Most people would agree that Robert Pattinson is one of the most handsome men in the world. With his perfectly symmetrical features and chiseled jawline, it’s no wonder women flock to him. Despite his popularity, Pattinson has always been incredibly private. This is mainly because he is superstitious and doesn’t like to let anything interfere with his career.

The British actor has always shied away from publicity, especially since the birth of his daughter. In 2018, he even took a break from his social media accounts because he didn’t want to appear in any photos with her. These measures helped keep his private life private, but it didn’t prevent the tabloids from hounding him.

Pattinson eventually relented and started posting photos of himself and his family, which has reportedly led to a 40% increase in his Instagram followers. Still, even today, he’s only shared a few tidbits about his personal life on social media. Many of his fans would love to hear more, but he hasn’t given them permission to press any more of his personal buttons.

Why Does He Disdain Cameras?

Pattinson has always been a very private person and has never fully approved of the paparazzi. Even now, he doesn’t frequently pose for photos or go on social media, which is why most of his photos come from his very private Instagram account.

It wasn’t always this way. Back in 2011, Pattinson was very open about his personal life and even shared some great stories about his father, who recently passed away. Back then, he even joked that he would love to have his photo taken just so he could have something to remember his father by. It’s no secret that paparazzi follow celebrities around to get a shot of them, especially powerful ones like Robert Pattinson. He must have felt that he owed them something for the attention they’d paid to his dad.

Since then, things have changed. He has learned from experience and now only allows his family and a small group of his closest friends and colleagues to follow him on social media. Even then, he tends to keep his own personal opinions to himself and only promotes family-friendly content. These efforts have helped him maintain an unusually high level of privacy for a celebrity of his stature.

While it’s great that he’s keeping his personal life private, this doesn’t mean that everything is perfect in paradise. In 2018, he and his wife split up after 20 years of marriage. It was a messy breakup and rumors began to swirl about what had caused the split. Was it his wife’s depression? Was it her desire to be a part of Taylor Swift’s Red Party? Was it her newfound desire to be a stepmother and have children of her own? Not even Pattinson knows for sure, but the split has undoubtedly hurt his public image and his ability to work.

His Career Is On the Up

Prior to the split, Pattinson’s career was in the midst of a major revival. In 2012, he had his breakout role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight franchise. Since then, he has gone on to play a variety of character roles in blockbuster movies such as The Alienist, Black Panther, and The Legend of Tarzan. In 2019, he will appear in the film adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which will be released in theaters in October of that year.

While his career may be on the up, it’s still not easy to make a living as an actor. Especially in the current world of media. Back in 2012, it was relatively easy for an actor to make a living playing video games and anime characters; however, today, with so many options online, it’s become much more difficult to stand out. For every successful actor or comedian, there are dozens of others that struggle just to make ends meet.

Despite the odds, Pattinson continues to pursue a career in acting, which he hopes will one day lead to bigger and more successful roles. Still, until then, he’s going to have to continue to work hard to prove to the world that he’s more than just a pretty face.