been instrumental in launching her own fashion house in London. The collaboration was a chance to celebrate both women’s friendship and British fashion’s unique style.

A White And Yellow Suit That Made Him An Institution

Pattinson’s love of all things white saw him turn up the glam factor in 2013 with a white suit and yellow shirt combination that proved to be so popular that it went viral. At the time, he was promoting his new film, High Flying Birds, which was a comedy-drama that also starred Kate Winslet and Jack Whitehall. For the role of writer Henry James, the actor was seen in the Richard Simmons lookalike outfit with the tell-tale yellow shirt and a white tie. James was a prominent figure in the English literary world at the time and is most well-known for his 1875 novella, The Portrait of a Lady. The year before, Pattinson had dressed in an elegant white tuxedo for Vanity Fair’s Halloween party, where guests included Justin Bieber, Jack White, and Emma Stone. It seems that the actor’s love of all things white saw him opt for monochrome ensembles throughout the year.

The High Flying Birds suit was a commercial success and went on to become one of Pattinson’s most iconic looks. However, the actor didn’t let his fashion friends limit his choices, wearing another outfit that stood out due to its sheer uniqueness. Back in February 2014, he was photographed wearing a custom-made suit made from snake skin. The unique suit was commissioned by the designer Alexandre Plackowski for a private viewing of the British actor’s new movie, Bad Teacher. The actor’s unique sense of style saw him opt for this particular look, which was made in commemoration of the Greek mythology character, Cerberus. The custom-made, hand-stitched suit featured a black mask designed by the French fashion house, Lanvin, and was completed with white fur trim.

The Floral Print, The Beret, And Other Casual Attire

Pattinson’s penchant for quirky prints and playful ensembles saw him sport a floral-print dress with a matching floral print jacket and tie for a May 2014 shoot for Dazed magazine. It was yet another hit for the British actor and designer, whose career saw him rack up a total of four cover shots for fashion magazines across the pond. The unique look was designed by the Italian fashion house, Missoni and was made available in the print in the UK as well as in Italy and Spain. The floral print was revived in the 1960s and has since been emblazoned upon everything from dresses and duvets to toothbrushes and bath mats.

Another fashion iconoclastic look that stood out came courtesy of the singer Justin Bieber. In early 2015, the singer tweeted a picture of himself wearing the British actor’s floral print dress, which sparked a mini-trend that saw people copycatting the look. At the time, Pattinson was promoting his third solo album, Bad Taste, which was released that same month. It featured the singles, “Faith,” “Lullaby,” and “The Last Song,” and was supported by the songwriting and production team of Claude Von Stroke and Peter Svensson. On the album, the actor duets with pop sensation Meghan Trainor on the single, “Lucky,” which was made available to download on iTunes.

The One-Shoulder And Half-Sleeve Look That Made Him A Saint

Pattinson continues to defy fashion conventions in unique ways, cementing his place as a style iconoclast in 2016. At the beginning of that year, he teamed up with Victoria Beckham for a special collection of sportswear. Inspired by the British fashion house’s signature shoe, the pair turned heads with a one-shoulder and half-sleeve dress that was made available in white and red.

He would later go on to work with the designer on more collaborative outfits, including a red-and-white checked sports coat and matching tracksuit. The collaboration was seen as a way for Beckham to promote her own Victoria Beckham Beauty line and to support a good cause. A percentage of the sales from the collection went to Dress4Mankind, an organization that provided clothing to those in need. The partnership was once again a chance for the British fashion house to shine on the big screen and a chance to promote its own brand, which continues to enjoy popularity both in the UK and abroad.

The Classic T-shirt

The year 2017 started with a bang for the British actor, who notched up a whopping eleven appearances on the annual list of the most-liked Instagram posts.

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The most-liked Instagram posts this year were: